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My Unsuspecting Wife Bangs her Ex-boss's Son

My unsuspecting wife fucks her ex-boss's son while i watch.

It had been almost a year since the last time I had shared my wife with another man. We had done it a few times in the past, but with both of us getting older she felt it was time to put an end to our adventures. I eventually agreed with her, even though I had a deep desire to share her once again. My wife loves to shop and decided to play hooky one day from work. She loves to shop just...Read On


Paris: Sex Extreme

From decadence to debauchery in 48 hours

Seated in the famous Champagne Bar of the Euorstar Terminal at London's St Pancras Station, Nick toyed with his champagne flute. With one eye on the giant overhead clock, he was getting anxious about the departure of the Paris train. Then he saw Cathy approaching. She looked stunning, turning several heads as she alighted from the escalator. She was wearing a long-sleeved double-breasted...Read On


Dance In The Sea Of Roses

the sky so blue water so cool and calm roses scattered on the sea bed our bodies entwined together tenderly dancing in the sea with the passion of embrace fever of our hearts on fire eyes meet with loving love guided by our souls, of beings with every ounce of power raging through our bodies dancing in the sea of roses smell that sweet perfume from the rose petals in the...Read On


Taken by Surprise

She surprised him, then he surprised himself

They met at a hotel bar. She was across the room, sitting alone in a dimly lit section. She looked sultry enough, with a tight mini that showed off her slim, firm body. Her dark brown hair spilled across her shoulders and her lips looked inviting. He was in town for a technical conference and he was only there for a quick drink. Meeting a woman was not on his agenda. He had a young wife...Read On


Carmen Chapter 2 - Carmen and Charles

Carmen re-connects with a past lover - who has taken on an interesting career choice

It had been a few weeks since Carmen had moved out, and things were getting easier. Her thoughts of Matt were more infrequent, and in fact, other men were starting to take Matt’s place in her dreams and fantasies; people whom she had not really thought of in years: old boyfriends, flings, lovers. Perhaps, briefly, they had entered her thoughts while she was with Matt, but she had always...Read On


Pleasuring Granny Part 8

Doreen’s Birthday treats.

November 2013 8am. When I arrived at Brenda's house, Doreen's car was already parked. I let myself in and as I entered the living room, I could hear soft sounds coming from upstairs so onwards and upwards climbed the intrepid adventurer. Through Brenda's bedroom doorway I could see Doreen on her back with pillows placed under her backside lifting it well clear of the mattress. Brenda,...Read On


The Nosey Neighbor

Jason had no idea his sexy, married neighbor was watching.

I'm Jason Parker, 49, married. I love my wife, but from time to time I will find my thoughts wandering over various fantasies. As a manager of a local coffee shop, my position tends to lead to very unusual schedules and I often find myself with a weekday off, alone at home. Invariably, I spend this time doing shopping and doing fix-it jobs around the house. Basically, I work my way down...Read On


Like An Atlas

My lips travels many routes and places, Varying on the geography of my lines and prose. Punctuating at pit stops on poetry and quips.  Your hips rise in acceptance of my quill-prick, On rhythm of blues sensual and raw shaking. My cock rocks like a seesaw quaking. Parting of the thighs like highways divide, My fingers caress in all the best shops, Of your womanhood and erotic...Read On


Breaking My Virginity

A 20 year old virgin, meets a hot, 28 year old and her sexual adventures begin....

Chapter One: First Orgasm Dannie was a 20 year student visiting Tokyo, Japan for the summer semester. She had arrived a week early to get a feel for the city before starting the semester. She had enrolled in the study abroad program at Cal State Fullerton and since she had just been dumped by her boyfriend the semester before, she had decided on a change of scenery. 'He was a rude...Read On


Becoming More Than Friends

Roxie and Monica discover their bisexuality.

Hi my name is Roxie, I am five feet seven inches tall. My long blonde hair compliments my blue eyes.  My friend, Monica is five feet five inches tall. Her hair is a darker blonde than mine. She has blue eyes that I swear, sparkle all the time.  We have been best friends since junior high school. Graduating from high school, we went to different colleges. I went to school in Arizona,...Read On


In My Dreams

There is a perfect place that I know It has been mine alone to wander In my sleep I visit this paradise It is the dream land of my slumber This is where my brain goes to play While the rest of my body sleeps A land of no inhibitions What happens is never for keeps I often find you now waiting there To roam with me through my dreams We explore my fantasies together Our passion...Read On

Recommended Read

The Sweet Punishment of Mimi VanDiver

“Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Oh, shit,” Mimi muttered, as she ran down the sidewalk. Late again for her weekly appointment with Mistress Katrina, she knew that her strict Domme would be highly irritated with her disrespectful behavior. She had warned Mimi that if it happened again that there would be consequences. “Oh, God. She’s gonna skin me alive,” Mimi thought. Her four inch stilettos,...Read On


Train Ride

Cassidy finds herself stuck on a train with a sexy stranger.

My heart pounds in my chest as she walks by. The smell of her perfume fills my nostrils as she struts past me, hips swaying with every step. Her eyes dart to mine, just like every other day. My palms are sweaty as I once again avoid her gaze, and pretend as if I wasn't just gawking at her plump ass. There's something different about her today. She seems more defiant, more dangerous than...Read On


Cassie's Surprise Part 1

Cassie comes home from work.

Cassie turned her key in the front door, expecting her love to rush to greet her as usual when she was home first. Laura had had an important shoot with a big client this morning and had decided to leave the rest of her day free allowing her to come home put some music on, and get on with the editing. Cassie pushed the front door open, puzzled by the lack of an excited Laura bounding down...Read On


Kissing Cousins II

Having lived with my aunt and uncle, Kate and Pierce, for several months now, I was still looking for work. They never placed any pressure on their niece, Patricia, to find a job. They were constantly loving and helpful. Of course, I lived with their idiosyncrasy. They were naturists. They spent virtually all of their time in the large old home they lived in without wearing clothing. Their...Read On