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Community Involvement Ch. 02

A shower for two is better than for one

We had not seen each other for a few weeks, which was nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, there had been times when it had been months. As you can imagine though, I was always on the lookout for any sight of her, particularly after what had occurred just after the start of the new school year. However, in my usual silly way, with each passing day, I was starting to question if she might...Read On


My BBC Adventure - Part 2

A true story about my adventursome experience with a well endowed black guy

Cal and I had agreed that it would be best for both of us to keep our relationship relatively quiet, at least until something changed that would make us both want it public. We both still wanted the option of seeing other people and we did not want questions about what might be going on with us. I had a couple guys that I went out with occasionally and had sex with occasionally but they...Read On


DarkFyre Chapter Seventeen

Rael and Silmaria discuss the events of their very odd night.

DarkFyre Chapter Seventeen The bear pelt was heavy and warm. Strange, to think that the pelt and meat were keeping them alive and comfortable after the bear had nearly killed him. There was a sort of grim irony in that, he supposed, but it was lost in the relief of being alive, the exhaustion of his ordeal, and the wonder of the woman in his arms. Rael stared down at Silmaria. She...Read On



Missing you

I heard your voice at the edge of my dream I got lost in the sound of your laughter as you called my name Spending my nights getting lost in the memories Once I wake up, it only turns into pain I know that I lost you all on my own I know that I pushed you away I know that you stayed by me every time that I got scared, giving into the temptation to run Now everyday seems a...Read On

Recommended Read

I'm your little Squirt

Yes it does happen

This morning you came to me With a single plea I want to fuck my lass That tiny girl with class and sass With tiny curvy hips And nice big tits I want to stir My cock in her So he walks over to his ties Picks out a silk one, while looking in my eyes Softly he ties my wrists With delicate knots and twists Then he slips my thong down my leg As I feel his fingers and I beg My...Read On


Ghost Between Us - Chapter One

14 years ago - Year 2000 Boydon Williams stared at the ceiling, thinking about Lyanna de la Rey; the subject of his infatuation, wet dreams, delight and daylight torment. His flaccid penis hardened as he remembered how she'd looked this afternoon; like an angel (though on second thought, Boyd retracted this comparison) - there was nothing about Lyanna that inspired holiness in mortal men....Read On



Lori's would be lesbian seduction of her teacher leaves her bound and fucked.

My name is Tracie and I have been living as a woman since I graduated college. Moving to a new town afforded me the opportunity to pursue my career as a female high school English teacher. I loved my job and I had great students. After a year or so of teaching I had my favorite students who were attentive, hardworking, and had a passion for education. One of my favorite students, Lori,...Read On


My Introduction to Bondage

It was an amazing night that taught me to love bondage.

Before the event I’m about to share with you, I had done just about all there was to do sexually, with the exception of bondage. The idea of things being totally out of my control never really appealed to me, but all that changed at Steve’s birthday party. Steve is a friend of my husband Mark, and I suck him off about once a week. He's really into bondage and he's always been after me to...Read On


How I Became a Sissy Husband

This is how I become a sissy, cuckold, cross dressing, bisexual husband.

It all started when I was 18 years old. I used to hang out with my buddy next door and his sister, Sue. One day I snuck into his sister’s room and looked at, and then tried on, Sue's panties, garter belt and stockings. I then kept them on and went home. I remember one hot summer day, when I was dressed up in her panties, garter belt, stockings, and wearing some high heels I purchased. I heard...Read On


The Demerit System, part 6

Lana's private session with Pete

Pete's alarm woke him up at 8:00 as usual. Laura was not there. Pete briefly wondered what happened to her, but decided to tackle that minor mystery once he had himself together. Twenty minutes spent in the bathroom as well as the closet and he was ready to greet the world at large. He headed downstairs to see who was still there. Linda was at the kitchen table nursing a bowl of cereal...Read On


Night Of Green Legumes

poetic imaginations

All about me in my bleary eeriness, On the crust of my daily shed. Do not forsake me, my screaming penis,  This night of green legumes. Sipping tea with a hint of mint, My cock does winds sprints On chime of my pendulum rooster  And doodle-doo.  Bearing snapdragons of females And pussy contraptions, Conniptions of lust I screw Up to my testicles blue.  Your zinfandel sweet vagina...Read On


Swimming teachers can be more than friends – Part 2

Hank and Fran continue their extracurricular activity.

Running the pool at the Y had been my job for almost a year. There was a little friction between the Red Cross and the Y because while the Y charged for swimming lessons, the Red Cross did them for free. Holding some of our Red Cross Life Saving classes at the Y was much easier though because of the size of the pool. We just had to hold the classes very late. And by we, I mean Fran and I. She...Read On


Online Cheating

Nothing comes without a price to pay

She loves her husband. She loves her children. At least that's what she always told her online lovers. It set the ground rules and put up boundaries so that none of them got too serious or requested a meeting. It was a grand rationalization, to put it mildly. By getting this up front, she was able to tell herself that none of this was real, that it was all fantasy and fun and that no one...Read On



Upon returning from my vacation I visit my friend Brittney to chat about my trip.

I had returned from my vacation in the Mexican Riviera. The weather had been great and the people we met and played with were spectacular. When I returned my best friend, Brittney, called to see how my trip had been. I was a little busy with unpacking and trying to settle in from a long flight. I had to cut the call short and let her know I would stop by her house and tell her all about it....Read On


In the Beginning

Love is the sweetest gift....

When you came into my life, I wasn't prepared for what I found. You seemed to be hurt and deeply in pain and I felt a need to reach out a hand to help. After offering you friendship  and a supportive, caring ear. Only to be reminded and told we had met in a different time and place. Stunned and shocked we talked more as the truth was gently disclosed. You took my hand gently in yours, and...Read On