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Falling For A Sailor

Simon passionately kissed me and pushed me back on the cabin bed and I saw the shape of his erection

My name is Nathan, Nate for short. I'm a young nineteen-year-old on his first day of sea cadets, and already I was a minute late as I saw my fellow sailors all lining up in the navy blue uniform and cap on the harbour in front of a white ship. I jogged up and got in line before the captain noticed. The captain wore black trousers and a white short sleeved shirt tucked into his trousers, and...Read On


My Other Best Friend Justin

Justin makes Rachel's life even more complicated

I was so torn as I sat on my bed looking back and forth between my computer and my phone. My computer had a picture of Justin Hall open from his Facebook page, while a photo of my best friend Kim and I from the previous summer was open on my phone. Justin’s photo was of him at the beach. He had no shirt on so I could see his beautiful six-pack stomach (Justin was a swimmer), and he had...Read On

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Bath Time = Fun Time

Coming home to me has never been so much fun :)

This story is...Read On



In my prosing portmanteau of leather,  Suited about my anatomy's bust,  Vestiges of images, my persona, Persuasions of my alternative ego. Master of The Squallin' Dervishes, Portal of desire, chanting a cappella,  Fixation, avant-garde of my pulse, Thumping echoes of throbbing lust. Chimes of arousing endowments, In the forest of the draping moss,  Braying to crescent moon...Read On


Jasmine's Secret Fetish

Jasmine has discovered a secret aspect of her sexuality...

It felt good to pee, Jasmine realized as she took the toilet paper, wiped herself and pulled up her panties. This was the beginning of a lifelong fetish. She lived for those quiet moments in the bathroom from being tense all day long, on the brink of embarrassment and humiliation, and then just releasing in solitude. But soon regular bathroom excursions weren't enough any more. She...Read On


Crossing The Street 4

Dana brings experienced tutors to assist in Sonia’s oral instruction

Three days. For three long days I'd heard nothing from Dana. The last message I'd received after visiting her house had been that afternoon after I'd sent her all the pictures on my phone. Still shaky and weak from the strongest orgasm I'd ever experienced, the phone had chirped. Shave every two or three days. Don't masturbate unless I tell you to. Nice pics, wifey. When I'd gotten...Read On


Pain Pleasure

She cries and he pleasures her pussy

When we got home last night from the party, it was very late, almost dawn. It had rained, everything smelled fresh, and looked shiny. It had already started to get light, that milky, soft, quiet glow when the sun is straining to climb over the edge of the horizon. I had my tux on and had gone in to take off my bowtie and opened my shirt when I realized she wasn’t with me, so I went back to...Read On


The Boss's Daughter - Pt. 6

Lack of communication pulls Clint and Emily apart

~ Emily ~ Clint’s finger tips graze over the bare skin of my hip waking me and sending a small shiver through my body. I moan quietly at his touch but keep my eyes closed as his fingers travel down against the outside of my thigh. We are still lying on our sides with him pressed against me from behind and I can feel his excitement against my butt and lower back. I have no idea what...Read On


Batrea (Part 2)

Batrea's dull day turns into an exciting evening and a new chapter in her young life.

“Fuck!" Trea slid the steam-fogged shower door back and realized she had once again gotten in the shower without remembering to bring a clean towel into the bathroom with her. “ Mom!" she shouted, but she knew her mother was probably down in the kitchen, out of earshot. She wrung some of the water from her long, auburn hair and stepped out onto the rug, leaving wet footprints. Rivulets ran...Read On


Fast Meat

a quick meet at the fast food joint

Daniel had always been lucky with women. He was a decent enough looking guy, six feet tall and fourteen stone with an athletic physique who spent a lot of time cycling. But for some reason, there was just something about him that drew a certain type of woman. Every since he was a teenager at college and then into his twenties, he routinely get approached by women who just want to fuck. Most...Read On


