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That he lay down his wife for his friend

That he lay down his wife for his friend She walked into the room where we were waiting for the meeting to start, her high heels clicking on the stone floor intending to be noticed. Dutifully most male eyes turned and stared. Female eyes showed no reaction, but Mrs Guthrie, an elderly parishioner sitting on my left said, “Jezebel, Whore of Babylon.” I responded, “Corset (much...Read On


Becoming a Submissive to her sister

I walked in the side door removed my dress, put the collar around my neck, and wolked into my desti

I became a submissive, part one I walked in the side door, removed my dress, put the collar around my neck. Hesitated a bit and walked into my destiny. This is a story of Incest submission and B.D.S.M. there are explicit scenes About a year ago. I spent a week-end at my their cottage with my sister Marge her husband and a friend Rick. I slept with Rick and this resulted in my...Read On


Hot weekend with Uncle Raul

Lily had no idea her weekend was going to be this good.

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe I'm going to have my Aunts house to myself for the whole weekend!" Lily thought to herself as she drove the two miles to her Aunt Katie's home. Her Aunt was on a trip with one of her friends in San Jose for the weekend, and her Uncle Raul was working in LA. "I want to party tonight then chill by the pool for the rest of the weekend." She was already getting...Read On


Cult of Sexuality-Part 2

He made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

Steven and I slept on the floor with only a thin mat between a worn green rug and our bodies. We silently masturbated each other until we fell asleep. The next morning, we took our ritual bath together. We entered the small bathroom together. He went to turn on the water. “NO! We can only wash using distilled water!” I exclaimed. “We can only wash in distilled water?!” He asked with a...Read On


A Surprise For You

You only wanted to surprise me, as I walked into the living room, there you stood, naked, except for the pair of 6 inch heels and a tie around your neck. How were you to know that I was bringing David home with me. It was you who got the surprise. I acted like this was a everyday occurrence, and told you to fix drinks for us. You started to walk away and I reached out and took you by the...Read On


The Layby

A passionate affair with a married man and young woman

Dedicated to my inspiration, you know who you are. And thanks to my editor Indigo for smoothing the kinks. Butterflies fill my stomach. I can’t believe I’m about to go through with this. The months of teasing, the hours playing online, they have gone. This is reality. I’m suddenly overcome with nerves. My mind fills with worry. ‘Oh God, what if I’m not experienced enough?’ I shake the...Read On


The Store Party

My first, and best, work Christmas Party

I'd been working at a local grocery store for a couple years, well wholesale food store if there's a difference I never figured it out. It had all the departments, and a wide selection. The cashiers were a mix of young girls and young housewives supplementing their household budgets. There were probably about 25 of them, mostly part time. I'd started as a part time stock boy and had just...Read On


Hot Babysitter part1

Some action with our babysitter

I was in desperate need of a night out so I asked my husband if we could get a babysitter for the boys and go to dinner. He happily agreed and called the neighbors to see if their daughter, Susie, was available. Thankfully she was so we set it up for Saturday night. Saturday came around and I was more than ready to go out and look sexy for my hubby. I chose a short black fitted dress...Read On


I submit

I submit. I kneel, with my head bowed. My throat, my back, my breast aching for your ministrations. My mind and body yours to command. I submit. I exist now only for you. Your eyes, your mouth, your cock. Your filthy mind and your quick hands, your whispered promises and your moans of desire. I submit. Silk over the eyes. Hands leather bound, cold metal collar snaps shut. I hear...Read On


An Incest Birthday Chapter 11

Sorry this took so long, its hard to find the time to write now.

As usual, comments and honest opinions are greatly appreciated. If you didn't read the first parts you should, it will make more sense if you do. It's been three months since the day we left the cabin, and just like I thought, things did get interesting, they got a whole lot interesting. Both families hit it off so well at the cabin we decided to keep hanging out at each others houses at...Read On


On Report

A young girl experiences 1940s army life

I'm writing Part 3 of the Miss Parker series, but re-working it. This story was inspired by a woman I saw in a tearoom in a small town not far from where I live during a WWII commemoration. She was as described, but perhaps a few years older. Still, she was absolutely stunning. Hope you enjoy this one and as always, any feedback is appreciated. On Report It was my third year helping...Read On


A friend in need

I thought I knew Brad, but...

In my continued effort to post one from every category here's a hot Bisexual story. Enjoy!!! When I was deciding where to go to college it came down to a school only about 1/2 hour from home, or a school out of state. It was a hard decision for me. I was and still am very close to my family. I had many friends who were going to the local state university and my girlfriend was still just a...Read On


Be Careful What You Wish For

Husband wanted to watch his wife with another man but it goes totally wrong for him.

Tim and Diane had been married for almost 15 years. They were by all accounts the typical middle class family. They had a great marriage and both of them got along extremely well together. They were high school sweethearts as Tim was the football captain and Diane was head cheerleader. Tim had a very successful job and Diane volunteered for a number of different organizations. Diane was also...Read On


A night to remember

Saturday night out with the boys ended with a pair of stunners...

Monday morning again, no work for me, which was a bonus as I was still hung-over from a three-day bender. I'd had three days drinking with my mates—but Saturday night was the best: drinks, night club, looking good in jeans, tight fitted shirt, fair hair all messy—just how I like it. I'm a 36-year-old single man. I'm 6 feet tall, with blue eyes and shortish hair. I’ve an athletic toned body...Read On


Driving With Daddy, The first Episode

Will a bitch mother drive a father and daughter to a different level of love?

 I must first and foremost thank Imhapless for being such a wonderful partner in inspiring me to write with him. Our first story went well, this one is different and such a joy to pen....more is on the horizon. My childhood was not always filled with the love and warmth that a girl dreams of. My Dad was great but my Mom was, shall I say, not as loving and nurturing as I hoped to be one...Read On