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How I Want It?

Bend Me Over

I'm in my bed after a long day at work and can't sleep, so I decide a nice orgasm is just the cure I need. I start by kicking off the covers and lying back. I palm my 36D breasts, squeezing them, and lightly rubbing them, making the nipples begin to poke out. My pussy starts to get damp and my lips swell. I start pinching my nipples and slightly pulling them when I'm roughly grabbed and...Read On


Inebriated Fuck…

“Well pick bitch, ‘cause I’m horny and I’m going to fuck one of them.”

“Just one more drink Vero, and then we’ll leave,” I said “I want to be completely numb before I go back home.”   As usual she didn’t reply, that was her; ignore the problem and it’ll go away. She was always calm and collected, god I hate her right now. I wished she would talk back, give me one excuse to go crazy on her, to get all my anger out. I knew she wouldn’t do it, and...Read On



“If you really loved me you’d…” OK Girls, we’ve all heard that one!   But what if, just for once, the guy saying it is actually not the stereo-typical slime ball who seems to say this sort of stuff?   Miracles can happen you know!   Take, for example, my friend Susie.   Now, don’t go thinking that Susie’s a kiss-and-tell operator, but we girls do have to stick together on...Read On


The Friends of Paul and Sally - part one

Like-minded friends contribute material for Paul and Sally's stories

Nowadays, watching Sally is complete pleasure. I admit that in the early days I was nervous, wondering whether I would be jealous, wondering whether she would find a larger cock preferable to mine, and a dozen other doubts. I need not have been apprehensive. Sally has always made it clear that I am, and will remain, her number one priority. The people we meet and enjoy add to our...Read On

Audio version available

Don't blink

Don't blink. I want to touch you as if time had stopped. Don't breathe or move. Don't scream. It might hurt you when the whip clatch. Don't sigh nor moan. The feeling is said to be caught in slow motion I could never tell. It felt like we rushed through our emotions Straight to heaven while searching...Read On


The Lost Bass Player

The bass player invades her dreams

They met in high school. The great looking guy that all the girls wanted to be with and the plain girl not afraid of a challenge.  The relationship was brief, but the sex was young and new, filled with drinking, drugs, and unbridled heat. He moved on to the prettier girls, she moved on to other challenges, although she never forgot the heat she felt. Years and years later, now very different...Read On


Mutual Masturbation

Dad and daughter masturbate for each other.

I am a married man who has taken up erotic literature as a hobby.   I enjoy writing about some of the exciting sexcapades that have occurred in my life.   I also enjoy probing the recesses of my imagination to write fictional tales.   Writing these types of stories keeps me horny and my wife has reaped the benefits of my increased libido, yet she doesn’t know about my hobby.   Nor does...Read On


My Spanish girl friend wrote this story

Professor is the hottest sluttiest teacher

She fucked many guys before, but never a guy with a insane cock like this! She does her best to take it as deep as possible and gets a cum shower! Hello, everybody: first thing first, I wish to congratulate and praise these site administrators for the wonderful work here.  I like to keep  in touch with young people in the web, and today, I’m telling you how I began to get better within...Read On


Getting the Promotion

Mike must give up his most prized possession to get his most prized job.

I am a 30 year old regional sales manager happily married to my wife, Lindsey for 5 years now. She is 25 years old, a brunette with hair that just reaches her shoulders, 5'7" tall and a body to die for. I was attracted to her the moment I saw her. This story also includes my boss, Bill Evans, who is 5 years older than me with a commanding attitude and a well built body to back it up. ...Read On


First and only

A true story from my college days

It was my junior year of college.  It was a Saturday night and I was at a party at a friend of mine's apartment.  The crazy part of the party was over and everyone had mellowed out and we were all sitting in the living room, drinking, smoking and chatting.  I had been delighted to see that a girl from another school with whom I had become friends was at the party, and she and I wound up...Read On


Finding mother part 3

Nana knows whats best

Nana stood up and looked down at me as I sat on the floor, almost naked, in the bathrobe that only covered my shoulders and back. My cock was hard and I was so filled with lust for her. "Sweetie, I can see it in your eyes. It is so beautiful. Now tell Mommy you love her," she said. I moved further to her feet and kissed her perfect ankles dressed in nylon very softly and looked up at her...Read On


A Beginner's Guide to FFM

An introduction to threesomes

I came away from lunch with Valerie with mixed emotions. Was I shocked? Not really. This, after all, wasn't some behind-the-times country village; this was 21st Century fashionable Hampstead where supposedly unorthodox relationships weren't uncommon. What were once regarded as bedroom secrets have become dinner party small talk. So, no, I wasn't shocked. I admit, though, I was surprised....Read On


Thinking back: A true story.

This is a 98% true story, it took place about 4-5 years ago. It's the naked truth.

The trip cost me money, it was one of those impulse trips. Decided late evening, put to reality early morning. For some reason it seemed like the last minute tickets were taken out of the system back in those days, I didn't get away cheap. As I sat on the train I wondered if this was really the right thing to do. Visit a stranger for one thing only; Lust. To visit him even though...Read On


Making mom pt.2

But I wanted my dick in my mom's sexy pussy

Now I started getting cold feet. I almost chickened out, deciding to just go to my room and let my mom get to her room and get dressed. But then there was there statement she made to Aunt Angel. She had gotten turned on from just seeing me. That made me blush a little, but it also strengthened my nerves. I decided to do it, even if she didn’t make a move, I wanted to give her a little show...Read On


Female for a day?

A young man with a breast fetish takes a step that changes his life.

  I have always been obsessed with boobs. I like them all but especially big ones. I stare at them in the grocery store and of course have an extensive collection of pics from the internet. Lately, I have even been thinking about what it would be like to have a big set myself. I'm a guy don't get me wrong, but I am fascinated by what it would feel like to have a large set of breasts. ...Read On