A Wonderful Dream part 2

Spring break has always been a time to relax and enjoy being with my best friend Sam; though since we both are in our senior year of high school, this particular spring break doesn't matter as much. Though this morning I find myself driving to school.  I should be more upset, since I had planned to spend most of the day with Sam, but I can't be mad at Jaime. She and I are co-captains of...Read On


If You Wish Upon A Star (Part 3)

Alexis wakes up to find a girl she's never met in her bed

Alexis awoke slowly as her eyes adjusted to see the fuzzy figure of a person lying beside her. An immediate adrenaline rush pulsed through her body as she jumped out of the bed and screamed. After her shriek ended, the body lying in her bed rolled over to reveal the tired face of a girl her age with long auburn hair. Alexis had never seen this girl in her entire life. Alexis took a step...Read On


The Genius in Sex: Assignment Prep

Not all college assignments are bad.

This is the story of Alphonse Chereau; me. I am a college student. I am nineteen years old and have shaggy brown hair, deep green eyes and skin that is tanning. My body is very fit and is accented with an eight-pack. I am in my first year of college and am going for a degree in medical science. Unfortunately, I am a virgin. That's right, in all my nineteen years, I have not had sex one...Read On


Life Changes Chapter Two

Mike and his new roommate engage in some homoerotic teasing.

Previously:  Luke, Mike and Luke’s straight brother all wound up at a gay dance club in their underwear. Mike found himself aroused and panicked. He and Luke took a taxi to Luke’s house. We sat in silence for the entire taxi ride to Luke’s house. I got out, still carrying my shorts and T-Shirt. Luke led the way to the door. He took my face in both hands and leaned close. “Do you want...Read On


Welcome To The Neighborhood Chapter 1

Jason and I are now retired from our jobs, so we thought why not move somewhere warm to enjoy the rest of our lives? We do have the money to move to wherever we want, so we decided to move to a warm state, Florida. It is a beautiful state and the weather never gets to freezing which is a huge plus. Jason didn't have to convince me at all to move here from a state that gets blue cold in...Read On


Chloe Seduces Me

I was just under seventeen years old when the following events took place. I belong to the local Swimming Club, training twice each day, with sixth form at school sandwiched between. I counted myself as being single but regularly had sex with various friends of either sex, it was great to have that type of freedom. For weeks and weeks, Chloe at the Swimming Club had been flirting with me...Read On


Brown Sugar

A neglected wife finds release in a friends arms and bed.

 Julie was twenty-one-years-old when we met in the mid-seventies. She was a petite and beautiful Native American with light brown skin. Her 5’5”, 110 pound, body was crowned with a silky dark brown mane of straight hair that reached half way down her slender back. Her dark brown eyes were captivating as were her breasts. Her tits were small but very firm. They needed no support from a...Read On


Reminisce With Me

Reflections of days gone by...

That impassioned look, The mere thought of your smile, Your sassy ways and your classy style, How I love you! Yes I dream of you all the day long, Your sensuousness, the crazy laugh, Your glowing eyes and sexy curve of your back, How I need you! I look for your mouth And your sweet, bitten lips, The fire burning inside that I just can't resist, How I want you! I remember...Read On


Pool Party Mystery

I watch as my black friend has his huge cock milked dry by a mystery woman

It seemed like everyone in the neighborhood had shown up this year for our annual pool party. Susan loved entertaining and mingling with all the guests. I loved grilling and looking at all the sexy ladies in the summer dresses and bikinis. I had to admit that we had some of the sweetest looking women around at out parties. Everyone enjoyed coming since we always had plenty to eat and drink. ...Read On


Make Love 2: Good Morning

Sydnee and Jordan orgasm in the morning

“Wake up love,” My eyes open to sunlight and Sydnee. She sits naked on my chest. “Wake up sleepy head,” Her hands begin massaging my cock. Massaging it into arousal. “I’m horny and hungry baby,” “Oh? So am I.” I become fully erect within minutes. Sydnee places her hands on my chest and lifts up to sit on my cock. I place my hands on her sides to balance her. My head pokes at...Read On


