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Diaries of Ceres and Taliya -Part two: Taliya-P2

Part two: Taliya (its backwards sorry about that its before Ceres's part)

Chapter two: Ceres finally made her way over to Master, shaking so much I thought the house would fall.  By that time Mistress had walked her witchy lying ass over to me.   “I tried to protect you.  Really, I did.”  I heard what Mistress said, but when it came to protecting her hide or mine guess whose butt was going to be in trouble.   “No you didn’t, ma’am.  You two were fighting!  I...Read On


Diaries of Ceres and Taliya -Part two: Taliya- P1

Part two: Taliya (its backwards sorry about that its before Ceres's part)

Chapter one: It was a glorious morning, a crisp day that promised much for me.  No one was up as yet.  By that I mean master John, Mistress Julia or even little Ceres, who snored away like the baby she acted like at times.  Okay, a just turned  eighteen year old girl, but a baby to my grown up twenty four year old self.  Why was I creeping around at five in the morning, when all self...Read On


My truth

This is mine.

Every nerve in my body was tingling. James raised his hand up to my bronzed shoulder and slip down the strap. My head looked away and i closed my eye' s. It seemed so unreal. His touch was so soft and i could here his breathing. It was so deep. I felt his moist lips on my shoulder and moaned. This was how i wanted it. This is how i imagined it. James' arms were snug around my waist and his...Read On


My First Time in a Dress

How I Became a Crossdresser

PART-1 When I was younger I used to go and stay at my grandmas house during the summer. It was a small country town with about 15,000 people. She lived on a quiet street and there was only a couple of other kids close to my age. I used to go and hang out with one guy, Dan who was about 3 yrs older than I and his sister, Pam who was my age. Dan and I used to go mess around everyday....Read On


Laurie George

The first time i watched my future wife with another man

"Laurie & George" Laurie and I have been married about twenty-five years. We first met when I returned to college, at the age of 24, for a teaching degree and Laurie was enrolled as an undergraduate (19 years old). This was at a small but prestigious teaching college north of Chicago. I was there because, after a year on the road as a traveling salesman (really!), I met a couple while...Read On


College Cuckold - Part 1

Future wife discovers her Dom-side and my sub-side in college

College Cuckold If you’ve read the account of the first time my (then) future wife cuckolded me (Laurie and George), you might remember that it was a night of many firsts for both of us – physically and emotionally. What indirectly led to her sleeping with my friend was a story she related to me a few weeks before that fateful day about being approached by several guys in the parking...Read On


Always been a voyeur

turn my place into voyeur heaven

Like i said i have always been a voyeur ever since the first time i walked past my parent hotel room and saw them in a doggie postion through a crack in the curtains. After that i was always looking for chance to see others in the middle of any sexual act. I had a that i saw as a teen but really saw alot more when i joined the navy and live in a apt complex where the window were...Read On


Beautiful Anna

The experience of an older woman

It was a Thursday night, my 18th birthday and I was out clubbing with some friends. After flirting with so many girls and women of all ages and drinking quite a lot I became very tipsy and each female blurred into the next.  Then I saw her, standing near the dance floor a goddess a sculpture of perfection what sort of chance would a boy like me have? I’ll tell you non, zero, zilch not...Read On


Yes, We Let loose on the bus trip for our pleasure

Having sex with strangers all around, and you dont care who hears or sees is a hot turn on for us

  We took our car to meet other people (strangers) catching a charter bus to the casino at Lake Tahoe., figuring that it was going to take us about four hours to get there. They coach driver announced that the bus did not have a restroom (as the bus that was assigned to our group was out of service) and we were going to have to make a couple of stops to use the rest stop restrooms. On...Read On


New to the school

teacher gives a little extra counseling

New to the school   It was fall before my junior year in high school and my parents had decided to move because my dad had gotten a promotion. I hated it of course, moving away from all the friends I grew up with. It was very difficult and at times I let my parents know about it. I think they were shocked at my attitude but on the other hand they didn’t seem to care....Read On


Double Dating My Husband Watched Me Make Love

My husband likes watching me get felt up

       I'm a paramedic in a small town, but I don't live there.  My home town is over 50 miles away. I like that. It gave me the opportunity to flirt with guys without worrying about gossip etc.       I'm married, but my husband "Knows  how I am."  and... Sometimes even encourages me. I'd get home after a 12 hour shift, and he'd glance up from his computer  to ask... "Get hit on...Read On


Linda's Torment Part II

Linda earns a harsh spanking

After Linda calmed down, she told Matthew how she had 'stalked' him for months, having seen him at a company picnic where she worked in the secretarial pool, and he was an executive officer.  "You just looked so elegant and so strong and in charge.  I fell in lust if not love and coudn'tt get you out of my mind." "So the accidental meeting at the mall where you bumped into me and...Read On


Caught Lying

Jeff is caught out and suffers at the hands of his sister's friend

“Hi Girls, did you get to the shops?” I looked at the two girls. Jessica, my 23-year-old older sister. Caroline, also 23 years old, a friend of my sister. Caroline has one of those do as I say types of voice, but both girls have strong personalities. A real handful at times. Both slim with long dark hair, both dressed today in vest tops, very short or even non-existent skirts, and bare...Read On


A Genny Story... Cucumber Salad

We had been together for almost a year and Melly and I were playing at our boundries.

  This is a mostly true story about Melly and I finding our limits as far as Dom/Sub. We are happily still pushing those limits. I am Genny. It was June, and Michigan is at it's prettiest in June. I was just starting my third year on the fire department and Melly had just over four as a RN in the emergency room. We had moved in together the previous November, and were madly in...Read On


Down in the Valley

Cassie is a hand full but ...

Down in the Valley (romantic, spanking) Cassie jumped back and screamed. 'Ayee! Nick, you have scared the hell out of me. Why are you sneaking around?' she asked. 'I am not sneaking around. I do not sneak,' Nick Hightower said, leaning against a post of the ramshackle shed they were standing in. It was three sided with the front being open to the elements. 'I have come to give you...Read On