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Latest Erotic Stories


Truth or dare Mr. Gladwell

Fuck the sleepover, this chick is interested in someone else

"Oh, that's nice, let me fuck you hard," he mumbled, from his bedroom. The thought came to my head that I caught him masturbating, as I stood outside the bedroom door. As a horny eighteen-year-old woman, my desire made me look in there. The door cracked, and the view of him masturbating with his long and thick cock entered my vision. As it only poked out of his pants, my eyes locked onto...Read On


My Aunt. Chapter 7

Victoria discovers some new feelings

I stood still, trembling with nerves, wearing just a chemise and stockings as Bethany held my chin up with her fingertips and waited, silently. For what, I had no clue. I was afraid, and yet I had no idea what of. Bethany smiled. "There is nothin' to be afraid of, Miss Victoria. Oi told you. You can trust me. Oi won't do anything that will harm you or you arn't 'appy about." Still I...Read On


Welcome To My Throat

Aka The Hostest With The Mostest

Welcome to my throat, A warm and narrow moat. Please, do not be alarmed,  If you hear me gag and choke. Entrance is not free, Yes, there is a fee, Payable to pleasure, Mister, I ain't cheap. Crawl into my mind, Let's loose track of space and time. Have open arms to catch me, As I'm falling in divine. You gotta have some flow, You either have it or you don't. Be...Read On


Getting in to the Frat Party (Part 1)

Two college roommates have to work to get in to the party of the year

This story took place my sophomore year of college. It was one of the first weekends of the year, and that Saturday night one of the biggest fraternities on campus was throwing their annual “Welcome Back” party that’s always one of the craziest of the year. The previous year (my freshman year) I heard all about it afterward and saw pictures all over Facebook, but didn’t go since I didn’t...Read On


The Dark Continent - Chapter 4

young british girl marries missionary to Africa at the turn of the 1900s

After the war, Aston had been reassigned to a mission in the Belgian Congo, one of the few protestant missions in BC, where the need for health care and education was great. A missionary was often the primary source of health care for the surrounding area, and the only source of education, and the Catholic missions were unable to provide for the vast territory. There were only a little over...Read On



Heat, passion, lust, Full breast, the curve of her hip, Her naked form waking his every desire. Covering her skin with kisses, Hands explore every inch, Feel her respond, drip with hunger, For him, his to feast upon. He drinks at her core, Her mouth on his cock, Finding each other’s taste intoxicating. Moans, whimpers, growls, Desperation growing within, ...Read On


I am nothing

The feel of my girl

I am nothing (The feel of my girl) I want to feel your lips Press against mine Taste your essence Feel it pour inside To complete me (I am nothing) I need your hands to cup my face Ever so gently tilt my head back So that your essence Continues to flow To complete me (I am nothing) I want your fingers to trace my back As your mouth moves over mine...Read On

Recommended Read

The Lonely Mistress

Being the other woman instead of the only woman can be hard.

I care for you, you have another, yet here we lay wrapped in eachothers own selfish needs. Not asking  Only taking whatever we please The gifts you have given me twist around my neck with every position we try, choking me, reminding me this is not right. The scrape of your teeth against my skin distract me forcing me to forget the pain. I find myself focusing on your touch, the sound...Read On


Confessions of a Bad Girl - Part 2

A story about the night I took the next step towards being a slut!

With all the gossip going on about me, I had decided to move beyond sucking cocks and take the next step! But I wanted my first fuck to be special, one that I'd never forget or regret! What I didn't want was a disappointing, five minute hump session with some random guy that only happened because I was drunk or high! I know it sounds crazy, but even a slut should have some standards! But to...Read On


Come and Lick My Pussy Cream

I'm ready for you to rock my world

I want to feel your mouth spreading my pussy lips,  While I grind back and forth moving my hips. Holding onto the headboard with a firm grip. Your tongue brushes and plays with my clit, You're pushing your tongue further up my slit. Your hands are exploring my firm and perky tits. I rock and wiggle along your face, You're licking faster and quickening your pace. Your tongue is invading...Read On


Other Colors -- Ch. 14 (section 2)

A D/s romance set in Montreal. Due to length, this chapter has been split into two sections.