I want you to do this my love

Suggesting a sexual encounter that I wasn't sure about

My name is Christine and I’m in love with John, who is thirty years older than me. I’m twenty one and he is fifty one. We recently moved in together and so far it has been great. We're both very sexual and enjoy doing all sorts of sexual things. We actually met at a sex addict meeting. I’m a nymphomaniac. I think he was just there cruising the place, looking for women to shoot porno...Read On


More than a friend

What started as friendship became more, much more

It started with a comment, a simple review, but it led you to me and me to you. We talked, we laughed, we found common ground, and before we knew it, a friendship was found. We explored our likes, our dislikes, our hates and our fears and realized that we weren't afraid to shed tears. You told me about you, how you wanted it all, and you helped me to stand, so proud and so tall. ...Read On


Not traveling for a change

No traveling for a change, I was having a very lazy weekend. I had arrived Friday evening from Barcelona. My trip had been successful business wise as well as sex wise. In a small city near Barcelona called Sitges, I had spent a wonderful night with two girls. My memories still made my dick swell a little. Saturday I spent in making my house my home again. Groceries, washing my...Read On


Karen's first gang bang, a true story

what Karen gave me for my first birthday we were together.

This is a true story. Names of the men that participated were intentionally left out. Shortly after Karen and I started dating, we moved in together. We started frequenting a private club in a nearby town. On Tuesday nights they let in single men and the rules were relaxed. We were the only white couple that were members. Karen was forty nine years old at the time, but looked...Read On


Freezing to Hot - Part 3

Tommy's time at the YMCA gets more intense

I woke up with a super hard boner after a fitful night of dreaming of big cocks and big tits. I was conflicted as ever with my sexuality. As much as I liked cock, I was still mesmerized by the visions of those big tits displayed by the waitress at the diner. Dragging myself out of bed I began to think about whether or not I would be going down the hall to the shower. I knew I needed to...Read On


A Bunnie To Play With - Chapter 8

After an enraged Anne had cut their evening short, will the two of them reconcile?

I was lying on my bed and struggling not to bite my nails. What had been such a wonderful evening, such an exciting journey down the rabbit hole, had suddenly turned sour and into an emotional nightmare. I wanted to sob in desperation, to shout and throw things against the wall, because I was filled with a rage that was targeted at myself. I had let myself get carried away and hurt the one...Read On


When he held her hand

They lived a happy life

When he held her hand, She was a young girl. They walked and talked, And often he'd take her for a twirl. When she became a young woman, He got down on one knee. He asked her to stay and become his wife, She smiled and kissed him, and they started their life. As husband and wife they lived their days, Raising the children, and giving them praise. Still he held her middle aged hand,...Read On


Curious Casey Plays in the Snow

This happening has always been a unique fantasy of mine.

C urious Casey sits at home by herself on a cold, February afternoon, feeling horny and creative. Casey’s laptop was open with big-dick-porn. Watching porn was a new hobby of Casey’s but today she was bored of it and looking to try something new. Casey was a sixteen-year-old girl with blond hair past her shoulders, pale skin and blue eyes. She stood at just five feet tall, with well-formed...Read On


Casting Off Convention (Pt. 1 of 2)

Already flying in the face of a societal norm, Christi discovers another she wants to cast off.

Christi flipped her dark ponytail back over her shoulder with a sigh, and leaned up against the side of the building, where she had been for quite some time. Wrinkling her nose and shaking her head a bit did nothing to chase away the smell of sweat and animals that hung over the wagon yard. She was drenched in sweat – her clothing starting to cling to her – and she was ready to give up...Read On


Secret Affairs: With My Friend's Son - Part 21

Adam and I go out and spend the night in a hotel room.

Adam and I reached the market. The weather was wonderful and we were enjoying the beautiful views of hills, small shops, beautiful hotels, and the other couples who were there to spend some quality time with their loved ones. I guessed my dress was sexier than I thought while buying it. I noticed many men checking me out, some were noticing my deep cleavage and some couldn’t take their...Read On