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First Time With A Black Girl

This happened to me during World War II

I grew up in the Northern Great Plains in the time before World War II. I had never seen a black person until I turned 18 in late July 1944. I was drafted into the military the next month, sent to a Receiving Station for Classification. By troop train, I was taken to Basic Training in Texas. I learned the ways of the army. I marched, counter marched and drilled till it became part of my...Read On


She Just Doesn't Want It Part 2

The sexually frustrated husband continues to break down barriers with his wife...

She Just Doesn’t Want It Part 2 bad_mike ©2010. All rights reserved. This is part two of a continuing story. The reader may find it helpful to read the initial story first. Chris laid there on the bed, her breathing slowly dropping back down from the training zone to the fat burning zone. Her breasts were still heaving beautifully, nipples as hard as rocks. She was the perfect...Read On


My husband's fantasy

Ray had been after me for some time now to have a . . . . . .

A fantasy that became a reality Hi there readers, my name is Barbara (Babs for short) and I am going to try and tell you about a sexual fantasy that my husband, Ray, had for some time. Ray and I have been together for ten years, seven of those legally married. We have had three kids, a girl, a boy and a girl. We got married because I became pregnant with the first girl and we decided that...Read On



Bad events allow two people to get together in a surprise ending

Standing there behind the small group that had gathered at the cemetery, I couldn’t help but feel sad for her. And at the same time, feel guilty. There she was, a beautiful woman at the young age of 19, four months pregnant and burying her husband of two years. I felt sad for her because no one should have to go through this type of thing, especially at this young age. I felt guilty because...Read On


The Surprise

When my dad came home from Iraq.

It’s been a while since I have posted on Lush. I found it to be a great place to talk about my sexual experiences with my sister. I have more to write about in my “Experimenting” series. However, something new, out of the ordinary happened about a month ago. I have been looking for someone to share this experience with, but no one would understand; no one that isn’t on Lush anyway. I...Read On


A New Side Of Us

Day had turned to night, the sun had fallen with the moon rising immediately after. It was serene and oddly quiet, any other time I may have felt awkward and scared, but not tonight. I was curled up into his hold. My body was adorned in no more than a pair of plain bikini style cotton panties and an overgrown t-shirt. It may have been basic, but I knew in that moment it was beautiful in his...Read On


A Poker Game That Went Terribly Wrong

A husbands wife ends up being part of a poker game bet and ends up in a bad situation

This happened several years ago as my husband had planned a card game at our place. He had invited a couple of his buddies from work to come over and play. One of his buddies brought another friend with him so they had 4 playing. I had decided I would stay in our bedroom and watch a few movies that I had rented for the night. I had hoped that I wouldn’t need to go to the kitchen at all as...Read On


Step sister brings home a friend

Another hot night with my step sister and this time she brings a friend

Step sister brings home a friend If you have read First time with my step sister and me and my step sister continues our fun, then you will know how all this started. Me and my step sister Lori had been having sex together for a while and had gotten to the point we would tease each other as much as we could. It was still nothing but good sex to both us, and we had not even considered it...Read On


Party Girl (pt 1)

I just turned sixteen, and the furthest I've gone was kissing a boy, but this night changed my life. It was a night of many firsts that went like this... My two friends were frequent smokers, you could say potheads. And I so badly wanted to try it just once, and I'd be satisfied. So they invited me to their party. Not really the sort of party a sixteen year old girl should be at. I got there...Read On


Unwilling Victim of Seduction - 3

Temptation and Lust, like mighty storms, can wear down the strongest walls.

Victim of Seduction 3 It all started weeks ago when I discovered my daughter's laptop in her room. I accidently bumped it and the display came on. Soon, I discovered that Emmie was posting short videos on the internet -- videos of her offering her lovely naked D-cup breasts to the camera. And then she returned home and I... I don't understand how it all happened, but Emmie... Emmie sucked...Read On


Deanne And Me - Chapter 3

My Last Days Of Training

Walking to the bed, I sat down close to Dee and once again discretely watched her eating which soon had my sexual desires regrouping and ready to charge. I reached over and ran my hand down through her dark, waist long, 'baby butt soft' hair. She turned her head toward me and smiled. That smile! When this lady smiled the angels sang! I swear it's true! "What?" she asked, obviously...Read On

Editor's Pick

Two Lonely

A sexy free spirit meets a hungry lost soul.

"Seriously? Forty-five minutes from the house, you decide not to start? Just like that? Come on!" I pleaded at the dashboard, which stared blankly back at me, both of us cooking under the harsh July afternoon sun. For what must have been fifteen minutes I turned the key in the ignition, over and over, and each time my 20-year-old BMW compact car was obviously no closer to starting. For now, I...Read On


Cheer Camp Part 4

Alyssia gets punished for being late.

After Coach Ryan left Rochelle and I fell asleep facing each other. Somehow during the night Rochelle had moved closer to me and now had her arm over my slender stomach. I laid there feeling her skin against mine. I thought about the past few weeks and wondered if I was becoming a whore. I had Rochelle, Chis and Coach Ryan. What was next I wondered. I had fun with Rochelle and Coach Ryan...Read On


My Brother Eli

There's something wierd going on with my brother...

My brother has always locked himself up in his room for long periods of time. So it was nothing new for me to see that his door was shut, again. I couldn't help to wonder what he was doing in his room for so long. I was at an age where I had no idea what "sex" was. It only occured to me that he was watching TV, doing homework, or reading. But I didn't know why he had to lock his door. ...Read On


Jenny's Punishment Letter Ordeal - the Finale

Jenny goes across the maternal lap again

This story continues with Jenny arguing with her Mum and suffering the consequences Jenny had spent a glorious hour on her bed with her vibrator giving herself several more orgasms. Now it was time to telephone her Mum, although by now the old Jenny returned, lippy, unthinking, and quite furious that her Mum had brought the additional caning on her without even telling her to expect it. ...Read On