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For the Love of Another Chapter 8

After the fiasco at the restaurant, things calmed down a bit. I stayed at home with the girls but now Mel ignored me almost completely. We weren't naked all the time anymore and Allison had found a job. Now it was only Melisa, jobless and uneducated, who lounged around the house in her underwear while we supported her. Allison and I went out every once and a while, not telling the third party. ...Read On


Before the Coworkers Come

He grabs my panties and pulls them down, throwing them across the room....

I'm scanning the last few items on my list before loading the last boxes onto the truck. Trey walks out of the truck, and begins to load the boxes up. I smile my thanks before walking into the office, sending an email to the company the truck is going to; telling them the expected date of the trucks arrival. I shut down the computer and walk over the cabinet. Putting away the order papers, and...Read On



Two Lush friends finally met, anticipation runs high

Jenny and Mike had been chatting for a couple of months on Lush. The chats were not just of the sexual flirting kind, their conversations also touched on other emotions and feelings. One day, Mike suggested they meet even though Mike was married and they were miles apart. He felt a connection, a burning desire to meet Jenny. “Have I crossed the line,” he wrote, worried about the answer. ...Read On



Day Dreaming

My body shines with twinkled sunbeams in groves. Fire is lit in from souls of men, a passion never lost. As your eyes see through me, holding me never dropping even when turned away in a never ending struggle to catch breath. Moment’s pass the world turns, as moon and sun become one and there twilight kisses turns the world to sleeping embrace. Birds turn to chirping bugs and...Read On


The Dragon Slayers Volume 1 Chapter 1

A hedonistic half-elf runs into a problem enroute to validating her forged noblility paperwork.

The Dragon Slayers Volume 1: Four Squared Chapter I: The Rogue “ Dearest Felicia, I know it must be lonely in that backwater city, but you must be careful of those you associate with! The spirit of your mother lingers in you, don't let her wisdom go unheeded. Do not give in to temptation and the guiles of men who smile while carrying a dagger, she taught you better than that. ...Read On


Glamour Shots: Chapter 1

A husband discovers his wife's secret sensual desires.

You know how it is when something happens on one of the milestone dates in your life, or one of the ones on the calendar, something that then becomes inextricably tied to that date or that holiday each year when it rolls around? For me, for what I’m going to tell you about next, it started on my birthday, and I suppose I’ll always tie these events to that date. And that, for some reason...Read On


Outdoor Park Recreation

I have often fantasized about meeting a guy in a park for outdoor sex, having read several accounts and stories of such encounters. I mention this because I pass by several likely venues as I ride my bicycle on weekend solo rides. As an in-shape, 62 year old, married professional with family, these are not the kind of thoughts that anyone who knows me could imagine that I would entertain,...Read On


Lovers Reunited

Two lovers are reunited after months of separation, and consummate their union once more

At last! Soon he would be home again, to be reunited with her once more, his perfect soulmate and lover. It had been so long - almost six months this time; six months in a place of such remoteness and insignificance, that it would be years before the mobile phone and internet companies would consider it worthy of the investment needed to link it with the rest of the world. Six months in...Read On

Recommended Read

Erotic Plateaued Bliss

Glistening from wetness Drenched in stimulated Leakage...

Long ropes of white Spurt sequentially From his long throbbing hardness, Splashing down and Plastering her breasts Until her nipples Are covered with His warm milky core. Glazed in his Warm bodily ejection, She moans loudly As she slowly Takes a finger And circles her Stiff nipples Now shining in his stickiness. He watches as she Plays with her protrusions ...Read On


Hired as a masseuse at an all men's golf club

My husband has no idea what my job as a masseuse at an all men's club requires.

