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Neighbour pleasure

India - A virgin lost his status with neighbour

Hi to all readers, I am one of the greatest fans to this site. My name is Vivek(name changed) and I am working in MNC at Mumbai. I am from Bangalore and living here for one and half years. I am 26 years old and I am not attractive.62 kgs of weight and 5ft , 9inch and normal looking with no additional charming things in my body. I enjoyed my college days to the maximum, but I was...Read On

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My First Time With Jackie... The End

I laughed, threw myself on the bed, and licked my lips, still tasting her wetness.

“Ok Jackie you don’t have to tell me, but trust me; you will leave here feeling very satisfied; because I’m going to tear that cootchie up girl.” I laughed, but kept my eyes on her. I needed her to know that I meant it. She just blushed and opened her legs wider…   I left her panties on and asked her to lie on her stomach. I began to gently massage her back,...Read On


Trailer Park Lovin’

People around these parts know me as Bo, but my real name is Charlie Henderson. I live with my momma, Audrey, in what she likes to call a “mobile home.” That’s fancy talk for a traveling box situated in a “trailer park.” Momma don’t like me sayin’ them words ‘cause it ain’t proper. Says folk will end up callin’ us “trash.” Maybe we is trash but that don’t mean we ain’t happy. Sure, times can...Read On


Nina Submits to Emma

Nina's Mum goes on holiday and leaves a younger woman in charge of her daughter

This is the fourth story in the Nina series:   I came downstairs, still sore from my spanking yesterday. I smiled at Mum who smiled at me, we were friends again, I was a 38 year old adult again, no longer the naughty teenager. She paused then asked “you know dear I haven’t asked you for a while but if ever you want to stop being disciplined like a teenager we can do it. You know...Read On


My introduction and pathway to group sex - Part 12

My first true gang bang makes me understand what I need for the rest of my life.

My continuing story.  Please read parts 1 - 11 first to understand where I am in my sexual development   That Friday night party lifted my sexual awareness and energy to a new level.   The next two weeks had me on high rotation with my ‘at school’ guy, my boyfriend, and his brother when I could get him.   There was a new buzz around me at school as the stories from the Friday...Read On


Best Friends

Angeline and I had been best friends for as long as I can remember. It was a typical Friday night. We were watching movies at her house. Normally, her mom or her older brother would be there with us but tonight they were not. Angeline yawned and put her head on my shoulder. The way she was situated I could see straight down her shirt for she was only wearing a tight little tank top and...Read On


Tim-s Temptation - part three

The third stage of incest

“Would you mind if I asked you something?” “Of course not,” said Tim. He was driving Isabel to the airport at the end of a memorable weekend. Isabel was a twenty-year-old from Edinburgh whom Tim’s partner, Christina, had met during an office seminar. The two women had ended up in bed together, a first for them both, although Chris had concealed the fact from her new friend. The age...Read On


Home for the Week

Have they really grown up all that much?

  It was spring break and i was heading home to the small town i had been so desperate to get out of. My friends and i had spent 3 days on the beach, drinking and flirting, and now it was time to spend some time with my family. As the plane landed i looked out onto the tarmac and say a small congregation of people, i recognised my mother and father even from this distance but there...Read On


Bracelet submission

Using a bracelet to dominate and control

It all started after we watched the Story of O :Untold. In a nutshell the story was about a girl who when she received a bracelet was to submit to the bearer. After the movie I said my wife if she wanted a new pair of expensive shoes that she had been asking for a while then she would need to obey me three times. When I gave her a bracelet she must do exactly as I told her. She agreed. It...Read On


A beginning.. 2

The continuation of my first story...A surprise in store...

I was insatiable. My first deliriously erotic experience opened new doors in my mind. I was now sprinting down previously unseen corridors; chasing this incredible feeling to wherever it took me. I spent many ecstatic nights with Tom in his apartment. Trying as many different things as possible. He was just as happy to take me on this erotic journey as I was to follow him. My desire...Read On


A Different Holiday

A holiday with a difference

Special Holiday We arrived at the camp site in the early evening and it seemed quite busy but the weather was wonderful and the sun was shinning bright. This was going to be a special holiday for us as we had not had one for awhile owing to the pressures at work, so we looked forward to enjoying every minute of it for the full week ahead. We soon settled in and got...Read On


Tim's Temptation - part two

The second stage of incest

“Have you decided?” Christina asked. They had been fucking for nearly an hour: Chris on her back, ankles on his shoulders, Tim buried deep inside her; next, Chris on her knees, Tim penetrating from behind with long, slow strokes; then Chris on top, nipples pert, beads of sweat on her bobbing tits. Having already come twice, Chris was thoroughly wet and ready for more but Tim, finally unable...Read On


The Afterparty Part 2

As Summer lay in a pool of sperm soaken sheets, she dazed in and out from the hangover and the multiple orgasms she just had. She dazed in and out, coming into consciousness as she heard voices of two men down the hall. Neither one was the voice of Pete. The door was still open and the voices got closer. It took a lot of her strength just to try and pry her legs close as much as possible...Read On


A Beginning

Taking a journey into the unknown...

He was a vision of beauty, although, I should have been used to this god-like image by now. He strolled casually towards me, as if what we were about to do was as normal as taking a walk in the park. It had always intrigued me as to how he was so laid-back about our work; as if I didn’t turn him on. If we were in a club and I had seduced him, this would be his ultimate fantasy. My...Read On


My sexual biography (Chapter 1)

The story of a boy exploring his sexuality - a biography

As far as I can remember, even as a little boy, I have always had a sexual interest in women.   I never went through a period that normal boys go through, or the “Yuck-girls” period. When I was little, my mom and step dad had that nasty habit of throwing me in the cellar if I had misbehaved and worthy of some punishment that had to go beyond standing in the corner.   Now, you have...Read On