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The lights are off as I walk into the room and I edge my way to the bed, trying hard not to bang into anything. I remove my clothes quietly, as I hear your soft breathing I presume you have fallen asleep. I lift the cover and crawl into bed with you and notice you are on your side, so I edge gently to snuggle into your back. As I cuddle into you, I feel the shirt you have borrowed from me...Read On



For you or me or anyone who can give it meaning.

What has meaning? you ask me well what do I say? Something important, a purpose but do you see it that way? If I say that I love you but I really don't care It has meaning for you but for me it's just air Coming out of my mouth to brighten your heart But the only reason I say it is for us not to part Or when I hold you tight in a loving embrace It has special, has meaning for me in that place...Read On


Walking Girl

I always saw this woman, but I never knew we'd meet.

NOTE: I will be posting this story on two other sites, under the same title. This was written for a competition in which the author was to avoid naming the characters or giving physical descriptions, so that readers could, hopefully, identify with one of the players. I hope I accomplished this. Any feedback or constructive criticism you care to give will be appreciated. __________ I...Read On


Daddy, We're Doing This!

Although this is the second part to one of my previous stories I promise you do not need to have read it to enjoy or understand this one ;) "Mmm, keep rubbing my juicy clit," I awoke whispering. I'd been dreaming of my best friend's and my threesome the previous night. "Daddy?" I had forgotten that I was sleeping in his bed with him! My mom had gone out of town for the weekend. He kissed...Read On


The Bronze Man

George and Tina Discover That Jamie has a secret lover

I knew they were out there watching. It wasn’t just a feeling, but a certainty. Best of all, they had no idea I knew. The whole thing had started a year ago, right after I’d signed the lease agreement and moved in. It was perfect, this little cottage quietly tucked away at the end of the cul-de-sac. After too many wears in a cramped apartment overlooking a bustling downtown thoroughfare,...Read On


Two girlfriends have a couple over for a fun night

Wife sets up night for us to be girlfriends, then invites another couple over for fun

My wife Dawn had surprised me by saying we were spending the night in as two girlfriends, laying out my clothes so we matched. Then after having amazing sex, Dawn surprised me by telling me that she had invited her friend, Maria, and Maria’s husband, Mark, over for some fun with the two of us and to fulfill the fantasies of all of us. So I was standing there with my red plaid skirt,...Read On


A Day to Remember (Sequel to A Night to Remember)

A girl experiences a lovely wake up call.

I squirmed and let out a mix between a moan and a yawn as I was awakened from my sleep. I felt something heavenly happening between my legs, and wondered what it was. “Mmm, that feels so…oh god,” I moaned sleepily. I arched my back, wanting to feel more of that pleasure.It felt like someone was licking my already wet vagina. That person was flicking his tongue in and out of my moist hole....Read On


What Men Want

Husband Love To Share Wife

My husband has always been sexually aggressive and far more advanced than I, especially when it comes to the amount of sexual partners and types of sexual encounters. He must have had sexually advanced girls in his high school, because he'd had group sex more than once and took part in several trains before graduation. After high school, he proceeded to run through a long list of women. ...Read On


Massage Fantasy Finale

This one is shorter but a lot of fun! When I got to my daughter’s place, I quickly realized that it wasn’t for lunch. She peeked through the peephole then stepped back and opened the door. She was wearing an even briefer, sexier outfit than she wore at the massage parlor. She wore only a bra and very brief panties. I could clearly see her hard nipples through the bra and her pubic...Read On


No strings attached

Has Matt really changed? (Excerpt from the novel I am writing)

From the conversation I had early that day, one thing had became apparent. Louise didn’t want me anymore. I knew I wasn’t good enough for her but I really thought she was going to give me a chance to prove I wasn’t the man I use to be. I had grown up now and truly wanted to be with her. I felt like shit and just wanted to go to bed and forget about it. My phone begun to ring. It was my...Read On


Her Fantasy

You tell me yours, and I will tell you mine.

Johnathon looked at his watch. She was late...again. Every week they have dinner and talk about their day. Kimberly was one of his best friends. He smiled at the memory of how they met. She worked in the Emergency Room of the local hospital, and he was taking a prisoner from the jail in to be seen. He admired the way she handled the unruly prisoner. Taking no crap from him, she settled...Read On


Let me make gentle love to you

I want you to know how I would make you feel wonderful as a woman.

Hello my love: Please read this when you are alone and can take the time to enjoy it. Getting together with you would be wonderful for both of us. If you liked, you could undress me again . Take off my shirt revealing my chest. Would you like to take off my shoes and sox or would you want me to do that myself? Then, you could undo my jeans, unzip them, and take them down my legs. You...Read On


Seduced By My Daughter.

Gawd, the way she walks around with her tit's out, some one is going to loose control.

Hi, my name is Robert Morgan and have I got a story to tell you. This whole thing seems so surreal that I still don't believe it happened myself. It all started several years ago when my wife Janet suddenly passed away. This was an incredibly sad and difficult time for me and my only child Cecilia. Cecilia was only 12 at the time and at a very confusing and emotional age. Not only was...Read On



love and pain and beauty are often one.

Do you wonder what’s in my head As you lie awake in bed In the cathedrals of my dreams Nothing is ever what it seems And the laughter that you hear Are the echoes of my tears Look behind my empty eyes At a heart so full of lies If I ever love again I’ll be ready for the pain I know it brings Are you painting over me Until I’m what you want to see In the temples of my head All the worshippers...Read On


My Well-Fed Cuckold Husband

I cuckolded my husband and keep him well-fed with the creampies from my lovers.

Most of my stories are from my perspective as first person, but this one is from the point of view of my wife Joan, who cuckolded me. My name is Joan and at the time of this story, I was 30 years old and married to Ed, who was 32 years old and a successful marketing director with a company in the sporting goods industry. We had been married for five years and had a beautiful four year...Read On