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The First Time

Babygirl learns not to be disobedient in school ever again...

I waited silently and checked my watch. It was 6:50 in the afternoon, and Daddy should be on the way from work. Daddy is my boyfriend, and even though my actual father does not approve of him, we have been together for two years. Not only am I his newly titled submissive, but I am the love of his life also. We go to the same university, but he's a senior and I'm a junior. Daddy ordered me...Read On


Sonnet - Infatuation with Teacher

My sense of time slows down when I'm with you. My surroundings become slow motion frames. The beating of my heart cannot be tamed. My heart wishes that you and I'll be two. My love's as deep as your ocean blue eyes. My heart is longing for your firm embrace. My hands desire to stroke your sweet face; However, my love has to be disguised. Society would frown upon my love,...Read On


Designs for a Male Muse - Part I

It was a regular modelling gig for Harry until Penny knocked on the office door.

Tibialis Anterior, Gastrocnemius, Patella, Quadriceps femoris, Sartorius, Gracilis, Penis. A wave of heat prickled her skin, she could feel it rise to her face and settle in her cheeks. She could afford to stare a little longer, she was supposed to after all. The cloying warmth flooded through her body and settled in her loins. Letting her lips crease to reveal a satisfied smile, her...Read On


Camping Trip - Chapter 5

April and Beth go to dinner in anticipation of dessert.

*Friday Evening* The twenty three camp sites were far enough apart with pine trees around them adding privacy. Beth and I arrived a few minutes early. Ken was grilling steaks, corn on the cob, asparagus. "Welcome girls, make yourselves at home." "So happy the two of you could make it." Barbie poured a White Riesling for everyone. Barbie asked us to raise our glasses, "To...Read On


Sleeping Over

A Sunday morning snuggle with his sister's best friend changes everything.

That gentle little knock at my bedroom door always made me smile. I watched the handle turn, and then waited for Scarlett to poke her head through. It was a pretty regular occurrence whenever she spent the night over at our place. As much as I loved my little sister, she wasn’t a morning person, and her bubbly best friend would often leave her alone in her room to sleep in for a couple of...Read On


Grimm Tales: The Dancer and the Devil

"Tell me again why I should let you tie me up like this, Jacob?" Jacob gazed down at the object of his desire, his lips curving into a wicked grin. There was little doubt about the measure of luck he’d been gifted with. His wife was beautiful, and not just in his eyes. He’d overheard enough talk over a pint or three at the local pub to know she was the subject of much speculation, most of...Read On


The Schoolboy and the Farmer's Wife - Part 3

A school boy and a married woman fall in love and have a child.

Please read Parts 1 and 2 first. The story continues. This was my final year at school, next year I would have to find work somewhere. That was going to be difficult as my parents wanted me to study to be a Stock & Station Agent. It would give me excellent experience and background before taking over the farm from dad. That would mean I would be away from home for at least three or four years....Read On


O How I love you

O how much I love you

O how I love you so much, Love you more than water, Love you more than air, Love you more than any food. O how I love you, The way you smile, The way you walk, The way you shake your ass. O I love how you please me,  Love the kisses in the morning, The hugs during the day, The cuddles at night. O how I love the fire in you, The great sexual chat, The great blowjob...Read On


Moving on

realizing maybe it was lust not love.

Moving on from you is hard to do. I tell myself it’s just the internet. Nope, still hurts. Do you? You said I had your heart and soul. I wonder what you did with mine. Does this pain go away? Or will it stay with me forever. You said our love was forever. Maybe forever isn’t as long for you. I thought you were witty and smart. The pirate theme I loved so much. I will...Read On


Ashley - The Office Fuck Bunny (Part 4)

My performance as the Office Fuck Bunny is rewarded. Life is good.

My job as Manager of Customer Relations is going really well. I've held my new job for two months. My boss, Tom, is very pleased with my performance. Sure, I am really the Office Fuck Bunny, but no one but Tom knows my full job description. Tom recently stopped by my office and said, "Ashley, can I talk with you in my office?" That may sound innocent but I knew what Tom wanted. He wanted...Read On


The Survey

She went from cold and wet to hot, steamy, and wet

It was pouring outside. No one in his right mind would want to be out in weather like that, but Claudia was trying to collect surveys. There was a contest to see who could get the most done in a week. Every door she knocked on was slammed in her face. No one was in the mood to help her out. It wasn’t even a long survey, but people were just too mean. That’s when she knocked on Kurt’s door....Read On


The Male Lesbian, part 2

The girls continue to challenge his lesbian skills

Standing in front of them Gary watched Sandy’s and Melissa’s eyes fix on his cock as he slowly stroked his throbbing shaft. He was horny enough to come in an instant, but he wanted to tease them as they had done to him. He stroked himself slowly and fondled his balls, just as his wife had taught him when she made him do this in front of her. The girls thought they were humiliating him...Read On


My first girlfriend takes my anal virginity

The best present I received on my 21st birthday!

These events follow chronologically my previous two confessions. As always, it’s 100% accurate with the dialogue being to the best of my memory. It was now 1993, I was twenty years old and still remained a virgin. Since my gay experiences with Charlie, I’d given him a few blow jobs when he gave me a lift home, but his interest in me appeared to be waning and even for me, the excitement...Read On


Venezuelan Paradise

A man has mind-blowing sex with an exotic beauty.

Her name is Venezia Martinez and, like me, she’s twenty-three years old. We met on an online hookup site that caters exclusively to those who take their sex lives seriously. We have no interests in self sextivities, ignorant or dishonest sexual experiences, or foolish practices. With that being said, I have had quite the number of mind-blowing acquaintances. But when it comes to Venezia, I...Read On


The Boss' Daughter

The boss' daughter gets her turn having sex with me and gets more than she bargained for.

This story is a continuation of “The Boss’ Wife”, so you will enjoy this one better if you read it first. It has been three weeks since the Christmas party and I haven't heard a thing, so maybe Cynthia and her daughter got things worked out. The longer I don't hear anything the better the chances that I never will… and maybe, my job is safe. Since that day, all I can do is think...Read On