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Letting it all out

Me and my boyfriend have a deal, and tonight it goes my way.

I am waiting on my couch for him to come. I am wearing his button up shrt I kept from last time, my tight jeans, and his favorite thong. I hear a soft knock on the door, it is him trying hard not to wake my grandpa. I open and the door, and before I can say hello he wraps his arms around my back and kisses me. When he finished He says, " Tonights your turn." I smile and he sits down on...Read On


Sally, Nancy and Me

Sunday afternoon with Sally and Nancy

Sally and I were seeing each other pretty regularly now, everyone at the office knew about it and it was cool. We hadn’t moved in together or anything, but Sally would stay at my place every weekend and even a few nights during the weeks we would sleep together at one of our apartments. Sally had a roommate so we usually stayed at mine. It was Sunday morning and we were lying in bed together,...Read On


Office Drinks (Continued)

Wallace finds himself back at his place with Sally, who is still completely nude......

There we were, standing in the elevator of my building, the doors clanging shut, I was standing there with Sally’s clothes in a ball in my hand and she was there stark naked looking at herself in the mirror. “You are a naughty man.” She said as she leaned in to kiss me. I grabbed her fleshy bottom and pulled her into me, her firm breast smashing against my chest. I was very pleased with myself....Read On


My best fantasy pt 4

my next chapter from my fantasy

I reached the top of the stairs, turned towards the room I was guided to and as I walked past the room I was in earlier I peeked in.   As I stood in the door way the smell of sex was electrifying, I could make out several Bodies in the dim lit room.   2 of the bodies I recognised straightaway as the In-Laws, they was in a 69 position...Read On


Pleasure Yourself for Me

We couldn't get together and she was begging for it.

It was a busy day, I looked forwards to talking to you online when I got home. When I did we got talking and I was saying how I was in desperate need of a shower after blasting through the backwoods in a 4x4 for the afternoon and needing to cum so badly after abstaining for 3 days due to a business trip with a coworker. I check to see if you're online and smile when I notice you are....Read On


It had been a long time..

Okay, so I'm being used as a sex toy.

It had been a long time since I had last seen Alicia. What was it, fifteen years? No. Sixteen. Good Gawd A’mighty! Actually, she looked better than I remembered. Of course, that last time I saw her she was recovering from breast-reduction surgery and wasn’t in her best sorts. We were also married to other people then, and it wasn’t the best time for me either. I hate winter,...Read On



Dianes super hot day.

DIANES STORY By DBARCLAY© It has been another hot day here in North Florida, as I arrive home the phone was ringing and to my pleasant surprise, it was Anita. A very attractive girl I had recently met and we had agreed to meet up sometime. She was making the invite. “Come over tomorrow Diane for lunch, and a few beers and even games. Are you busy?” “Great, I have...Read On


Busted, Chapter 5

Doesn't everybody? We did!

We slept late the next morning. The rest of the day we all walked around, nude of course, in a fog of afterglow. It was like being wrapped in cotton. Even sounds were muffled as we cuddled and embraced and just lay around all day exhausted. A couple of times I made to nuzzle their breasts, or they would fondle my cock, but we mostly were totally wiped out. It was the next night that...Read On


The Man of My Dreams 2

As I follow Connor to his house I have time to think about everything that has happened thus far tonight. I cant believe some of what has happened already. I had never done anything like what I did at the restaurant. I almost wonder if it really happened. I gave Connor a blow job and the waiter watched. I know it happened though because I can still taste his cum in my mouth. Connor said he...Read On


Lightning Over Arizona Part II

Entering the 12th level of Hell

  I was concentrating very hard on not screaming that I looked out the airplane window and I could see that it was starting to rain.  It grew darker outside and I could of sworn I saw lightning out of the corner of my eye.  It was getting hard for me to breathe so it felt good that the air was blowing above me and towards my head.   How did I get here?  I wondered to myself.  I felt...Read On


Mardi Gras - Chapter 3

What Megan won't do for fun! (That's her picture in case you didn't connect!)

Part 3   Again we slept in until noon and followed the same ritual as before. I found this especially exciting as I anticipated Megan's routine. She ordered breakfast and I set up the camcorder to tape what followed. This time, Megan remained in the bathroom as breakfast arrived. Disappointed, I let the waiter in and closed the door. Just at that moment, Megan "happened"...Read On


Mardi Gras - Chapter 2

The next day in New Orleans with Megan doing just about anything to please me.

Chapter 2 The next morning we slept until almost noon.  I ordered room service as Megan was just coming out of the shower. She picked out her pale blue lingerie and tan nylons and she slowly began to dress in front of me. She had just donned her stockings where there was a knock at the door. "I'll get it." Megan smiled. She put on her blue teddy robe, slipped into her heels...Read On


Number Off A Bathroom Wall

Back in highschool I got a job working at the local mall at the Sears store. I was a stockboy and all around general gopher. I would always wear sexy outfits under my work clothes. On my second day I was asked to clean the bathrooms and I did. I started in the womens room,kind of hoping I would stumble onto a pair of panties or something,but no luck. I then work my way over to the...Read On


Madri Gras - Chapter 1

Beginning a TRUE Mardi Gras journal of sex, stockings, and ultimate exhibitionism.

Megan and I returned to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. This year it fell on my birthday and Megan promised to make it something special. She allowed me to pick out her clothes and I chose my favorite of her see-through outfits and sexy lingerie. The morning of out flight, I laid out her clothing for the trip. Megan gawked at her outfit, a sheer pink blouse and short skirt with...Read On


Busted, Chapter 4

Boy, the service we got from THAT restaurant!

The next morning, I could hardly walk. When I awoke it was morning, and bright sunshine had replaced the moonlight. The windows were open, and a pleasant breeze was blowing throughout the house. I staggered out of bed, and headed for the kitchen. Somehow, we had forgotten all about food last night, and I was starving! My girls were out by the pool, slathered in coconut oil...Read On