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Revision with a Sting

Revising for exams helped by spanking

I had always enjoyed spanking stories but never imagined I would be spanking Jenny naked or that soon afterwards she would be spanking me. We were off school with ‘study time’ and I was supposed to be revising for my end of year exams - the mock A levels, as the teachers were keen to point out. I was no worse at revising than everyone else but that didn’t make my guilty conscience any easier....Read On


Tied up for lunch

It seemed more fun to eat in, than eat out.

You are bored! You watch the time endlessly tick one second at a time. You are wishing for excitement. Your eyes shut and your mind starts to wander down your body. Your hand follows your thoughts tracing itself down your scrubs gently caressing, as if a lover. As you reach your breasts, you have a sudden convulsion. Your muscles contract including your pussy. Your eyes spring open...Read On


Threesome with Uncle Raul

Raul really wanted to stay true to Lily, but her room mate Brooke was way too hot!

"Wow, I could really use a nice, long, hot shower!" Raul thought as he unlocked the door to his the apartment. When he got inside and put his work stuff by the door, he heard the sound of the TV. "Brooke must be home, but where's my Lily" Raul thought. He walked into the small kitchen to get a beer from the refrigerator. He opened it and took a long gulp. "Hey Mr.M!" He heard Brooke behind...Read On


I Love My Hairy Mom: Chapter 1

A boy is seduced by his hairy mother

All characters are OVER 18 in this story. - Main character (boy/son) is 23 years old - Mother is 47 years old I Love My Hairy Mom: Chapter I Prologue: I guess my interest in my mother started by seeing my mom naked in her room while she was getting changed or in the bathroom while she was taking a bath or shower. You see, my mom raised me and my siblings to see...Read On


Her first erotic encounter

A small extract of love and eroticism...

"What if your roommate comes back?" I asked. "I don't care" She purred back at me, whispering in my ear. After saying that, I grew bolder, and ran my hands down her smooth sides, waist, and backside. I let them wander farther down, and just tugged a bit at the hem of her dress. She answered by slowly licking my ear again. "It's okay." I ran my hands up her creamy thighs again, and...Read On


Shop ‘til you Drop...To your knees!

A shopping trip that results in more than they bargained for!

“I’ve spent a fortune Aimee! I can just hear my credit card screaming in agony!” Sasha exclaimed as she and her best friend slid into a vacant booth they’d spotted in the trendy bar in which they’d chosen to have some lunch. “Ooh but don’t deny it Sash, it’s been worth it, look at all the gorgeous things you’ve bought!” Aimee gleefully rummaged through the obscene mountain of bags...Read On


Home from war

Matt has returned home from war and is desperate for his wife

She couldn’t take her eyes off him - standing tall and proud in line with his fellow soldiers. Afghanistan had really taken its toll on the heroes of the fifth regiment. Standing in line at the homecoming parade it was plain to see the desperation of the men to get off the showground to their wives and girlfriends. “Men… you are dismissed” bellowed the major. The ground cleared in an...Read On


A Nephew's Story - Part 2

Terry and Sally marry and bring their parents to London

A Nephew’s Story - Part 2 Two weeks after Sally returned, the marriage of Terrance Matson, Jr. and Sally Holmes took place in London City Hall. The duly executed marriage license was filed and entered in the Hall of Records. We were married by a Judge Winston Featherstone, the father of a guy (or should I say “bloke”) I worked with. Richard and I had become good friends; I had dinner with...Read On


If love is war, then what is lust?

Girlfriend surprised me after work with a few of her friends.

It was a beautiful day out. I had just gotten off work and I was headed to my girlfriends house to spend a little time with her. I hadn't seen her in a few days because of our stupid work schedules so I was definitely looking forward to a little alone time with her. I called her on my way over and she said she was excited to see me but I could hear people talking in the background. I asked...Read On


Wanting to Give More

It's late in the afternoon and it hasn't been too long since you called me to come over. I could hear a need in your voice, I could hear the smile of the seduction. I was happy you were calling out to me; it gave me power, it gave me confidence. I walk in to find you lying across this big bundle of white blankets in the middle of the bed. I am aroused by your nakedness. On each bed post rests...Read On


To the bed

Does he want his pleasure or pain first?

To the bed. As she looks up at him she bites and sucks him on his right thigh giving him a love bite. " That fucking hurts, you will pay for that ”. He grabs her savagely by her hair and drags her to his nearby bed, he throws her onto her back. He forces her legs open and holds her knee’s in his hands. They stare into each others eyes. As his dick gets closer to her waiting pussy he can...Read On


Angela's Night - Jill and Gitane

Angela has a list of people she is inviting and Jill is on the list.

Jill was naked and bound. Nervously she peered about the room at the men who wanted to fuck her. Jill felt the uneven grain of the worn wood floor boards beneath her knees and curled her toes to get a better purchase in case she needed to spring up suddenly. She cupped her naked breasts tightly with her hands to cover herself. The supple white flesh of her large soft breasts crushed...Read On

Editor's Pick

That he lay down his wife for his friend

That he lay down his wife for his friend She walked into the room where we were waiting for the meeting to start, her high heels clicking on the stone floor intending to be noticed. Dutifully most male eyes turned and stared. Female eyes showed no reaction, but Mrs Guthrie, an elderly parishioner sitting on my left said, “Jezebel, Whore of Babylon.” I responded, “Corset (much...Read On


Becoming a Submissive to her sister

I walked in the side door removed my dress, put the collar around my neck, and wolked into my desti

I became a submissive, part one I walked in the side door, removed my dress, put the collar around my neck. Hesitated a bit and walked into my destiny. This is a story of Incest submission and B.D.S.M. there are explicit scenes About a year ago. I spent a week-end at my their cottage with my sister Marge her husband and a friend Rick. I slept with Rick and this resulted in my...Read On


Hot weekend with Uncle Raul

Lily had no idea her weekend was going to be this good.

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe I'm going to have my Aunts house to myself for the whole weekend!" Lily thought to herself as she drove the two miles to her Aunt Katie's home. Her Aunt was on a trip with one of her friends in San Jose for the weekend, and her Uncle Raul was working in LA. "I want to party tonight then chill by the pool for the rest of the weekend." She was already getting...Read On