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Seduced By My Daughter.

Gawd, the way she walks around with her tit's out, some one is going to loose control.

Hi, my name is Robert Morgan and have I got a story to tell you. This whole thing seems so surreal that I still don't believe it happened myself. It all started several years ago when my wife Janet suddenly passed away. This was an incredibly sad and difficult time for me and my only child Cecilia. Cecilia was only 12 at the time and at a very confusing and emotional age. Not only was...Read On



love and pain and beauty are often one.

Do you wonder what’s in my head As you lie awake in bed In the cathedrals of my dreams Nothing is ever what it seems And the laughter that you hear Are the echoes of my tears Look behind my empty eyes At a heart so full of lies If I ever love again I’ll be ready for the pain I know it brings Are you painting over me Until I’m what you want to see In the temples of my head All the worshippers...Read On


My Well-Fed Cuckold Husband

I cuckolded my husband and keep him well-fed with the creampies from my lovers.

Most of my stories are from my perspective as first person, but this one is from the point of view of my wife Joan, who cuckolded me. My name is Joan and at the time of this story, I was 30 years old and married to Ed, who was 32 years old and a successful marketing director with a company in the sporting goods industry. We had been married for five years and had a beautiful four year...Read On



Or better I shared myself with you and you weren't even here to enjoy it

So, here I am, on vacation. And you wonder what I’m doing with all of my ‘free’ time (I hesitate to call it free because I worked for this time off). As I type this, I’m fresh out of the shower and I’m lying on the bed. Yes, naked. It would be so nice if you could join me. No kids, no distractions (except the usual bark of our dogs). Otherwise it’s just me in all my naked glory. I take a...Read On


The Making of Daddy's Little Cum Slut

Stephanie gets what she deserves after missing her curfew.

I make a glass of milk and turn all of the lights off. I feel my way to the living room and sit in my favorite recliner. It is 4am and Stephanie is late again; I have no idea where she is and it bothers me. What if my daughter is dead in a ditch somewhere? The idea that someone would do something bad to my little angel scares me, unlike my wife, Miriam. Miriam remains passed out upstairs...Read On


Anita's Birthday Party

It sounded like a cruel joke, but it ended up being the sexiest birthday party Anita ever had.

"This time you've gone too far," said Anita. "I know you like to play little jokes on me on my birthday...but an appointment with Weight Watchers?" "It's not what you think," replied Tina with a meaningful smile. "Just ring that number and all will be revealed." Anita stopped wondering which of Tina's bodily orifaces to jam the appointment card into and took a closer look at it. True,...Read On


Long Arm of Discipline-Part 12 Final Chapter

I always felt he was a little too close to his mother.

I've never written mother-son incest before, so please be gentle with me. I want to thank everyone who took the time to read the Long Arm series. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks again! I didn’t like how close he was to her and how he always had his arm around her. I hated how she would constantly stroke his arm and kiss his face, coming much too close to his lips and how...Read On



John meets his neighbor and experiences more than expected

Neighbors John had just come in from work; it was late, around 11:30 pm. It was a warm summer evening with a light breeze blowing. Without turning on the lights he went in to his bedroom stripped and dropped his clothes in a pile and walked into the kitchen and got a beer from the fridge. Wearing only his briefs he opened the sliding glass door and walked out onto his balcony. He lived on...Read On


Halloween with a Twist

My first swingers party

I was in my late 20's and spreading my wings after seven years of failed marriage. My sometimes boyfriend Larry and I were invited to a Halloween swingers party at a home north of San Diego. I was surprised that I said yes and the whole week before the party I was alternating between backing out and fantasizing about what could be. We rented costumes for the event and Larry was going as...Read On


My Weekend Alone With Uncle Roland

I had just finished up at work when my cell phone rang. "Sophia, come over this weekend," the voice said. "Hello to you, too? Mom, Its a 10 hour drive, if I come out it's for more then the weekend," I replied. "Fine, your room is ready, see you soon." The line went dead. Guess I was going to California. I drove home, packed some bags and hopped into my car. I drove for about an hour...Read On


All For Julie Revisited

The lust continues All For Julie

If only you had even an inkling of an idea of what you do to me, maybe things would be different. But then again, I think you must have some idea. Today I called you “Kid” and you took a little offense to it. Then again, as I explained to you, it was meant strictly as a compliment. Everyday I look at you, the better you look. You always make me wish that I was in my late twenties,...Read On


Massage Fantasy Continued Again

Over the next few months, I become one of my daughter’s regulars at the massage parlor. I continued to see other ladies but I saw her at least twice a month and more often as time passed. Once in a while, she would pass me in the hallway when I was with another lady and give me a smile. A couple of times when I was with another lady, she poked her head into the massage room to say hello. I...Read On


Friends or Lovers

Two souls connect by chance one night At first they just glance and stare They dance around their growing attraction Flirtatiously courting in the warm night air The look in his eyes draws her closer Her sweet lips betray her desire Their tongues dance and hands explore Their hearts slowly set afire She catches her breath and takes a step back As his mind takes control for a moment ...Read On


Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife 9

Lynda is a house guest in India where she seduces her host's sexy wife

Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife - 9 Don Abdul ©2010 It was raining when they arrived Mumbai, but their limo driver was there to greet them with an umbrella that kept them dry as they climbed into their transport to their home for the next seven days. A very comfortable home it was too, for Rajiv Chopra, Andrews trusted business partner never did anything by halves. As always, Rajiv...Read On


Accept Me As I Am

First poem of the month...yet another love poem of sorts originally posted under 67Goat...

I never meant to take you for granted, Because you're the best I've found, I truly cherish every moment, Of the times you are around. But now and then we say and do, Things we don't intend, My actions were just misconstrued, I never meant to offend. We all regret from time to time, Things we do and say, I just wish I could turn back time, And take your pain away. You mean so much more to...Read On