Getting a good job these days isn't easy. I graduated from a four year college with a liberal arts degree and lots of student debt. The pay for the entry level jobs I interviewed for was awful. My husband has a technical degree and had no problem getting a pretty good job as soon as he graduated. Thank god for that. My name is Lynne and I'm twenty-four years old. I've been married for two...Read On


A little taste of heaven

Her eyes shine in eager anticipation As his hands trail in slow motions, Painting random patters, Her naked body their perfect canvas. He watches her, Struggling to keep in control, His primal side wanting to ravage, claim, Yet he holds back, taking his time. She squirms, whimpers, softly moans, Every nerve awakened by his touch, Her body screaming for more, A sweet torture as...Read On


A Dinner Invitation

I had wanted her for years but hadn’t found a way to get past the hurdle of her being married.

We had been friends for several years. Not close, intimate friends, but the social contact was regular enough, and, from what I could ascertain, the enjoyment of the contact was mutual. I have to admit that I had always had the hots for Natalie. Her pretty face was framed by a mass of curly, brown hair that cascaded down past her shoulders. Her lips were full and she always wore a bright...Read On


Michelle's Continuing Affair Ch. 4

We both arrange a vacation with our boyfriend/girlfriend.

That evening I sat at my computer, starting to work on this story, enjoying every minute of it, occasionally glancing at the two gift-wrapped packages on the edge of my desk, not knowing where the story was going in the coming weeks. I couldn’t imagine a guy having a better life than I did right then; a wonderful wife who I loved unwaveringly and a beautiful girlfriend who that wonderful...Read On


A bored housewife's amusing tale

Funny thing that happened one day

Life was a bit mundane for Tracy. She was married for about thirteen years. She was a wife, mother, daughter, friend, sister. But she felt very alone. Things were okay with her marriage. They had great sex, but did struggle connecting emotionally. This frustrated Tracy very much. Her husband was an introvert and she was more social. Then one day she went looking for something a...Read On


Oil My Body Down

... And lube me up

Laying on the beach today In my chair catching a ray When my legs were opened just a bit Your hand slid between in a flit I felt the oil drip down my back You gave my ass a light smack Then you rubbed with skilled ease  Those fingers of yours my mound did tease I let out a soft moaning sound As your fingers my slit found Now the oil and my juices felt so slick I was dreaming of your...Read On


A Run in With The Law

Two college students want to get in touch with nature and get in touch with the law, instead.

Randy and I have been dating for several months. Nearing the end of our college semester, Randy's parents took an impromptu trip out of town. With the house, and the weekend, free, we wasted no time getting together. Passion rises, as do other things, but then the lights from a car in the driveway streak through the Venetian blinds. With only a minute to spare, Randy and I gather our clothing...Read On


Can She Forgive Him?

In his misery, a lover begs for forgiveness, and a chance to make amends for his crimes against love

Bound to the cruel wheel of fate, I weep bitter tears once more, As if there existed for me some deep inexorable law, A decree that condemned me to drive away those I adore. O fairest lily, in your sweet kindness you gave me your trust To hold and to cherish, but yet once more, as it seems I must I threw it away, trampling your beauty down into the dust. I allowed suspicion and envy to...Read On


In My Swagger

In my swagger, the swank of my scribing,  Composing tomes, lauding chills of darkness. Staggering verses, erotic copulations and curses, Poetic attributes of the defining words. Behind gables of Hoo All Hallows, Green ivy entwining my mortal soul. Quaintness of my frolicking loft nest, Swooning, lost hint of my fist's chastising. Dripping cum of the poet's cock-tongue,  ...Read On



You came like wildfire

You came into my life like a wild fire  through the dry mountains My heart was drier  than the California Mountains  after a long drought It looked beautiful all green from outside  but was drier inside When you came ablaze  I became yours  you became mine You burn within me  like the fires of the mountains  you have sparked my desire like no one could The...Read On

Recommended Read


Don't let yourself. Don't let yourself fall. Somebody somewhere makes notes of it all. When we are weak and when we are strong, When we make fools of ourselves for that one thing we long. There's nothing in textbooks, and nothing online. To tell us how, we can stay on cloud nine. I wish I could rewind with what I know now. Then I'd love you much quieter, but still never tell. ...Read On


The Strip Club

I've always wanted to be with another woman - would this be my chance?

