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White Mouth for My Black Pussy

I start jogging with my white neighbor's husband and we end up sucking each other and fucking.

The 1960s were a tumultuous time for racial relations in our country, especially in the South, but I feel that by the 1980s great progress had been made. My name is Sandra, and my husband Mitchell and I are both black. We both went to college, and after graduating in 1985 we got great jobs and bought a nice home in a mostly-white, middle class suburb in the Birmingham area. Most of our...Read On


A Lesbian Love Story...of Sorts Chapter 3


CHAPTER 3: BUYING SOME TOYS The school week went on with little fanfare as it was report card week, so both Gwen and I were bombarded with work. Writing down comments for 60 kids in every category of learning is exhausting and brain-numbing. So on Friday, Gwen and I went out for drinks, to celebrate another ending of report card reporting; Rob was out of town as was often the case. After...Read On


Snowball from my BFF

Gibson gets a blowjob from his wife's BFF, Jessica, who shares her reward with Kelly.

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything erotic, butafter last night’s hot encounter I felt inspired. For those that haven’t read about our other experiences, I’m Kelly, and my husband is Gibson. We’re swingers! Recently, I started stripping at a local club. Why? Let’s just say than since I love the attention I get when I show off my 5’7” tight body with 34DD’s, I decided that I might...Read On


Part II - The 8 Hour Tow

I instinctively pull off your shirt which gets you nervous because of the tow truck driver

So after I finish filling your wonderful ass with my hot cum, we both clean ourselves off in the cool pond and start walking back to put our clothes back on. About this time, we hear the sound of a large truck driving down the old dirt road. So you hurry up and pull your shirt back on before the tow truck pulls around your truck and backs up to hook it up for the tow. So we walk up to the...Read On


A Sexual Awakening Part 1

A tale of innocent love and lust...

A Sexual Awakening- Part One By STEPHANIE They say that losing your virginity can be quite a traumatic experience. Many young people feel pressured into sex too early, maybe with someone they don’t really know and don’t love. If both partners are inexperienced sexually it can be a bit awkward, often hurried and unsatisfying for both parties. My first time wasn’t like that. I had...Read On


The Object of Obsession II

Shelly and Craig's dance comes to an end, or does it? ;)

  It became a pattern, obsessing about Craig, or more specifically, the cage in his basement, during the day and dreaming about it at night. Somehow, I managed to get through each day, keeping up with my classes and my homework. In fact, I excelled, discovering that the only way to keep from getting completely lost in my daydreams was to immerse myself in my studies. Still, I spent every...Read On


Bathtub Fantasy

It had been a long first day....

It had been a very long first day in my training seminar. I was ready for a long relaxing evening in the jacuzzi tub in my hotel room. I even upgraded the room at my cost so I could enjoy an evening away from the family to the fullest extent. I had stopped the previous evening and bought a nice bottle of wine, some bubble bath, and scented candles so I wouldn't have to tonight. I walked...Read On


A late night with a new friend

I've had the fantasy for some time now of sharing my wife with another man. For months we have talked about it but still not had the chance to play. After meeting a guy named Mickey about a month ago the thoughts still ran through my mind. Since time usually was a problem for us I thought it would have to be a last minute decision to fulfill my ideas. I knew Mickey was available most weekends...Read On


Chinese Balls

Me and my husband Tony were going to a party at a friend's house, to celebrate his wife's birthday, and I decided to be naughty again. I put on a short black dress with a swishy skirt to it, and decided to forgo putting on panties. Instead I decided to put in my recently purchased Chinese balls. For those who don’t know what Chinese balls are- they are two balls, about an inch in diameter,...Read On


A Taste for Brown Cock

I watch my friend suck off two Mexican day laborers and I end up sucking his and their cocks too.

I was transferred by my company to the Nashville area a year ago, when I was 54 years old and my wife Joan was 52. We bought an old home that needed a lot of work that was on two acres of land, and I spent most of my spare time remodeling the place. I finally got to some of the larger projects, like landscaping, building a deck, and installing a large stone patio, and I needed to find some...Read On


My English Professor

It was my second year of college and I decided I needed to take a core class aside from my political science major. What to take, what to take? I hated math and science, so I figured I would be ok with English. How can I do badly in a subject that I actually liked, right? I ended up signing up for English 1301 with Professor Collins, since I had heard he was a pretty good professor. The...Read On


my wifes niece

She was about 19 at the time when it all started. I have known her since she was 16 she would always flirt with me. At first I never really took any of her childish flirting serious but when she got older the flirting got more intense. She would always ask my wife if she could go with us or stay at our house. My wife never really said anything about the way she would act when she was around me....Read On


What a Discovery

Eric walked into his house angry, muttering under his breath. "If those girls don't want to go out with me, then fuck them." This 18-year-old boy was tired of getting shot down time and time again. He wasn't a bad looking guy, not at all. He was the kind who didn't know what to say to girls. He was also tired of being a virgin. It wasn't that he only wanted sex. Eric believed in being...Read On


Path to Love

Believe and you will get there

I can’t see through the fog Is this the right way? Am I getting closer every step? Every hour? Every day? I know what my goal is It’s not just an illusion But I don’t know how to reach it It’s not marked by a beacon The path twists and turns Filled with puddles and weed I stumble and fall But get back on my feet My body is aching But I’m not giving up yet I will not let you down My...Read On


My Love, My Life, My Soldier

My first love poem..and it is for my future husband Pv2 Moorman, baby boo I love you

My love, you are my reason to get up every morning. I wake up to a text, that simply reads.. Good morning baby girl. The days seem so long without you, I watch the minutes slowly pass by. Longing to see your smile, hear your voice, and look into your eyes. No matter how bad of a day we may have, it all slips away once we are with each other. I cherish every second we have together, never...Read On