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The Meadowlands.

Ben and Violet enjoy the great outdoors.

I’m driving you down to the Meadowlands. The brooding, wild and desolate Meadowlands, you’ll like it there I’m sure. It’s so quiet and peaceful, a world away from your hectic city lifestyle. I used to bring your Sister here years ago, ten years ago to be precise, back in the day when we were still a couple. We are travelling in complete silence, the only sound is the quiet hum of the engine...Read On


College A's-Chapter 5

CHAPTER 5 As Megan got dressed she made small talk with Katherine. She asked when her first job would be and whom it might be with. Katherine was almost taken back by Megan’s eagerness to start working for the club. She promised Megan that she would have her hands full sooner rather than later. As Katherine walked Megan to the door and said goodbye, Megan turned to her and said, “And if...Read On


More Fun with My Step Sister and Step Mother Pt 1

More sexy fun with my hot step sister and my step mother

Everything seemed normal around the house after the wild weekend I had with my step mother. About the only difference was I looked at her differently now. Before she always turned me on and I loved to look at her, but I tried not to get caught. Now I wanted her to see me undressing her with my eyes, and I also noticed how she looked at me when no one else was around. We had always had a...Read On


Me and My Sexy Coworker finally have some fun

I finally get to fulfill my fantasies with my sexy Mexican coworker

There he was again. Sexy and toned, with smoldering dark eyes and a beautiful Mexican skin tone. Every time he walked by he seemed to mesmerize me, and I hated it. Of course I loved seeing him, imagining what was underneath those clothes, but it was no fun since I never got to act out my dirty desires. I had been working at the same job for the past two summers, whenever I came home...Read On

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I so miss being constantly strung along by you. All the waiting and wondering, never knowing what was true. I became accustomed to knowing only one thing for sure. That you would always eventually be knocking on my door. All the promises I just knew you would never follow through. Even though the things I asked for were so easy for you to do. Missing something so elusive makes me...Read On


Massage Fantasy

This is a fantasy. It’s true that for about twenty years I was a regular at massage parlors where the ladies worked nude and gave me a hand job at the end. That was until the authorities shut them down in the city where I live. But it’s based on what one of the ladies told me one day: That one of the newer ladies opened the door to the reception area and her Dad was there in the waiting room....Read On


Disciplined at Work Again

David’s secretary really places him under her thumb and over her lap, and likes it

David walked in to the office still feeling sore from his caning the day before. Susan had had control of him for just four days but had found three separate occasions to spank him, and the caning yesterday was the worst so far. He had to tell himself the worst so far as Susan made it clear she will step up the severity of punishment if his behaviour didn’t improve. David got to the office at...Read On


Sean's Niece Chapter 1

I get a special present from my uncle when my birthday party doesn't go according to plan.

I had been looking forward to my sweet sixteen birthday party all summer. School just started back and my party would be the first of the school year. I’d invited all the popular girls and a couple of cute boys, although mom had frowned at that. I purposefully didn’t invite the losers, they would have just brought my party down. Mom even took me out and bought me a new outfit for the party and...Read On


Electric Dreams

After a business trip, he comes home to a sensual welcome and gives her a stimulating present.

The taxi from the airport drops me early in the morning after the redeye flight home from New York. The house is dark, so I leave my bags in the hall and quietly climb the stairs. The bedroom door is slightly open and I see a dim light as I approach. As I open the door, I see the room has been transformed. The dim light comes from the candles that my lover has lit, the flickering light and...Read On


Jack and His Nan, Ch 1

Jack and his grandmother don't know the lust each has for the other.

This story was inspired by another Lush member who is "interested" in her grandson. Jack woke up and looked over at the beauty lying next to him. Parts of her white hair covered her face. He moved the hair out of the way and touched her cheek gently with his fingertips. He moved his fingers down to her jaw line to her chin then slowly up to her lips. He caressed them. These were the lips...Read On


Ma and Me

How I learned the real factsof life

This is the way I learned something of what I wanted to know. Back before internet porn, before Viagra, before Victoria’s Secret with those near naked mannequins in the windows, before Fredericks of Hollywood, before the birth control pill, before the centerfolds in Playboy and Hustler, before the staid soap operas on radio that became the torrid orgies they present on TV today, long before...Read On


Falling In...Passion?

The inner ramblings of a torn heart.

It wasn't supposed to turn out this way. Guess what, it did. Stop your complains. I thought I had accepted what would come this way. You thought wrong, and now you're in pain. Why did no one tell me it would hurt? They didn't, get over it and lie there with your face in the dirt. I wasn't built to feel ... Get over it, this time it's real. Why does my stomach ache ? So you'll...Read On


I Never Knew

I never knew I could miss someone more than my hero Or that I would want to be held I never knew Anyone could make me believe I'm special Or that I mean anything I never knew Words could mean so much to me Or that they would change how I feel I never knew Talking could make miles melt away Or that I would want them to I never knew Any of this could happen Or that you would be the reason ...Read On


College A's - Chapter 4

CHAPTER 4 For good reason Megan didn’t get any sleep that night. She tossed and turned in bed thinking about her interview the next day. Every thought that went through her head was about the interview. What would they ask, what would they make her do, what should she wear? When her alarm went off the next morning, she had butterflies in her stomach like never before. She rolled out of bed...Read On


Cheer Camp Part 5

Alyssia gets into more fun at camp.

After eating we got up from the table and put our dishes away. We all started walking out of the dinning hall together. Chris took my hand in his and pulled me towards the boy's dorms. "Lets go to my dorm so we can talk one on one," Chris said. I looked behind us and watched Rochelle and Coach Ryan walk to our dorm room. While I was looking I felt the familiar vibrations from the bullet...Read On