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Latino Threesome

A Fictional Story About A First threesome

It was something about the way he gazed at me over his glasses. Kind of teacher like, but not really. I got a slight kick out of it anyhow, I knew he wasn’t interested and that fuelled me a little to try and tease him. The flight had just landed at Mexico City Airport. Beautiful Latin America awaited my arrival. The flight from Florida had been a bit hair-raising due to turbulence and I...Read On



..Go ahead, touch me however you want to...

I had been in a bit of a dating slump recently. The problem was, every guy I met was either married or a creep. I just couldn't find anyone that stimulated me. One afternoon at work, I was complaining about my problem to a coworker, Angela . She suggested a try letting some people set me up on a blind date. The thought hadn't even crossed my mind. "That's a great idea! You got anyone...Read On


Wonders in the Park

He spies a woman of great beauty and takes what he wants, returning joy as well

To those who would read my thoughtful words, imagine if you will a day of peace, a day of dreams, a day destined to be anything but run of the mill…imagine the woman is you. I shall begin as I walk through the park on a sun drenched day, the afternoon is perfect, the sky clear blue, and folk are few as I take a walk to relax. I come to the edge of the park and see a young lady, reclined...Read On


Dirty Girl and Guitar Guy

I've always had a thing for musicians...

    I don't know what happened! I just showed up to see my friend's band play and just so happen to find out that he would be there, that his band would be there. I didn't have anything else to do that day so I stayed and watched his band, his long, curly, dark hair that framed his gorgeous face and haunting green eyes so perfectly, his toned, lean arms that led to his heavenly fingers...Read On


My Best Lay

A day in the sun turns into more

Last week I was down at the apartment pool getting some sun when a guy walked up to me and introduced himself. He said his name was Jim and asked if he could join me. He had a cooler with beer and I said, well of course. As we sat and talked, I noticed him looking over my body. I am a tall blond, 5'10", and 114 lbs. My measurements are 38-26-36. I was wearing a two-piece suit that hid my...Read On


I Think There's Something Funny Going On Here

There really WAS something funny going on there!

“I think there’s something funny going on here!” Mila whispered.   We were just getting back to our room from an afternoon down at the beach. It had gotten dark, and we were going to take a dip in the hot tub in the common room of the rustic bed and breakfast where we were staying.   “What do you mean?” I asked.   “Listen!” She said, her ear to the door.  ...Read On


My Girlfriend Made Me a Sissy

A boy is coerced into some sissy fun whilst his girlfriend has a good time of her own

This is my first attempt at a story so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to email me about anything: feedback requests or just to chat. When I was 16, in spite of my shyness and not being in anyway incredibly attractive, I somehow landed myself a girlfriend 2 years older than me. I was quite short for a boy then, around 5'7 and very slim having not yet developed much...Read On


The London Eye

My first time with a British guy in the London Eye in London, England.

It all started out so innocently. I was in London for summer break. It was my three best friends and I. We were all 18, bored, and wanting fun. So on the first day they decided they wanted to go site seeing, but of course being the lazy bum I am, decided to stay in the hotel. So at about 11 am London time, I headed downstairs too see what British people eat for breakfast. Tea, bagels,...Read On


The Stranger

Husband and wife let a voyeur join in their fun.

John and his wife Jo were enjoying their holiday on the island of Corsica, spending yet another day on the beach they soaked up some much needed sunshine and swam in the warm crystal clear sea. They had picked a small secluded beach on the western side of the island, it was quiet, private and not too far from their villa, the sand was soft and white, a few clumps of palm trees dotted...Read On


A Week At The Office - Part Two

The week continues...

As I pull into the car park the next morning, and park in the numbered bay that has been reserved for me, I am a little surprised to see that I am here before You.   I glance at my watch and see that I am in fact 20 minutes early.   I know how You despise lateness, and I am determined to make You especially proud of me this week.   As I shift in my seat, I can tell that my pussy is...Read On


A Weekend in the Mountains - Day 2

The next morning, as my wife, Kerri, and I dressed, I noted that she wore shorts similar to what she wore as we drove up here yesterday. They were very short indeed, but what was even more surprising to me was that she wore them without any panties! Next was her cutoff t-shirt, worn sans bra. I wouldn't even mention this except for the fact that she never dresses this sexy at home. It...Read On


Dirty Girl

I had an urge late that night...

That night I couldn’t sleep. I don’t know why I just couldn’t.  The house was eerily quiet. It was around two in the morning so of course everyone was asleep. I decided to watch some steamy television and relax. I got a text from my friend who wanted to know why I was still awake, he lives in another state so it was about 11 over there. He called soon afterwards and decided that he wanted...Read On


Robert's Story: Chapter Two Girl's Talk

Losing my virginty was the start of an incredible journey

In the fall of 1985 I stood in my bathroom staring at my large cock, reflecting on how it changed my life. Two and a half weeks earlier I lost my virginity to Gail Storm, the girl who the focus of 99.9% of my masturbatory fantasies. The day after that she invited me over to her house, where her and her mom taught me how to use my nearly 10-inch long 4-inch wide cock. My life...Read On



Ringing in the New Year takes an unexpected turn

Champagne The New Year's Eve evening was moving toward the new millennium as Sarah, my female neighbor and I were talking about champagne. We were in her kitchen and she was putting out some more vegetables onto the dip tray. She said that she had not drank much champagne in her life, but she liked the way it bubbled in her mouth and the feeling in her throat as she swallowed it. I...Read On


Late Night Business Call

A naughty story!

Late Night Business Call I want to share a naughty story about Jackie . She was married for how long I don’t remember, and while she stayed in the marriage, sex was boring and there wasn’t much affection. Together they operated a multi-million dollar business in Jamaica where labor was cheap. Data input of those manufacturer coupons, rebates etc. you know the kind. The data was then...Read On