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The sun hat

Greg finds a naked sunbather who wants to please her husband

It had been cool and overcast, and Greg could see from his ocean view condo that the beach had been deserted all day. It wasn’t until around 3 in the afternoon that the sun finally made an appearance, allowing him get outside to stretch his legs and take in some fresh air. It was a little breezy but warmer as he set off towards the west end of the beach. At the far end was a lone...Read On


Did You Sleep Well

You are sitting on the edge of the bed, you have turned the lights off and have lite the candles in the room, the light from the flames dance across the ceiling. I sit down next to you and brush the hair from your eyes. I kiss your forehead and begin working my way down your neck. Slowly I unbutton your blouse and my kisses travel down to your bra. Looking up to you I kiss your dry lips as...Read On



Leah gets blackmailed...

“Honey, I’m home,” I call to my boyfriend, Jamie, as I arrived back to the apartment after my shift at work. “It’s me,” answered Carrie, Jamie’s sister. I gritted my teeth and forced a smile as I walked into the lounge. There she was, spread out on my sofa, eating my food. “What are you doing here already?” I said, trying to be nice. “Didn’t feel like work today, so I phoned...Read On


Is This Where It Happened?

It was a day that neither of us will never forget

This is a true story that happened when I was still in college, in the early seventies. This was the post Woodstock period where love was free, sex was safer and more carefree. The biggest worries with sex besides pregnancy was the two "Cs", clap and crabs. I never had the clap, but crabs is a story for another time.  I was 20 years old and was considered to be very sexy for the times with...Read On


She wrote finis to her marriage

What I did, I did of my own free will I have no excuses . most of it was pre-planned

She wrote Finis to her marriage. A story of cheating, regrets, pain, divorce, and forgiveness. What I did, I did of my own free will, most of the time with pre-planning. I cannot blame my drinking, I was never drunk enough not to know what I was doing. I was sober at the planning stage, some of the deeds, I did cold sober. I have no excuses for what I did. After it was over. I went...Read On


Miss Parker - Part 3

Carolina and Aunt Fiona visit Robert Wilson

Part 3 Caroline spent the night in her old room at her Aunt’s house and next morning sat gingerly on a cushion at the breakfast table. “So Caroline, do you think you’ll be able to correct young Gabriella when she needs it?” “I think so Auntie, my poor bottom has certainly had enough lessons to get me started.” “Well perhaps we can finish your education another time. I understand...Read On



Of love the world never grows weary, Though long ages wax only to wane; The eagle will fly from her eyrie But always alight there again. Cold winters yield to the springtime, Blooms flourish where once there was snow, The setting sun and the clock chime Will see the exalted laid low! The moon caresses Earth’s waters, The dawn makes away with the dew, The bee queen’s...Read On


Revision with a Sting

Revising for exams helped by spanking

I had always enjoyed spanking stories but never imagined I would be spanking Jenny naked or that soon afterwards she would be spanking me. We were off school with ‘study time’ and I was supposed to be revising for my end of year exams - the mock A levels, as the teachers were keen to point out. I was no worse at revising than everyone else but that didn’t make my guilty conscience any easier....Read On


Tied up for lunch

It seemed more fun to eat in, than eat out.

You are bored! You watch the time endlessly tick one second at a time. You are wishing for excitement. Your eyes shut and your mind starts to wander down your body. Your hand follows your thoughts tracing itself down your scrubs gently caressing, as if a lover. As you reach your breasts, you have a sudden convulsion. Your muscles contract including your pussy. Your eyes spring open...Read On


Threesome with Uncle Raul

Raul really wanted to stay true to Lily, but her room mate Brooke was way too hot!

"Wow, I could really use a nice, long, hot shower!" Raul thought as he unlocked the door to his the apartment. When he got inside and put his work stuff by the door, he heard the sound of the TV. "Brooke must be home, but where's my Lily" Raul thought. He walked into the small kitchen to get a beer from the refrigerator. He opened it and took a long gulp. "Hey Mr.M!" He heard Brooke behind...Read On


I Love My Hairy Mom: Chapter 1

A boy is seduced by his hairy mother

All characters are OVER 18 in this story. - Main character (boy/son) is 23 years old - Mother is 47 years old I Love My Hairy Mom: Chapter I Prologue: I guess my interest in my mother started by seeing my mom naked in her room while she was getting changed or in the bathroom while she was taking a bath or shower. You see, my mom raised me and my siblings to see...Read On


Her first erotic encounter

A small extract of love and eroticism...

"What if your roommate comes back?" I asked. "I don't care" She purred back at me, whispering in my ear. After saying that, I grew bolder, and ran my hands down her smooth sides, waist, and backside. I let them wander farther down, and just tugged a bit at the hem of her dress. She answered by slowly licking my ear again. "It's okay." I ran my hands up her creamy thighs again, and...Read On


Shop ‘til you Drop...To your knees!

A shopping trip that results in more than they bargained for!

“I’ve spent a fortune Aimee! I can just hear my credit card screaming in agony!” Sasha exclaimed as she and her best friend slid into a vacant booth they’d spotted in the trendy bar in which they’d chosen to have some lunch. “Ooh but don’t deny it Sash, it’s been worth it, look at all the gorgeous things you’ve bought!” Aimee gleefully rummaged through the obscene mountain of bags...Read On


Home from war

Matt has returned home from war and is desperate for his wife

She couldn’t take her eyes off him - standing tall and proud in line with his fellow soldiers. Afghanistan had really taken its toll on the heroes of the fifth regiment. Standing in line at the homecoming parade it was plain to see the desperation of the men to get off the showground to their wives and girlfriends. “Men… you are dismissed” bellowed the major. The ground cleared in an...Read On


A Nephew's Story - Part 2

Terry and Sally marry and bring their parents to London

A Nephew’s Story - Part 2 Two weeks after Sally returned, the marriage of Terrance Matson, Jr. and Sally Holmes took place in London City Hall. The duly executed marriage license was filed and entered in the Hall of Records. We were married by a Judge Winston Featherstone, the father of a guy (or should I say “bloke”) I worked with. Richard and I had become good friends; I had dinner with...Read On