God. Oh my God. He did… My knees nearly buckled. They were already weakened after my orgasm, and from being pinned apart by him for what seemed like half an eon. Now, with every step I took, I had to fret over the petrifying thought of Edward VII’s bitter chocolate dribbling down my thigh. And right in that moment, I hated him. Dmitri, that is—not Edward. But also Edward, my...Read On


The Paper

It’s the unfolding of a new perspective…

The following is a true interaction about my beloved Stac. How I love and adore this woman. I do hope it encourages your heart and gives you the hope that true love should deliver to us all... So there I was with my dearest friend, The man who knows me like no other, And we're just talking as we always do About substantive things and life and love. You know how I love to talk ...Read On


A Powerful Thing

Our love is explosive.

A powerful thing, I look at you, you look at me. We touch each other. It’s electric, it zaps me. You growl in my ear. I shudder, I need you. Straddling you on your bed. You sit up and brush my hair to the side. Moaning as your fingers slide down my skin. We kiss, more than kiss, we devour each other. You break away and lick my neck, Growling, biting, sucking, as your...Read On


Strip Club Fantasy

A stripper drives us to lose it...

You and I finally have a night to hang out. I texted you to see if you wanted to grab a few drinks. You've been busy and a little stressed. I want you to relax and have a good time. I’m thinking you need a night of no worries. To be honest, I don’t really care about the drinks, I just want to spend time with you. We meet up at a bar and order a pair of 'Jack and Coke's. It’s cool outside,...Read On


You Can't Hurry Love - Chapter 6

Dan and Roxanna start dating exclusively... and become each other's exclusive masturbatory fantasy.

Friday morning, July fifth. Roxanna called Dan again. “My son and I are at the local community swimming pool right now,” she said. “How would you and Caroline like to meet Bobby and me there this morning?” Roxanna had never felt comfortable enough around any man, since her husband, to introduce a date to her adopted son. She had tried to get Jack interested in meeting Bobby. But Jack...Read On


A Bunnie To Play With - Chapter 11

The three girls continue to give our Bunnie a work-out to remember.

“Are you ready, Bunnie?” The amusement in Anne’s voice was obvious; she knew me well enough to be certain about my answer. Brenda crawled onto the coffee table from behind me, and her body cast a shadow over me. “Yes, Mistress.” Then Brenda’s knees were at the sides of my body and her pussy right above my waiting mouth. It was as fleshy as I had imagined, her inner labia sneaking out...Read On


Her Fight

We all battle our own demons. I am just a girl and this is my demon.

Silently she faces her personal war She did not choose this battle It was chosen for her. It is hers now and only she can choose to fight back. Illness tries to rob her of her future Joy and hope are muffled by pain and fear Her inner light may sometimes flicker But she fights hard to let her light shine. Now curled alone on her bathroom floor she begs for the pain to please stop. ...Read On

Comp Entry

My Very First Toy

Going out to buy my first toy is a pleasureable outing.

After reading the reviews online about the Power Bullet Remote Control, I decide that I could not wait for it to be delivered in the mail. I make a call to the local sex shop and discover they have it in stock.  Deciding to forgo the bra and panty, I slip on my very short gray pleated skirt, followed by white knee high stockings. I chose a white polo shirt and my white saddle shoes with...Read On


Unexpected experience

What would you have done?

