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Topic Tattoos
Posted 04 Jul 2013 13:13

I have none, and never will do. Each to their own, of course, but personally I just don't see anything at all attractive about them. I just don't get it!

I have three two very small and one a bit larger. Wish I did not. I know I will have them removed on day but I understand you will still have a scar.

Can man really improve on God's Work?

Guess I am in the vast minority on this subject

Swollen I wish I had been as wise as you in the past.

Topic What is the most times you haved masturbated in 24 hours?
Posted 27 Jun 2013 13:40

If you are able to count the number of times, I would suggest your technique leaves room fpr improvement.

I only know it has been a lot, but a number I have no idea!

Topic do u ever wish to be pornstar
Posted 27 Jun 2013 13:36

I have wanted or at least was interested. A few months ago I had an audition for a cougar and I thought I would be good, but they did not.

Darn and time is running out on me.

Topic when to wear sexy underwear and when to wear practical?
Posted 27 Jun 2013 13:31

I were pretty Lingerie when the gentleman I am going to be with like them or maybe even send me something to wear he likes.

However, when I am just going out to do what girls do everyday, I would prefer not to wear anything.

Topic Would U Love a Poor Handsome Guy
Posted 19 Jun 2013 19:27

I know I should check his FICO Score and his Bank Account, but you know how it is. Love overrides good judgement.

Topic wifes that chat up sexy strangers and then fuck them as soon as they get the chance to.
Posted 19 Jun 2013 19:24

Does it not come down to what you and your wife agree to. Are you to be Monogamous or not. That means both of you not just your wife.

We have always had an Open Marriage and I would live no other way. We mostly share with eachother who, where and when we have been with someone else.

This life may not be for everyone, but it works well for us.

Topic Younger men Hitting on My gorgeous 50 yr old wife.
Posted 19 Jun 2013 13:25

Is the question how can you believe that these younger guys are not interested in her sexually?


Is the question how can I convince my wife to have a threesome. Have you asked her she my find it rather exciting with one of those young guys.

Topic Uncircumcised Penises.
Posted 18 Jun 2013 19:28

I find an uncircumsized guy not only exciting but erotic. If you have an unaltered hot guy you do not want please send him my way.

Topic Being stared at by men on the street?
Posted 18 Jun 2013 19:26

I will never be offended. In fact on my first job while still in college, I used to walk by a construction site at Lunch time. Now those guys know what they like and how to express their feelings.

Topic breasts and nipples
Posted 18 Jun 2013 19:21

sucked yes. milked? I am not a cow.

Your tell him girl!!!

Topic Hollywood Male Actor U Would Like 2 Marry
Posted 18 Jun 2013 19:19

I can't believe anyone would waste their time asking or answering such a dumb question. When there there are so many real genuine sexy men to choose from.

Topic Any women here ever worked at a lap dance club?
Posted 16 Jun 2013 14:39

I was a guest Dancer a few times and I thought it was great fun and the tips were more than nice.

They seemed to like my version of Lap Dancing and most time I got an invitation to give a guy a private auditions.

Now those of you who know me well know about the audtion requests. Those of you who do not know me so well, will just have and new fantasy to dream about, at least I hope you will

Topic The importance of penetration
Posted 16 Jun 2013 14:23

I do love the oral, foreplay and use of toys you can have with a man or a woman.

But no matter how much pleasure I may receive in this form I do need from time to time a nice hard cock buried deeply into my body.

Yes I know about strap-ons, but this form is just not the same as a man.

Sorry if some feminists disagree !

Topic i was just wondering if the girls like getting their tits fucked
Posted 16 Jun 2013 14:12

For me No and No again!

If he wants to cum in my mouth I am always agreeble.

Topic Does it mean she likes you?
Posted 16 Jun 2013 14:09

This is one hot fireplace, if you fantasize over this woman is one thing, but if your really try to start something with her almost certainly if will blow up in your face eventually.

You may have some hot sex with her to get even with her husband for whatever he has done. Either she will go back to him and you will be the cause of their problems or she will move on to someone else and you will still be the cause of the breakup.

Either way it will be your fault and you still will not have this fantasy woman.

Topic Voyeurism - right or wrong?
Posted 16 Jun 2013 13:57

We have an out of town loft and there are hotels and offices nearby and I have no plan to start wearing clothes at home just because someone maybe or is watching. It is a bit of a thrill.

Where would exhibitionist like me be if there were not voyeurs like you out there?

Topic If you could have one lustful evening with anyone (and they were totally into it) with whom would it
Posted 14 Jun 2013 20:38

There certainly could be other candidates, but

BiFemTerri28 would be at the very top of the list.

