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The Neighborhood Chapter Nine: Cafe au Lay

Shaquille O’Neal is tall; this skirt was short.

Sonja called me at work. She wanted to go out for lunch. “What should I wear?” I asked her. I was already getting hard thinking about driving around the city naked and maybe skinny-dipping in a public fountain. “Whatever, it doesn’t matter,” replied Sonja. I was more than disappointed. “We’re just going for sandwiches, you know. A quick bite then back to work.” Sonja sounded...Read On


Let's Make Love

A night of total bliss

Let's make love, today is the day,  Lots of positions, many different ways. Lots of attention and cock-sucking, Plenty of screaming and lots of fucking. On all fours, please grab my hips, Push your cock through my pussy lips. Thrusting and pounding my bald wet slit, I'm rubbing and playing with my tits. Slapping my ass as you fuck me, Feels so good don't you agree? Your cock is deep...Read On


Ex -Wife Part 3 (Validation)

"Slut", the urban dictionary says is “a woman with the morals of a man.” When I read that it pulled me up sharp, struck a chord even. Slut. The morals of a man. Christ, here I was fantasising and using my ex like a slut when really it was me and not her that was the slut. I felt a little bad and needed to know she was okay with the situation and decided to call her. “So when are you coming...Read On


Coming Out to Play

A fun-figured college girl takes her self-pleasure to new heights when she ventures out of her room.

I was so horny that I was rubbing my pussy through my jeans the whole drive home. It was my first day as a freshman at South Florida Community College, and all the cute guys had me practically creaming in my pants. I couldn’t wait to get home and give my big, fat pussy a hardcore workout. As soon as I was through the door I dropped my bag, kicked off my shoes and headed straight for the...Read On


As it rains

To lie here with you

To wake with you on this rainy morn Your lips finding their way along my spine So gentle the trail you lay Deeper within, my soul glows. Kissing my lips, take that sparkle Ignite my interest, keep me near Keep me interested, I'll never stray Share my interest, broaden the mind Hold nothing back, I implore Make a point, get to it Romance the mind, the body shudders Flow...Read On


I Love You

I close my eyes and begin thinking of you Longing to walk along the beach and dance in the waves, Or maybe lay on the sand, just holding hands. Views of the sunset, as we sit an eat dinner Each dreaming of later. You are my world, all the stars in the sky Opening my heart, as I truly love you Unconditionally for now and forever....Read On


Meant to Be

Opposites attract

She was quiet He was loud She wanted popularity He wanted a modest life She put herself out there He put himself in She was looking for excitement He was looking for peace And they found each other He fumbled She stammered Both couldn't keep it together Until they kissed They intertwined in the most passionate way She gasped He moaned She pulled him tighter ...Read On


Lost Forever

Their affair is over, yet he cannot let go

He sees her from time to time, casually walking with her friends. She seems happy now, away from the turbulence that became their trademark. He aches to make his presence known and he knows all too well that he cannot. It seemed so fresh, so exciting and new, but that was before the darkness crept in. She belonged to him for a while, their nights filled with passion and...Read On


Educating Anita

An Exercise in Arousal

It was September. I was on a walking holiday and finally, after three days of rain, the sun shone. I had set out earlier this morning from the guesthouse I was staying in, high on the moors. It had been a wonderful time in that secluded house. The guesthouse was run by a couple in their 40's. He had a job as a Holiday tour manager, and so was often away. His wife ran the guest house and...Read On


Linger-Chapter Two

Keagan didn't want to need him, to want him. Yet, she did.

Chapter 2 Keagan was grateful for the warm spring weather since she left her jacket in the bar. Even if it had been the middle of winter, she was certain that the heat from Ryan's firm grip on her hand would have overheated her. They walked to the diner two blocks away talking about the band with Keagan taking in every second look that Ryan got along the way. Girls looked at him with lust...Read On


The Pleasures of Love

One more time

The pleasures within The thought of your cock The quivers you send When you pound hard like a rock My body will tingle Our tongues will mingle The lips of mine Swollen and ripe they shine My juices they glisten On my slit with your cock that's risen Moans and groans escape As my body arches it's shape The lust of ours Drowns each of us in love showers With hips grinding While...Read On


Daddy/Master part one

I learned about the lifestyle from Daddy and his sons.

My Master's name is Daddy; he has two sons. Their ages now are seventeen and eighteen, and they are always horny. Well, this all started about a year ago. My Master's first wife died suddenly, and Daddy was devastated. It all started when we met on a web dating site. What he was looking for sounded perfect. He wanted a submissive live-in to be a mom to his almost grown boys and a mate for...Read On


On Shoestrings

Tip toeing in your room on shoestrings, Not to awake you in your tranquilities. Bringing you Sandman laces of erotica, And visions of sexuality.  I hum poetic love songs In the land of sensual dreams, As you lay yourself to sleep, Beneath window of your keep. Gifted I am not divinely blessed, But with my cock and quill I confess. My words pretty well describe me. The philosopher...Read On


Stars and Clouds

A midnight swim turns into a midnight encounter...

Ethan   Ethan, dressed in just a pair of swim trunks and a bathrobe, walked to the lavishly decorated clubhouse of his gated community. He nodded at Theo, the night watchman, before entering. The pool room was indoors, heated, and most importantly, empty at midnight.  Ethan plugged his phone into a tiny speaker and hit play. He removed his robe and jumped into the pool. He tried to...Read On


Landing The Contract. The Tales of Dana Jones Part 4

Dana's business meeting reaches conclusion.

Thursday Afternoon 2.20 pm The two men started timing their thrusts, one pushing in and one pulling out. This meant that at any given moment, Dana’s orifices were being deliciously ravaged by rock hard pricks. This wonderful action was causing wave after wave of pleasure to ripple through her body, and Dana, unable to contain her feelings, threw her head backwards, closed her eyes and...Read On