It was an extremely busy day and when I finally got home, I found a note on the table. It asked me to pick up a few items from the shop. Looking at the time, I grabbed the keys and rushed back out to the car. I get in, start the car and head for the shop. Of course, since I was in a hurry, I caught every red light. Biting my lip, something I do when I get nervous, knowing that if I don’t...Read On


Lunch and sex with my boss

My boyfriend couldn't make me cum, so I headed to my boss's cabin in the lunch break

“Hey, Jenny, you coming?” my friend asked, inviting me to have lunch with her. “No, I still need to finish some work,” I replied, and looked back into the file. My friend insisted one more time, but then she left. I got up from my seat, undid the top two buttons of my white shirt, and headed to my boss’s cabin. My ass looked great in my pink skirt, and today, I didn’t wear any panties. I...Read On


Craving You

You was always behind your computer screen I was starving for your affection, I would stand in the door and stare, I was never seen I craved your rough hands roaming my body I couldn't take not being touched anymore you was concentrating so hard on what was  in front of you, you didn't hear the sound of my clothes hit the floor electricity ran between us, as I walked  ...Read On


Soul Mates

In you I have found my Soul Mate

Love is strange, surprising us. Sometimes the moment is perfect, sometimes inconvenient, but always unfailingly exciting. Love is strange, surprising us. Sometimes it makes us tick, sometimes we live differently, but always unconditional. Love is strange, surprising us. Sometimes we love sweetly, sometimes we love intensely, but never with angry words. Love is strange, surprising us....Read On


Lexi the Librarian

Lexi surprises her man

Lexi is a squeaky clean librarian that I've been dating for the past two months. Under normal circumstances I would have dumped her by now since she's never even come close to giving up her pussy to me. However, there is something about her that keeps me interested. Maybe it's the way her pointy nipples push through her sweater, the look of her legs adorned with argyle socks, or perhaps...Read On


Stacey's Mom Part Two

Not much sex in this installment, but an important of the story. We're building up to the twist.

As told in Part 1, Stacey was the perfect girlfriend. Beautiful, sexy, the most amazing body and an amazing sex drive. Even though I only got to see her once a month, we made up for our time apart by fucking each other's brains out in the short weekend we had together. We didn't bother with clothes unless we went out to a movie or to grab something to eat. We couldn't get enough of each other. ...Read On


Being Is Deceiving

You gotta show your emotions Show your aspirations While stirrin' your potions  And making love  Dancin' in your rekindled pie You gotta stop your double dealings Discard your drunken swillins' While day dreaming and deceiving  In your daily misgivins' Bumbling in your affairs Being is deceiving When not even believing Your own lyin' words Which you scribe You gotta...Read On



One reason I love the winter

We were so quiet afterwards,  still radios tuned to soft white noise,  keeping one another close while looking for words to form. Until then, we're faithful companions to love's lonely skin,  fingers lazily interlacing,  naked bodies spooned together,  our heat trapped beneath blankets. While I look outside, the curtain a thin layer of blue gauze,  the city's...Read On

Recommended Read

A Good Student, Chapters 1, 2

Professor Devlin recounts his story of a torrid D/s affair with a highly-gifted student

Writing fiction doesn't pay much, and you give up a lot when you try to be a writer. Money, the things other people have, even family—you can pretty much kiss all that goodbye. But there are compensations. Your life's maybe not as wide as most people's, but it's deeper, and sometimes it's more interesting. You're always trying to explain and describe things to yourself, and so you see...Read On


When Love comes

Open Arms

When once in your life love arrives Open your arms wide Let it seep into your pores  For happiness we all deserve in our lives Embrace his laughter and giving soul Know his love adores you whole  Love his kind and giving heart Let your destiny be in control Each morning when the sun rises Look deep into his eyes  Kiss him softly and touch his face  This love has so many wonderful surprises ...Read On


The Party After the Party

The party had ended, but another was just beginning...

The party had gone on for a several hours, and by two in the morning people were beginning to pass out. We had decided to let them sleep where they fell, and sort the bodies out in the morning. By three, everyone was pretty much out cold. I was lying there on the floor wearing only my boxers, because it had been hot and many of us had stripped down to our underwear sometime during the night....Read On


Pop Ups

Two couples find each other at a campground and find they share some kinky desires as well.

Day one, set up Gary is the first man I’ve ever thought was handsome. No, that was just my politically correct way of saying, pretty. I guess I will just settle with good-looking. Gary is two years younger than me at sixty-two. He’s probably a few inches shorter than my 6’2” and certainly weighs much less than me. I’d guess that Gary probably doesn’t weigh one hundred sixty pounds. I...Read On