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Broken Vows

Despite his best efforts, he will break his vow before the night is over.

ONE Grey light filtered through the barred window, creating faint lines in the dusty air above her head. The little clouds made by her less than steady breathing eddied around her mouth as she sat on the cold stone floor. She gazed out through the iron lattice, to the courtyard which formed the nucleus of the prison complex. A pre-dawn glow lit the stones, and lent a slight colour to...Read On


Massage Fantasy Continued

This is another fantasy. Please read my earlier one. In writing these, I am obviously drawing on my experiences at sensual massage parlors. And, in the attitudes is express towards my fantasy daughter, I am reflecting my attitude towards the ladies. I always appreciated what they did for me. In the week after I received a massage from my daughter, I had conflicted feelings. After all,...Read On


A long week

It had been a long week at work and I needed a relaxing weekend and the opportunity to unwind. As I locked the office door and headed downstairs I could feel a familiar wetness in my knickers. I popped my head round the door of his office. “Ready to go?” I asked Rob with my most inviting smile. He grinned back at me, looking as cute as ever and making me blush for no apparent reason other...Read On


Summer of Amy's Dad - Part 1

Young Ali succumbs to illicit lust on her Greek vacation.

Flight BA 233 from Larnaca to London Heathrow was twenty-thousand feet somewhere above Western Europe and for at least one passenger the plane was a flying prison. Ali Fisher toyed with the chicken in white wine sauce in her compartmentalised plastic tray. She leafed through the in-flight magazine without reading a word. She even tried watching a movie, but Drew Barrymore’s roller derby...Read On


A vacation with my daughter

A father and his daughter cum together on a cruise vacation.

I had this story posted before on my other account before I deleted it. So, I decided to add it again. Enjoy!!! It’s been a year to the day since my wife has died. It has been an extremely lonely and gloomy house with her not here. Luckily though, our daughter, Lacey, has just turned 18 and she is such a comfort because of how much she reminds me of her mother. We have both been...Read On


A Night In Paradise

My first story i hope you like it, i had help writing it by Lonelydad, thank you :D xxx

I opened my eyes and felt a momentary rush of panic. I expected to see the light shining through my blue curtains into my bedroom and hear the familiar sound of the shower and splashing from the bathroom as James prepared himself for the morning commute to the office. Instead, all I saw was blackness. It must still be night-time . Gradually, my vision came into focus and I saw that...Read On


Spanking is the best medicine.

A caring Sir takes charge of his sick subbie.

I wake up with my throat feeling like sandpaper and my head feeling like cotton-candy. You have already awoken and I can hear you pottering around in the kitchen with the smells of coffee and toast wafting up the stairs. I lay there, snuggled up in my duvet, wondering how I am going to swallow toast when all I want is ice-cream. I roll over and look out of the window. It’s snowing again....Read On


Letter to My Navy Man

Lonely lover writes a sexy letter to her husband.

I sat at the table for two, sipping my iced tea. The waiter had refilled my glass three times by the time my Bri arrived--always outrageously late but generally worth the wait. "Sorry I'm late, hon" She said loud enough for the entire restaurant to hear. "I was getting a bikini wax and it took longer than I thought." She always could make a stunning entrance. I looked around, but...Read On


What a vacation... Part 1

Part one, written by the woman in the story.

Shannon was glad that winter was finally coming to an end. The cold, snowy days were driving her nuts. The days were short. The skies were dark. The winds were cold. Mike was no happier. Mike found himself thinking about the few weeks past he had spent with Shannon, dreaming especially intensely about her breasts. What he would give to be with her right now. He holding her, she touching him,...Read On


The Benefits of Plasma Televison

Sharon finds a way to please herself as she waits for her boyfriend to come home.

The Benefits of Plasma Television MaloMarz6969 – Lol what a freaking idiot. So what are you up to? Sbarron85 – Just waiting for Matt at his place. He is supposed to be working late. MaloMarz6969 – Aha. I did not know that office drones had to work so late, honey its 11pm! Sbarron85 – I know that, what are you implying? MaloMarz6969- Well I think he is out too late to just...Read On


Sister and Friends, Chapter 4: Gina

The summer was drawing to a close. Jen and I had been enjoying our new relationship for a couple weeks. It was almost as if, once we'd gotten past the taboo of being brother and sister, we went WAY past it. Not a day went by that we didn't screw at least once. Then my sister's bitchy friend Kelly reared her head, and I took care of that by grabbing that head and stuffing my cock in her...Read On


Kitty Girl Goes to the Beach - Part II

The party continue, a game is introduced, and a new playmate is invited.

IV I could have stayed like that forever, naked, two of the most amazing women I’ve ever known spoiling me with their attention. I was in no hurry to explore what other delights the party held, or even cover myself up. It’s hard to retain even the pretense of modesty once you’ve climaxed in front of an audience. Eventually, however, it became obvious that Kay was growing restless, her...Read On


Long Arm of Discipline-Part 11

Clothes are so over-rated!

The next morning, I woke up to a beautiful sunrise. Still completely naked, I got out of bed and opened the heavy curtain to let in the new daylight.I looked out the window admiring the nearly empty beach with the sunrise over the ocean. “Wow!” I whispered a little too loudly. “Good morning.” Liu said. I could see that he was barely out of sleep as he lay on his back with the bed...Read On


The Other Girl at the Bar.

What happens when the girl at the bar is shitty in bed? Move on to her hot room-mate.

Garret stared, his eyes following a woman as she strode across the room, a friend strutting behind in her wake. The friend was cheap looking, with shoulder length bleached hair and dark brown roots an inch long, her skin a deep tan with an orangish tinge, her face caked in foundation a shade too dark and thick black eyeliner ringed her washed out blue eyes. She was wearing a thin shirt,...Read On


I Receive The Ultimate Gift

I receive the highest honor known to man

After a long, romantic walk on the beach, we return to our blanket and I build a fire with the wood we had earlier collected. The night sky is crystal clear and it seems we can see every star. The gentle breeze from the ocean occasionally wafts over us and makes your long hair wave a 'thank you' to this unseen entity. I reach behind us and grab the large thermos of coffee. You watch...Read On