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my slut is my master part 1

I walk into the house looking for my slut calling for him. I take off my red heels slipping them next to the door feeling the carpet under my feet loving the softness of it. I hear him from the bed room in a weak voice. “Yes mistress, your slut is here.” I walk down the hall into the bedroom saying “You were a bad slut.” He was standing in the middle of the room naked I could...Read On


Daring Denise

Teacher enjoys dare stories, ask for her own

"So you've written several dare stories involving teachers. I'm a teacher..." She said, leaving the pause hanging in the air. "Oh? You'd like to be dared?" I typed back, knowing that it was exactly what she wanted. "Yes." She replied, and a blushing smiley face icon appeared on my screen. "Okay then, here's your dare!" I typed back. After thinking for a minute, I wrote, "The next time...Read On


The One

This is a true story, it might not be for everyone but, the facts are real.

The One It was a cold January night in Michigan. It was about 9:30PM all the kids were in bed and asleep. That was me every night, 5 kids to take care of ranging from 5 to 16. My wife and I are in a rocky marriage at best. We both have our faults and what makes things worse is that we work split shifts. I work days she works afternoons. It’s been like that for the last ten years. At first...Read On


Boyz To Men in the RV

Three young college students become men in an older woman's RV

I’m on my way to Springfield Township, Pennsylvania, a small municipality in the western Philadelphia suburbs. I’m off to meet my new best friends, Jo and Dave. Jo and Dave are a middle aged married couple whom I met on an erotic stories site. They have not published any stories yet but Jo’s profile made it clear that they were very willing to act out some fun scenarios that we could...Read On


Swim Coach (Chapter 9)

My relationship with Matt takes a bit of a turn.

I honestly don’t remember much more about that wonderful day. I do remember being really sore for a few days and I do remember phoning Beth to talk about what had happened. She was as curious about my first experience as I had been about hers. She was, and is to this day, such an amazing friend. She never questioned my judgment about being with Matt and only offered support to me during...Read On


He Knows

A Dom's poem of true trust

She sits at His feet, He looks down and smiles, She knows. He offers her His hand, She takes it as He pulls her up, She knows. He pulls her to His lap, Her arms encircle Him, She is safe, She knows. He strokes her hair, Kisses her neck, She is home, She knows. He opens her blouse, She may tremble a bit but, She knows. He touches her flesh, His touch in warm and filled with...Read On


Going to Cali: Chapter Three

In Hollywood dreams can cum true.

In the summer of 1987 I was having the time of my life. Not only was I on an extended vacation for three months in beautiful southern California, but I was also having a hot affair with my Aunt Linda and Traci, my 16-year-old cousin. The only thing that sucked about my trip was that I was stuck in Irvine, the most boring place in the world. Sure, it’s an exciting place if you want to see...Read On


New Year's Eve

A brother and sister find themselves attracted to one another one drunken New Year's Eve.

I had always had a thing for my sister. Six years my senior, I have very few memories of my sister before she became the object of my forbidden lust. She was small in height (around 5ft 3") and was delicately formed. Her brown hair was shoulder length and perfectly matched her eyes in colour. She had nice round breasts, B cups in size, and a firm, perfectly shaped ass. How could anyone not...Read On


Lost In Translation

I ruined one love, one perfect love.  I was frightened, and pushed him as far away as I could. I set my standards high And kept expecting him to meet them. I ruined that love, then I did it again. He was perfect for me, I can say that without an ounce of shame. Our love was good, Full of laughter and respect, He loved me and encouraged me to be myself, I was...Read On


First Dates

Two horny girls surprise their new dates

First Dates “What are you doing Friday, Cin?” I asked. “A guy’s taking me to the new Coen movie after dinner. It’s our first date. He’s a stockbroker and wicked handsome.” “For real? I’m doing the same thing with my date. Wanna go double?” “Sure, but I gotta check with Ben.” A few phone calls later and the double date was arranged. Friday, beat after my last law class, I bathed...Read On


Jakob and Alex - Jakob Comes Home

Jakob packed his last bag into his car before taking one last look at the St John's dormitories at the University in Townsville. He sighed to himself as he turned his back on the building that was his home for the last four years, Jakob turned the ignition on his car and began the four hour drive back to Mackay. As Jakob drove through Mackay he noticed that very little had changed since...Read On


A weekend with Nancy

It was staggering to think that it was only 8pm and Nancy was to be with us the entire weekend

  CHAPTER 1 Upon arriving home from work one Friday afternoon my wife informed me that the kids would be staying the weekend at some friends house, and that she had made some special plans for us. She then went on to say that she would be gone for a couple of hours and that while she was gone I was to shower and to shave myself from head to toe. Then I was to get my...Read On


Innocent Curiosity - Part Two

Daddy's point of view

Before the story; This is the second part to Innocent Curiosity. It is now in the father's point of view. Reading the first part is not essential. This is pretty much to the point. I groaned. She'd change her mind once I was in her. I resumed my position on top of her. My hand slid between her legs to brush away the fabric over her pussy. God, she was so wet. I shoved one finger inside,...Read On


The Holiday Couple

A story about a couple that I met on holiday and the man's need to see his wife taken

A while back I was working in a coastal town renowned as a holiday destination. It was off season with not many holidaymakers around. After about three weeks of a 6 week assignment, I was as bored as one can only get when living out of a suitcase in a hotel. Not being much of a drinker, I alleviated the boredom by entertaining myself at the pool table some nights. The room was next to the...Read On


Going to Hell

A fundamentalist preacher's children decide to commit a few sins together.

“And those sinners who dare argue with our Lord’s divine will,” shouted the Reverend Gary Whitman, “Will be doomed to spend an eternity in hell! Who is that, you ask? Who are these sinners? Well, ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you. It’s the murderers, the criminals, the thieves!” The congregation cheered. Reverend Whitman’s movements were animated and exaggerated when he was in the middle...Read On