Terri you do turn on my switch

Topic chatting
Posted 12 Jun 2013 13:14

I appreciate it when a guy/girl takes the time to read my bio first, there is a good chance if you bring up an interest of mine you would catch my attention. I would suggest the message is inboxed not attached to a friend request... If she has nothing on her profile then she is probably DTF and I'd go with the dick in the ear....

Gosh what a novel idea for a guy/gal to actually read your profile. There are some things I tell people that are condition of getting a response. Many of the request I get either can not read or just do no give a darn.

If you have solved this problem, please share with your Lush Sisters l

Topic Has anyone ever watched or filmed you fucking?
Posted 10 Jun 2013 20:53

Oh God yes I have been watched too many times to count and video a few times too. At one time I thought I knew where all the copies were but that may not be true.

Always wanted to do a real professional porn video, but time is flying.

Topic Lesbian cougar
Posted 10 Jun 2013 16:32

I never thought of myself as a "Cougar" though I am attracted to younger women. But then again at my age, everyone is younger. As Yourmisterdark said most of us really don't care for the term Cougar at all.

Janet Dear have you ever thought you are just plain hot, and who in their right mind could define that with any number?

Topic finding a girl that is into girls
Posted 10 Jun 2013 16:03

Kids I talk to lots of guys and gals, that does not mean that I have a sexual interest in any of them.

I have told girls I love your shoes or your hair or whatever and we both know I mean I love you shoes or your hair and nothing more is intended or received.

I agree that talking and listen is critical!

However just because I talk to you or listen to you, it should not be construed that I want to share my bed with you, then then again it may.

Certainly there are Gay/Lesbian Bars and Clubs, but every girl I have ever met that was important to me, in the long term, walked into my life in a more normal manner.

Things are not that simple between girls as between men and woman.

Topic I'm really confused about sexuality...
Posted 10 Jun 2013 15:49

If you read my profile, you will see I am not certain of my sexuality either. BiSexual yes, but I do love woman so much and at times I think I could be a completely happy Lesbian. But then there are times I could not survive without a man to do for what only a man can do.

So you are not alone, but you will find your way I know.

Topic Fucking my neighbor
Posted 10 Jun 2013 13:37

I really don’t understand some of the comments on here. Women aren’t “throwing themselves” at me, and I don’t consider myself some kind of a stud or god’s gift to women either. I’ve been walking with this woman for a while, and we’ve got to know each other before anything happened. It’s not my fault if her husband is gay and can’t take care of her when she needs some love. My good friend who screwed my nephew used to be a girlfriend of mine, and yes we really liked fucking a lot and we still like to do it once in a while – what’s the big deal about that? Doesn't everybody have some old friends they still do it with given the right occasion?

Ok so my friend’s niece was a complete fluke, a stroke of luck, but who doesn't get lucky once in a while? And maybe the reason I’m luckier than most guys is that I actually spend the time it takes to get to know women, to make them feel special, to drop the right hints and suggestions to get their dirty little minds going. Let’s face it, anyone that thinks that women don’t crave sex even more so than men is a total idiot, all a horny woman needs is a good excuse, someone they can trust and a little bit of seducing.

Fiction or Autobiographical you have an audience.

Topic Anal
Posted 10 Jun 2013 13:21

I have recently become a fan of anal, thanks to my hubby. My first experience with anal was BAD, now with my husband it is amazing!


I do not know many women who thought it was wonderful the first time or three. However once you get past the pain threshold it is like nothing you ever experienced before.

Topic Affair of the heart
Posted 10 Jun 2013 13:14

If my husband told me he was in love with another, I would be very upset. Please lets not confuse being in love with have sex with another.

Really there is nothing the spouse can do to change the situation. It seems very much like "I thought he would change after we were married." Only he can deal with this issue and the bigger deal you make out of it the more enticing the other woman will appear.

Topic sex with condom or without condom
Posted 10 Jun 2013 11:08

I know all you ladies make good sense and have made good rules for your conduct. But I have always such a problem following rules. OOP's sorry

Topic sex with condom or without condom
Posted 10 Jun 2013 11:07

I know all you ladies make good sense and have made good rules for your conduct. But I have always such a problem following rules.

Topic FWB anyone else?
Posted 09 Jun 2013 16:42

I know I am considered just a dumb Blonde, but it sounds like we are back confusing Love, Romance and Sex again.

They are very different subjects

Topic When was the last time you had sex? [BE HONEST]
Posted 09 Jun 2013 16:36

Would this morning be an acceptable time. I have a new plumber and at 23 he seems to think my plumber needs regular inspections.

Topic How BIG is your cock for guys and how BIG are your tits for women?
Posted 09 Jun 2013 16:30

Does it really matter as long as it works and get the job done!