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Classroom Dare

Teacher does a dare in her empty classroom

Denise pulled into her assigned spot in the faculty parking lot of the high school. She put the car into Park and turned it off. She opened the car door and turned her body to get out of the seat. As her legs split she felt the cold chill of the wind all the way to her bare pussy. It served as a reminder of what she had planned for today. She's been so horny lately and her online friend...Read On


Cliff's Housemaid

I had been at work all day trying to get my work done, but it was hard because I had been thinking about my sexy housemaid all day. Thinking how sexy she looks wearing her short skirt and apron and that white headband that I gave her. I have wanted her for so long and had masturbated many times in the privacy of my darkroom, just thinking about her.  Sometimes I'd mentally fuck her down there...Read On


Lust for a teen

Early morning passion with Abbi

My wife and I have been together just over twelve years. Our sex life is not what it used to be. We used to be at it any time of the day or night any place we could find all sorts of positions nothing was taboo, now it’s the occasional fumble on Saturday evening then roll over and sleep. My wife’s niece (Abbi) was seven years old when we first met and was a real “attitude miss” even at...Read On


When January Cums

My encounter with an old friend

It had been several years since I last saw Roger. He and his beautiful wife placed an ad on a website looking for another woman to share their sexual fantasies with. I am married and was looking for the same, not another couple. But after seeing her picture and getting to know her through several emails, I decided I did not care. I had to have her. Before meeting, I also befriended her...Read On



  Dear heart that beats next to my own, Whose pulse I feel when all alone; Where in the silence of the night Do your eyes glow with hidden light? Where among the moon’s gentle tears Does your own weeping fill the ears Of the uncaring winds above Who cry but know not pain or love? O where are you that I might know Where my poor entreaties go? I ask you as though I ask the sea: Why...Read On

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Mrs. Claus is Coming to Town

Good boys shouldn't get all the presents on Christmas.

Mrs. Claus is Coming to Town by AaronTraugott narrated by SensualSharon I'd thought I'd share with everyone why adults, not just children, should be good all year round, and to believe in the magic of Christmas. Since I was a little boy, I've always believed in Santa Claus, flying reindeer, the whole ten yards. I loved the Christmas concepts of love, family and giving. As I got older and...Read On


Waking Up to Go To Bed

He Makes Love to His Mature Lover, remembers when she watched him with his Bi lover too

The day’s sun and fun had taken it’s toll on us, we had joked and flirted with sexual innuendos all day, and absolutely planned on fulfilling them when we got back to the hotel room you had booked for us. There we were, sacked out on the couch of the suite, rubbing each other’s feet; that intimate act of touching, feeling, soothing. Soon we were both asleep; the droning television singing...Read On


The Servant

The servant froze; a sound? Perhaps not. He continued preparing the meal. She had returned in a foul mood and ordered that dinner should be served at seven that evening. Fifteen minutes to go and so far everything was on time. A good meal, fine wine, an intelligent book to read and maybe her anger would fade. Another sound; he froze again, A soft tread on a badly fixed board. His hands...Read On


After the Party.....

After the party, I have a wonderful dream...or is it a dream??

I’d been out at my office pre-Xmas party, the night before Xmas eve. It was last day at work for the year, as the following day I was off up to Scotland for Xmas and the New Year with a group of friends from way back. There would be just 5 of us, three guys and two girls, if we 40 somethings could be called boys and girls. Somehow we had all escaped from or avoided our various relationships,...Read On


Driving With Daddy, the Second Episode

Daddy and I have to wait, but it's worth it when mom leaves us alone to our shared love

As I was recovering from my concussion, foremost in my mind and heart were the new-found loving sexual encounters with my dear Daddy. While our first virginity-taking episode was painful, I was really proud of the blow job I had given Daddy on our next encounter. My first climax from the grinding stimulation of my clitoris over his erect member was truly life-changing. But, I greedily wanted...Read On


I Love My Hairy Mom: Chapter 2

This is the second chapter of my series “I Love My Hairy Mom.” Please send me your comments, thoughts, requests, and any ideas you have about hairy bish and hairy sons / mothers. I will resond! You can email me by clicking the “Contact” tab on my author profile page. Just click my name on here to get there! All characters are over 18 in this story. - Main character (boy/son) is 23...Read On


About Time

Throughout our sophomore year of college, Eva had seemingly had a giant crush on me. As ignorant as I was to her charm, she never backed down. Eva was definitely the coolest girl I ever met, and we had instantly become best friends, talking about anything and everything to pass the time at our boring college. Everyday we used to hang out in each others' rooms. I wasn't anywhere near the...Read On


First meeting

Dreams become reality, for Summer

First meeting.... I sit waiting in the hotel room, dressed only in my shorts, with which I am vainly trying to hide a throbbing hard on. He hopes, he prays, he eagerly anticipates that maybe you will come. No promises, you said, but I told you I would be there, waiting and hoping that you will have the courage to act. Suddenly I am awoken from my reverie by a tap at the door. I...Read On


Do Me Here

A boring day just turned fun....

This is based very loosely around a situation. We were at a friend’s wedding. It was my boyfriend, Max’s friend, and this became quite a complication. The difficulty was that I didn’t really know this friend very well and Max had spent all day socialising and mooching around the wedding, so naturally I felt quite alone sitting unaccompanied at the nuptials. The ceremony came to pass and...Read On


Coed in the Corner Part two

College Coed has more daring fun

"You've got mail!" the screen read as Joni sent Tabber an instant message. "Well, actually you have a picture." "Alright," he responded, "I'll check it out. Give me a sec, okay?" "Go ahead," she replied. "I think you're going to enjoy it." Tabber logged in on his email account. Sure enough, there was an email from Joni. He clicked on it to find only an attachment, no text. He downloaded...Read On