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Mr. Delicious

Six foot three and every inch is just delicious, I think his muscular body can answer all my wishes. But there is something better than his hot physique, it is his secret desires they are what I seek. Everything he likes is exactly what I want, if I get a chance all my skills I will flaunt. Play my cards right and I hope that we can be, each others biggest kinky sexual fantasy. He...Read On


Pamala's first adventure

This happened to me years ago when i was in the Army

I joined the army after I quit school in the 12 th grade. After joining the army it put a crimp in my dressing up as a girl. I did wear panties whenever I got the chance but I really wanted to dress up completely as a girl. I wanted to go out dressed and I have to admit I was attracted to several guys in my unit. My third year in the army I went to Viet Nam in December 1967. I was in the 101...Read On


The Punishment of Jazz 2-No More Trouble

At first, she was in trouble. Now, its an addiction.....

Jazz's "punishment" had lasted all of about an hour, but it had changed the way she looked at her father. He had shown such envy, such jealousy, such hurt, when he walked in on her and James. The schoolgirl outfit she was wearing was not much of a barrier between her beautiful 38 C sized breasts and James' wandering, exploritive hands. But she had to admit, the feeling of their tongues...Read On


Eastern European Promise Part 2

The second time I met Jana she let me fuck her tight arsehole.

I had first met Jana in a hotel in East London, she had posed for me and we had enjoyed an interactive oral pleasuring session that had ended with me filling her mouth with my spunk. On that occasion she had swallowed almost my entire load so I had been unable to have pictures of her dribbling my jizz out of her mouth, the second shoot would put that to situation to rights. I pulled up...Read On


Promises Kept

Strong hands grab my hips and roughly pull me backwards. My back hits a hard body and even harder erection. A nose nuzzles my hair and I shiver. I know exactly who it is. He has been promising to fuck me senseless since the first day I met him. My roommate’s cousin – a seriously hot and thoroughly erotic man. He grinds my ass into his rigid length. His promises began the day I moved into...Read On


One More Hug

Just a quick and short little rhyme I wrote

My love for you is pure and true any other answer will not do. For I would do anything for you and I hope you say the same thing too. You might not know it but I hope you do I would do anything for you. I hold you close, I hold you dear and I am always wishing you were near. With my love for you, you have no fear for you I would take on a spear For it is you that I hold so dear. You make...Read On


Aelle's Acceptance - Part 3

Aelle has an unexpected first two days at college.

I stepped out of the car in front of the Art Institute and was greeted by a goddess. “Hi! I’m Nikki. Do you want some help with your bags?” “Sure, thanks!” I introduced myself and grabbed the larger of my bags. “What dorm house are you in?” “Uhm…McAdams.” “Me too!” she giggled. “What dorm room?” “I think my letter said 423.” Nikki stopped and put my bags down. “Did I say something?”...Read On


Lessons in pleasure

My introduction to the pleasure of sex

It started back when I was just legal, 16 that is. I was seeing a boy who was 19, but he was a typical 19 year old. He knew how to fuck, but had no clue how to pleasure a woman. Sex was boring, just him on top rubbing in and out, in and out until he shuddered and came. I knew how to make myself damp but I was far to self conscious to do that while he rammed into me. After all, girls didn't...Read On


Chris and Dave

long lost love

Chris and Dave Long lost love Chris stood in the gardens waiting for David, the contractor who was going to re-construct the home that had been left to her by her Grandparents. She intended to oversee the whole project from start to finish. David had been recommended by a good friend and she liked his ideas and quotes. There had been a lot of correspondence between the two parties over the...Read On


Basic Training

A client of mine teaches me how to get in shape

Basic Training by Miss Anonna Joel was a regular client of mine at the massage parlor and last month we had a conversation about his physique. He was well chiseled without being overly muscular. He was good to his body and it showed. Our conversation included several sentences about the possibility of having him show me some fundamentals of keeping my body tight and trim as I had absolutely...Read On


The Erotic Christmas Wish

Joanne didn't know that Jake heard her erotic wish, or that he would be the one to fill it for her.

It was just a game. They played every time they were together. Christa always started it. They drank and went in a circle answering the question, ‘what is your one erotic wish?’ The answers were different each time, and Joanne always hated answering. She usually gave a lame answer that everyone knew wasn’t true. Christa and the girls always thought it was because she was somewhat of a prude....Read On



Poem of love, life and loss

Thankfully what is in this poem hasn't occurred yet, but one day I know it will. A single tear splashed to the mirror, The news she knew she’d one day hear. All the love, laughter and cheer disappeared with many a tear, As her lover’s life came to pass, The memories reflected like glass. Her mother’s words came loud and clear ‘He’s too old for you dear’. Twenty-nine years separated them,...Read On


What a party

A boring party just got exciting

He was at a celebration party, and he was bored; all his playmates were there but they were with their partners and behaving themselves. He looked around for someone interesting to talk to, but unfortunately no one could be found. At the bar he waited patiently for his drink like a good boy. An elegant and expensive looking lady walked over and stood near him. He caught the smell of her...Read On


I Hate You Chapter Three

Elaina meets someone new and is learning how rowdy the working life of her father can be...

“Daddy!!” I yelled from the bottom of the stairs. He was still packing supplies together that we needed for the trip. He said he would need more because he was taking me with him. This was fine by me but I had a peeve about being late and Daddy was definitely late for work again. Since I was going this time I wanted to try to get him to work on time. I gave up on that theory oh…twenty...Read On


Mutual Giving

Multiple orgasms are given to this interracial couple

A knock at the door, Mel answers, seeing Jay. Jay looks so fine, his white dress shirt showing off his broad shoulders, going nicely against his dark chocolate skin. He greets Mel with a huge smile, "Hey baby, how have you been?" Mel responds, "Good, I have missed you, come here love." Jay leans in for a teasingly soft kiss, pulling at Mel's bottom lip. He grabs her and pulls her...Read On