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Refuse To Believe -- Making Peace With the Past

Could that be me that was jealous? I refuse to believe it.

Jealousy.  Is it possible I don't know much about it? No, because .. I met a man, Funny, sexy and smart. I enjoyed spending time with him. Soon he began to tease me, With small things at first. Oooh! I loved  that a lot! So he decided to tell me about the other girls he was seeing. His bragging became cruder and bolder,  Those details didn't feel good to hear,  And my feelings...Read On


An Amazing Vacation 2

Alan gets an even bigger surprise.

Alan Bryant woke up the next morning alone. Had the previous day been all just a wonderful dream? Did he actually enjoy the best sex of his life with a gorgeous, young blond woman half his age? Although it felt like a dream, the evidence of strewn bedding and clothing suggested that it was no dream. It was definitely real. He shouldn’t have expected to see Casey by him when he woke...Read On


Quick and Messy

An office quicky gets gets a little messy

I was staring at my coworker, Catherine, again. She had another one of her low-cut tops on that showed off her magnificent tits, being in the same office I got an eye full every time I passed her desk. She and I had been enjoying the occasional office quickie and even more occasional, after hours sex, for some months now and she was used to my horny nature by now. Catherine knew what was...Read On


Penny’s Other Life, CHAPTER 4

Phoebe is in trouble and seduces Penny into helping her

Things were running smoothly at the YWCA. Penny was less worried now that Mr. Brown would report her to Mark or to the police. She was totally into her photoshoots at MORE4LESS. Without a boyfriend of her own, she found that Mr. Brown satisfied the craving she had to parade naked in front of a virile man. Plus which, he was someone who had what it took to give her a massive orgasm every time. ...Read On


Be My Valentine

Sitting on the couch with my sexy girl, Both of us dressed in our lace and pearls. I’m kissing her neck and she’s turning me on, My hand will start wandering before long. The way you talk to me drives me insane, This raging boner I’ve got, you are to blame. How I love the taste of her lips, Under her bra my hand slips. Caressing her titties and making her sigh, She’s everything to...Read On


My Minotaur Part X

In Which Lady Ailara's Journey Finally Ends

(Story resubmitted with objectionable content removed) My story draws near its close, dear reader, and I shall do my utmost to do these final moments justice in their detail. The first thing I shall say is that Oluth was clearly born for the mantel of leadership. While I’d thought him to be little more than a beast when we first met, I had since come to recognize what a being of...Read On


Just another day at the office...

Kristen was not having as much fun around the office as she usually did that morning. She was beautiful and petite, with nice C cup breasts and a tiny little waist, and she had a full ass which she wiggled and swayed as she walked. Every man in her office had noticed her at one point. She swanned in each morning with her long blonde hair wearing the most revealing yet sophisticated...Read On


Before the Wedding

We both wanted to fuck, but how would we find the time before my plane?

“Come, I’ll show you the garden before we leave.” Ginny grabbed me by the hand and pulled me out of the chair, almost spilling my half-finished cup of coffee. “Be quick, we have to leave here in fifteen minutes.” her mother called out after us, “Your cousin’s wedding wont wait for you.” I followed Ginny into the garden. We had met in person for the first time less than an hour...Read On


It Started

It started with hello

A simple hello; I like your style. You're a lot of fun and you make me smile. Lets talk awhile about almost anything. It feels good to share; you make my heart sing. The touch of your hand so tender and warm, being held by you, knowing nothing can harm. Then the first kiss, soft and tender. sent me to a place filled with splendor. I now know what I didn't before; you are the one I...Read On


3 in < 24 hours

Three guys and me, in me. One day, wonderful day.

Unplanned and never repeated, I had sex with three different guys within a 24-hour period. At the time I did not think it slutty, but the morning after the last one I felt a tinge of guilt and embarrassment. Could not bring myself to share such behavior with any of my friends for a long long time because it was so slutty of me! I only shared the incident with a few close friends until now. ...Read On



This story is fiction for now...any feedback would be appreciated.

We have been playing this game for a long time and I am ready...past ready for what I am going to make happen today. Finally lunchtime arrives, in he walks and takes a seat across from my desk in one of my visitor's chairs. I get up and walk around the desk, shut the door, lock it, and then reach over and turn the blinds so no one will interrupt our lunch visit. Today I am wearing a tight...Read On


Watching Over Him

She knew that she would have to guide him to another wife

“Oh how could he, how could he?” Sabby felt tears well up in her eyes and her temper rise as she watched her husband Rob's bare butt thrust forward again sending the dick that she had experienced so many, many times doing for her what it was doing now for the naked female lying on “their” bed. At thirty-two years of age Susanne Andrea Belvoysan, SAB or Sabby to her friends, felt that...Read On


A Different Place

A Triple Tetractys Poem

Yes! We smile. Privacy. Kick our shoes off. It is finally the time to relax. Now, falling onto the couch together, At last, your arms! Hold me close. Kiss Me. Sigh. There. Stay there. Surround me. The wine can wait. Take it in, breath deeply, exhale...Read On


Saturday Afternoon

Kids away, the wife gets frisky

The kids were at the grandparents for the evening. I was replacing the doorknob on the back door and the wife was going in and out, taking things to the garage. I really wasn't paying much attention to what she was doing since I was cussing at the non-functioning doorknob. I sensed, more than saw her as she passed by me the last time to go sit on a patio chair on the back porch. When...Read On


Our Shower Experience - With my Girlfriend....

The Shower Experience with my Girlfriend.....

I thought of standing in a shower with you instead ...the thought of you being in the shower with me… The thought of standing in the shower face to face and together was just so very inspirational and exceptionally soothing. Facing each other, as the warm water is gently pouring over us and as the first warm streams flow down from over your shoulders and onto our skin and making us feel...Read On