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The Cuckold's Reward - Alistair's Story - Part VII

Alistair receives more revelations from Julie about her Turkish adventures

It was 12.00pm, UK time, when Julie rang Alistair at his work. It was just a quick call to let him know that she and Abdul had returned to his apartment. He was pleased to hear her voice and glad to know that she was safe and well. “So you had a good time then?” he asked her. “Mmmmm,” she murmured, “a very good time.” “Oh yes?” “I’ll tell you in an email,” she told him, “but we all...Read On


Cordelia's Feet 3 - The Queen Bee's Commands

Cordelia takes our teacher out to an exhibition where she gets to watch more than just art.

There are moments which lay bare fundamental truths, truths that you have been longing for all your life. Such a moment was happening now, and it flooded my senses with an incredible intensity, a spiritual moment that transcended feelings. My eyes were glued to my beautiful Cordelia, they drank in the incredible pleasure painted on her angelic face, and when her sweet voice announced...Read On

Recommended Read

Mouth Like a Girl

The apartment was small and dumpy, though not without a few minor charms. It was full of daylight and tidier than she imagined a typical, twenty-something bachelor would normally keep. A woman had put her touch here. More likely a few. Being just a one room efficiency, although larger than most, Bentine felt a strange sense of exposure lying naked on the cheap, foldout bed. Something dug into...Read On


The Nosey Neighbor: Part 2

Jason becomes the subject of his married neighbor's sexual curiosity.

I had been masturbating in my bedroom, supposedly privately, only to discover that my younger, married neighbor, Kate, was watching me the whole time. She came to my door later that afternoon and set up an arrangement where she would ask more about my masturbation habits. I felt a bit more comfortable, now that all the cards were on the table, though the thought of revealing my most...Read On


On Their Gloom

On solid ground my soul Unravels my proclivities. A monger of books, And etcher of words.  The lame preclude me, Brandishing darkness taboo. On the edge of evil they rant,  As if I were a leech.  In their bitter strife of life, The Sandman may call on their gloom. Nocturnal visions of ignorance, As they masturbate secluded.  They are the one's suffering  Sciatica of the minds....Read On


Evening Walk with Daddy

Daddy proves his domination over Krystenah during their evening walk.

When the doorbell rang, I was in a bra and panties on all fours in the kitchen, scrubbing the floor. The young delivery man's eyes dilated slightly when I opened the door, but all he said was, "Delivery for Krystenah." The box under his arm was small and square, but I jumped up in excitement. I am a sucker for packages and presents. I took the box in both hands after he told me to have a good...Read On


The Twisted Path

Getting lost in the moment and each other. For him.

Walking on a twisted path, Us beneath the clouds. Rain drizzles on our heads, Spanish moss surrounds. Walking up the twisted path, Smell of earth and rain. Not knowing where it leads, Not having any aim. A turn along the path, leads us to a peak. From atop a cliff, we looked upon the sea, So vast, deep and epic. Pacific  Waves crashing, hard and free. On this twisted path, take...Read On

Recommended Read

Confessions Of A Virgin Slut

Hi, I'm Rayna and I'm a virgin slut.

My body shook and clenched as I felt the orgasm erupt inside my feverish body. I looked at the young man as he smiled down at me. His fingers were slick with my juices, his dick was snug in the moist warmth of my greedy mouth, and his mind was on the one thing that he should have fucking forgot about—my pussy. That’s right, my pussy. I wasn’t giving it up—at least not in that way. That was...Read On



A mature neighbour improves a lazy Saturday evening.

My day had been lazy and generally unproductive – just the way I liked it, for a Saturday evening. I had lounged around the room all day in a pair of tight blue boxer briefs; watching television; eating whatever I fancied and idly playing on my laptop. This was my idea of a relaxing, enjoyable weekend alone. Nothing could disturb me. No sooner had I thought this than my phone vibrated on...Read On


Annie Alex

Alex loves his wife Annie, but is crushed about her affair. Can they get it back together?

I met Annie 20 years ago. We were introduced by a friend, who worried that all work and no play would make me, Alex, a very dull boy. She thought the same about Annie, who was her university roommate. Annie and I came from different backgrounds, but we were both nerds. She was the only daughter of a wealthy businessman and his wife. Me, I was the son of a bus driver and a school...Read On


Bank Holiday Camp Pt. 7

Friends that play togeher stay together.

I could feel the warmth of the sun on my back through the window as we sat at Mandy’s dining table drinking our tea. Mandy had opened the curtains, and the main door was pinned back. Mandy had a hand on my thigh, gently rubbing back and forth. It feels so good to have a very attractive lady showing me some attention, as I have been single for a long time. “Good morning,” said a voice from...Read On


A November morning again

While they can't find you on earth nor in the sky, some people sensed that you were hidden in me.  They said I was like melting candles,  like a wound that neither bleeds nor recover.  While there were many seasons, years and mountains between us, some people saw you in my arms.  They said you were like a drying leaf on my branches,  like a faded rose that is missing the rain. ...Read On

Recommended Read

Who Knows That It Is Dark But I?

a lover passed, trying to reach out to his love who remains...

Who knows that this is dark but I And the steel dust of stars? Who knows that this is night Before a resplendent day? Far above the sky a whisper Sleep in your casket of gold, I gave you all that you can hold, In return for your love. I shared your dreams, I saw you kneel and pray. The grasses sway in the breeze, And she walks amid memoria, Weeping for...Read On


I became his Mom

I finally made my stepson call me, Mom.

I came home quite late at night. I had dinner in a restaurant on my way back to home, and once home, I had a drink to relax myself. I looked for my husband in the study room but he wasn’t there. I headed to my bedroom but my husband wasn’t there either. He must be having a good time with his young slutty secretary. I thought I'd go for swim for a while and then go to sleep. I put on my...Read On


Last Night we danced again

Always a special dance with you

Last night we danced again We danced that slow seductive song The one that always turns me on Your hand sliding down the small of my back The rhythm we've found As you give my ass a light whack We swing and sway Backwards and forwards You grind me in that special way Humming that sweet melody In your deep and sexy voice Building the need inside of me When your soft and gentle lips...Read On