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Young and So Sweet

Wise beyond his years he is an old soul, My sweet young cutie he is never cold. He is warm and endearing and fills me with love, When it’s passion I seek it is him I think of. To care for him and caress his precious face, Run my fingers through his hair every soft strand I’ll trace. Look into his eyes and see the longing there, He is the young man I know really cares. I want him to...Read On


Cheating Bastard

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

This was written as an entry into a Writer's Challenge on another site. The assignment was to write a story that referenced a black-and-white picture of a young woman sitting on a bench in some kind of hallway or concourse. She is dressed in a little black dress and "fuck-me" shoes, and has her long dark hair in a pony tail. She seems to be looking at an older man who has walked by with a...Read On


The Surprise in our first meeting

He was surprised to find his lover there, and with HER in control

The room was dark with only candles illuminating the tables as I walked inside. My heart was racing as I contemplated what I was getting myself into. I had agreed to meet to see if I met their screening criteria to join them in a rendezvous for sex. This meeting was set up via an online chat room and we had never seen each other. We planned to have dinner together and then decide if we...Read On


Watching Ch.2

I had spent the last few evenings in a perpetual state of arousal after spying on Victoria masturbating first in the bath and then again in her bedroom, I still had a slight feeling of guilt, I knew I shouldn't have watched, but I just couldn't help myself. I wanted to thank Vic for the pleasure she had given me, I had spent the last few days trying to think of a way. It was while I...Read On


A Lesbian Love Story...of Sorts Chapter 4

A lesbian releases her stress with some MILF domination

CHAPTER 4: AN INTERLUDE-SOME QUICK MILF DOMINATION I got home and although I was slightly tired, my hormones controlled me. I grabbed the card of the sexy MILF saleslady Audrey and texted her. January 31 7:03PM From: Julia Hi Audrey, What time do you get off? January 31 7:05PM From: Audrey 9:30 give or take. January 31 7:09PM From: Julia I expect you to be at...Read On


Working Late

This is my first attempt at an erotic story.

Paul tapped at the keyboard trying to stay focussed on the spreadsheet in front of him, fighting the mid-afternoon malaise that had set in after lunch. His thoughts wandered and he tried to steer them clear of the erotic dream he had had the previous night, but failed. He could feel the material of his trousers tighten slightly over his crotch as his cock began to stir. "Sorry can I...Read On


Going to Cali: Chapter Five

My Grandfather reveals the secret history of my family.

I was having the time of my life during the summer of 1987. Not only was I visiting Southern California for the first time in my life, but I was also fucking my Aunt Linda and my two 16-year-old cousins Traci and Allison. This summer was going down in history as the best one ever; sadly it would soon be coming to an end. I was three weeks away from the arrival of my mom and sisters for my...Read On



A tale about two loves not meant to be.

FORBIDDEN Sitting here alone in the dark I am reminded of what once brought light into my life Blinded I stare into the abyss looking for a spark Searching for one last reason to breath again A smile, a touch, a whisper Standing here in the dark Feeling my pain again for the first time Looking back at photo’s of you loving me Your presence giving me strength to climb ...Read On


Vanessa Meets John

Vanessa meets her father's coworker.

“Vanessa, come on, we were supposed to go out tonight,” my friend Dave was saying to me. “I know, I’m sorry, but you know how my dad is with work. He likes to include his family with everything, so I have to go to the dinner. I shouldn’t be out late.” I smiled into the phone. “Maybe, if you’re lucky, I’ll swing by afterwards to give you a little treat.” He chuckled. “Alright babe, tell...Read On


Dream Lover

it seemed so real, how could it be a dream

I see you standing there on the beach, looking so straight and tall in your surfing gear. Yes you are a handsome specimen. Your hair all wet and windblown, your back straight. I see you smiling at me your hand raised in a wave of greeting. Oh my, you take my breath away. I turn to remove my clothing. I feel you come up behind me and put your arms around me, I feel your breath then your lips...Read On


Clueless But Willing

She has been begging for the unknown...the day has finally arrived.

My name is Megan. I am an extremely beautiful woman in her 30’s. About three years ago I moved from the big city, along with my family, to explore what it would be like to live in a small town. My twin sister Maria, whom I am very close to, along with her family moved here too. I have slowly grown accustomed to the dramatic change of pace but have embraced my new lifestyle very well. It is...Read On


Mirror Image Part I

meeting her Sir for the first time.....

As she drove the 3 hours to the hotel where she was to meet Him for the first time, her thoughts raced to each and every phone call, e-mail or text conversation they had ever had. Remembering how easy it was for her to give in to him, to submit to him. How natural it seemed to respond to every request he asked of her. They had spent nearly a year conversing back and forth as she became more...Read On


The Perfect Prescription

Master J Adjusts Krystenah's Attitude. Krystenah Visits a Doctor who Prescribes Special Treatment

"Pull over," Master told me. I was driving him to the airport at 3 in the morning. Master had been trying unsuccessfully to joke me out of my bad mood since we had left the house. I hate it whenever Master leaves, but he had forbidden me from being sad on our drives. He told me to smile and be happy, and I had forced a smile, but I hadn’t fooled Master. I never do. Now, as I pulled over...Read On


Angie Chap 1

Sometimes Love is closer than any one thinks.

Angie, Chap 1 I first met Angelica De Camp, when I was four and a half years old. I was exactly four and a half. I later called her my half year birthday present. She was the first black woman I ever met. At first I was afraid of her, not going near her…she was different. But as time went by (all of about fifteen minutes) I warmed up to her and soon we were inseparable. I thought of Angie...Read On


Cock hungry and bored

"You know they are talking about kicking me out of the house? Right?" Alicia told me on the drive back. "What the fuck for?" I asked concerned. "Because I'm not a full lesbian dyke." She seemed to get really upset by this and kept going, "I mean I just don't get it! Like I was trying to talk to Sil about it. Like, my boyfriend is black right? So, you know, what does that mean to...Read On