It's been a fantasy for as long as I could remember. Yes, I still loved men - but as I got older and more secure with my own sensuality, I desired a woman's touch. I certainly didn't want to give up men. I didn't even consider myself bi or even bi-curious. I just wanted - for once in my life - to feel another woman. My man had told me many times that one of his fantasies would be to watch...Read On


Getting Away

I pull up to your house thinking I have been wanting to spend some time with you all to myself. I get out of my Chevy truck as I see you come out of the house, you look absolutely amazing in a blue blouse and blue jeans that fit you just right. Walking over to me you say "Hi Baby,” as you give me a sweet kiss on my lips and I wrap my arms around you kissing you back. I walk over and open...Read On


Sarah's Fantasy Fulfilled

Her dreams come true ...

Here I am, driving round the M25 with my target being a rather swanky hotel somewhere in deepest Suffolk. What on earth am I thinking of? My wife is away with her sister on a short holiday and I’m risking everything to meet up with someone I’ve only ever chatted to via Lit. Am I mad? Time will tell. I first started chatting to Sarah in February last year when she posted her first, and sadly...Read On



Raw desire, primal need. I need you deep Inside of me. I long for you so hungrily. Do you hear me Silently beckoning to you? Do you feel the magnetic pull That I'm sending you, Guiding you to me, my body. To my open legs, my secret place. My desire for you knows no boundaries. It has no limits. Pure. Powerful. I need your cock. Your touch and kisses. You pounding...Read On



My friend Dani tells me a tale of how she lost her virginity and how my old neighbor gets involved.

At the age of twenty I was finishing my third year at college. I spent the last days in class daydreaming of the simple life; no class, no responsibilities, just a bikini some sunscreen and a pool of water. As the school year came to an end, I simply couldn’t wait to be home for the summer. I was studying diligently to complete my Bachelor of Arts degree and the stress had taken its toll....Read On


Soul Tormented By Kavya's Virgin Holes Till

Tortured spirit finally find solace with virgin Kavya left bruised from this encounter.

It was 5:42 which left Kavya two hours to sleep and sweep off this night. She let her body fall on the cold bed and closed her eyes. Soon, everything came back... She was in her room, combing her silky hair while contemplating her exposed body in the mirror. She loved the way her long hair covered her full breasts and deliberately parted her legs to look at her insides. She has never been a...Read On


Learning To Be Submissive - Part 2

My second meeting with Jack

I arrived slightly earlier than I was meant to. After our first meeting I had been given specific instructions. Jack had allowed me to shower and change back into my normal clothes. Once I had returned to the kitchen, I found a note with a key. "Today you excelled yourself, but you have more to learn. Next week on Monday you are to come directly here after you finish for the day. I will...Read On


Becoming His

As his lips press softly against mine the cares of this world fade away into darkness. He and I are all that exist. Lips pressing harder my need becoming palpable the blood in my veins seems to become liquid fire. My heartbeat pounds through my eager body. Strong hands caress my face memorizing the nuances of me each nerve in my body tingles as his fingers work their magic. He...Read On


A Bunnie To Play With - Chapter 5

Anne has fun teasing Bunnie at the club, and her pet quickly makes new friends.

The crowd in the club was all made up of girls! I traipsed dizzily behind Anne, looking around with wide eyes and letting her guide me towards one of the round cocktail tables, where we hopped onto bar stools. She saw my surprised stares and giggled. “Took you long enough to notice.” I pouted. “Everything’s happening so fast. How is a poor little country girl like me supposed to take it...Read On


Michelle's Continuing Affair Ch 3

I have an affair

Mike left for Seattle Sunday morning after breakfast. Shortly after he left, Michelle and I satdown to talk about the weekend. “Honey,” Michelle started, “I need to know, what are you really thinking about me and Mike?” I paused for some time, trying to think how to answer her question. “Babe, there hasn’t ever been anything hotter than watching you and Mike together, especially last night....Read On