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I don’t want to need him but I don’t know how to stop. I’ve fallen for a delusion, a man that was so hot. A dream that was never all the things I wanted him to be. Though he was always consistently my biggest fantasy. I just kept on waiting and hoping things would change. I never figured on the fact we would become estranged. My insides are so empty and I’m feeling rather lost. I...Read On


Tutoring Christy

Christy needs help passing English

Last summer, Christy decided that shewanted to go back to school. Having only a high school education, she wanted a career, not just a job. Enrolling at the local university, she chose to educate herself in computer science. She lived in a small town, and with limited funds, Christy was only able to afford the community college. Her decision to return to school was made late in the summer,...Read On


Urequited Love

I watched him as he walked up near

Unrequited love I watched him as he walked up near Hoping my heartbeats he would not hear I longed to have him close to me But noticing me would never be I dreamt that that he would strip me bare And run his fingers through my hair To kiss my neck would make me weak And make my nipples rise to peak To feel his body next to mine Would be a feeling so divine To feel...Read On


Exquisite Torture

I am usually a very light sleeper, but my doctor had put me on a sedative to help me get a better night’s rest. I fell asleep on my left side, as is my habit, with my husband Jim snuggled in behind me, his arm draped possessively over my body. I slept soundly in his arms, knowing it was the weekend, and neither of us had to get up to go to work. I woke mid morning to find myself naked,...Read On


Coming Awake, Ch. 02

While Alexis showers, Steven gets a wakeup call from Carly

No matter how heavenly the hotel chain claimed its bed to be, Carly was starkly aware that she was alone in it as the alarm clock beeped. She’d been lost in the most delicious dream: her face was buried in the pillows, her ass in the air, and her husband Steven was pounding his cock into her again and again. That’s probably because I fell asleep with my fingers buried in my pussy,...Read On


Visions of Mutual Pleasure

Love to watch you......

Visions of Mutual Pleasure I find nothing more erotic than the vision of mutual pleasure To share the passionate experience of our self seductions observed Exactly what we desire, by our own expert hand, we demonstrate to each other I'm captivated by the sensual choices, that for yourself are reserved To share the passionate experience of our self seductions observed I revel in the sight as...Read On



Its Sex 101 for the boys

One Friday, around midnight, we arrived home from a boring dinner party thrown by a colleague of Martin, my husband. I took a quick shower and then flopped naked on the bed, I was feeling quite tired and ready to sleep. But Martin had other ideas, his head nestled between my legs and he began to lap at my pussy with a slow and deliberate pace. After more than twenty years of marriage he...Read On


Two girlfriends stay in for the night

Wife pleases her girlfriend then tells her whats going to happen next

The other day I came home from work and was looking forward to spending the evening with my wife. We had the next day off, and it was going to be great to just get some time with her. After I was home and settled my wife Dawn came and found me and told me she wanted to spend the evening with a girlfriend and have some fun. I was a little disappointed, but a few seconds later, she told me...Read On


Sex on the Beach

It's always been a fantasy of mine to have sex on the beach, but not with her.

"What fantasies do you have?" Nikki asked me while I was sitting in the back of her truck. "Hmm... you really wanna know?" I began to limber up for amusement purposes. "Yes I do!" "Okay, well, I've always wanted to have sex in the lake, make love on the beach of the lake under the stars. Umm...say I know a girl who wants me, but also has a boyfriend and I don't know him, well, I want to...Read On


A Mother In Need

She Can't Belive How Wet She Is Watching Her Son Stroke His Cock For Her

Mom wasn't an especially happy lady, but she was very determined to make a good life for us. She had assumed that responsibility after dad, or should I just call him Bill, left us for another woman.I hated it when she would tell me how much I looked like him but then she would smile and the sparkle in her eyes would make me putty in her hands. Mom had asmile that wouldmelt any ones heartwho...Read On


My Live-in Partner

Post-operational care never involved so much caring.

Eight days after the surgery, the hospital released me to go home. The bus ride back to my place seemed to take forever as the dull ache in my crotch fluctuated with a mind of its own. I had taken medication for the first four or five days after the surgery, but weaned myself off of them to the point where I could deal with the ache by the time I left. The cleaning regiment that I had to...Read On


My favorite Position

the one I like best...

My Favorite Position Lying on my back, legs open, ready to receive I watch the dark look of want roll across your eyes Anticipating the pressure of your hips pressing into me Biting my lip, holding my breath as you slide between my thighs I watch the dark look of want roll across your eyes You sink deeper, I arch, my body begging for more Biting my lip, holding my breath as you slide between...Read On


Dear Journal

My (somewhat) true story.

Dear Journal: Hi. First entry is always the hardest, especially since I hate the ideas of diary-things, but whatever. About myself…well, I’m a girl. Technically speaking anyways. My birth certificate and basic math skills would point out that I am 16 years old with some months thrown in just to fuck with an even number. Got that blue eye, blond hair thing going on and I have a...Read On


Dani's New Life - Chap 7

Dani, Tami and Alan party after humiliating the waiter

Dani's New Life Ch. 07 by Lauries Husband © (If you haven't already, please read Dani's New Life -- Parts 1, 2, 3, 4a, 4b, 5, and 6 . This will make much more sense if you do...) * The beautiful, blonde lawyer was floating somewhere above her used and abused body. It was a useful trick that she had begun perfecting several nights before during the cocktail party for her...Read On


The Modeling Session

Photo Shoot For Clothing Turns Into Fun

I responded to an advert for mature, larger sized models. It said no experience necessary, and the photo shoot was local, so I thought what the hell, I could do with a bit more cash. I e-mailed a photo to the agency, and within a couple of hours got an appointment, Saturday at 1100. On the morning, I went to the address I had been given and found it was a large country house. I signed...Read On