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Innocent curiosity - Part One

A father's love knows no bounds.

Curiosity. It killed the cat. That's that saying, right? Fuck. I'd be the cat in this scenario if my mom found out about this.  Daddy is 6"2 with shaggy brown hair, green eyes, and tan skin. He's got a washboard stomach. It's hot, to say the least. I'm 5"2 with an hourglass figure. I'm slim in the right places. My ass is a little on the large size, but more cushion for the pushin'. That's what...Read On


The Perky Estate Agent

A perky little estate agent, used to using her good looks to get her way, learns a lesson in lusting

She was late. I detested people with no respect for others' time. I stood in front of the new, 30 story apartment development in the city centre. With rising fuel prizes and the fast developing city living trend, I am looking for some city apartments as an investment opportunity. I saw the little black Mercedes crawling down the street. Stop. Do a risky U-turn and perform a 50...Read On


Great ending for a cookout

After dinner entertainment

My wife and I invited one of my friends over one Saturday afternoon for a cookout. He had been depressed over a lost love for a while. We thought he might enjoy a good meal. We had a great meal and even consumed quite a few cold ones to loosen us up. After relaxing in the sun, a lot of conversation and more drinking, we retired inside to watch some DVDs. He and I were wearing shorts...Read On


He and I

Just a poem I wrote while horny in class. Writing it didnt really help the horniness but it was fun.

Hands on my waist pulling me close His lips on my neck I gasp his hands leave my hips My pants fall then his too Our shirts are next My cheeks turn red. He lightly pushes I fall to the bed His hands run up my legs he wants bare skin the job is done He kisses up my stomach and chest unclasps my bra tosses it away He puts his hands to work twisting and teasing A small moan...Read On


Sorry Daddy...

I've always loved my Dad a lot, but ever since I started dating he became very strict. It's like a switch was flicked off inside him and he became a lot harder and controlling. If he knew I was going out on a date he'd give me a strict curfew. In the middle of what was generally a harmless date, he'd call and ask me a million questions. He'd always be waiting for me when I got home, and...Read On


Playtime with Mom

I was fantasizing about my mom and decided that it was time to show her some pleasure

I had been incredibly horny for weeks and I started fantasizing what it would be like to see my mom's pussy and to have some fun with her. I'm in my 30's and had never had thoughts about her until recently. I have always been a lover of cock but I have grown increasingly curious to try some pussy and thoughts of my mom were making me hot. On this particular day I decided to go shopping with...Read On


What I Want From You

I want to look into your eyes and get lost in your kiss, When I need satisfaction it will be you that I miss. Have you ever been sexually addicted to another? That kind of intensity is what I’m looking for in a lover. Though we will always have to wait until the time is right, All the teasing and anticipation, lust it will incite. That special unique person that wants the exact...Read On


To: You

To: You, For three years, you have been my best friend. And for three years, I have been terribly and quite pathetically in love with you. We met at the gym, I admired the definition of your perfect muscles, the peculiar colour of your skin. Your laugh sent shivers throughout my body. You never found it weird that I'd pass my hands through your hair, that I'd jokingly grab your crotch...Read On


Candy Stroker Part 2: Adam and I Explore

Candy Stroker, Part 2: Adam and I Explore I went home and played with myself once more before falling asleep. I called Adam when I woke up, but he was out somewhere with his parents, I guess; no one answered. Well, that week was frustrating for me. I worked three afternoons, and Adam's family wouldn't let him out on school nights. Also, he got a job that kept him busy after school! We only...Read On


My Always Perfect Family, Part 5

Kitten finally finds a boyfriend and her father-lover reacts in a strange way

Kitten finally finds a boyfriend and her father-lover reacts in a strange way After the encounter with her mother’s nurse, Kitten learned of her father’s fetish for milk. Initially the little nurse stayed away from Kitten for a few days, but Kitten was able to watch her use the breast pump when her mother was sleeping. Kitten asked her if she could nurse her again, and the little nurse...Read On


The Cool Green Grass

Toward the evening, all alone,  We walked between two walls of stone  and summer birds were born aloft;  The grass was cool and green and soft. You looked about, and from your face  I knew that you had marked that place  For us to lie, by all unseen;  The grass was cool and soft and green. In that secluded special spot  we shed our clothes and worried not,  But in accord let passions rule;...Read On


Summer's Pleasure

Grandfather, are you awake?

It is just after 6:00 a.m., you hear the car pull out of the driveway, and get up and go to the window and watch it as it goes down the street. It is Friday and your mother will not be back until late Sunday night. Watching her drive away you reach down and take your already wet panties off yourself and bring them to your nose and sniff them. Smiling you walk barefoot down the hallway to...Read On


Seducing Your Sister Pt 1

This is a repost, I edited it and added in a few things. Hope you like it and I will repost the rest of my old stories and some new ones soon . -------------------------------------------------------- It's another average Saturday for you, sitting in front of the TV like an average 20 year old college student home for the summer, flipping through all 200 of your channels yet somehow...Read On


Small Town Wish - Chapter One

Just a short story about a two teens in a small town

This is my first attempt at writing. Feedback is much appreciated. It was getting late, but we didn't want to leave each other. We had been going out for a while and it was the first time we'd really got to be alone. You see we both went to different schools in different towns. Lame. It's like that out in the country, everything's at least a hour drive from everywhere. Michelle was a...Read On


Santa Cums Tonight

Christmas Wish

Every year I wish for something at Christmas. Usually it's things I don't need, but something that I really want. So about the end of October I started thinking about what I wanted for Christmas this year. You know the stores start putting their Christmas items out. Kmart, Target, Walmart, etc. have all their Christmas lingerie right up front so horny guys walking down the isles can jerk...Read On