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hello campers

camping foursome

It was spring time and my wife fancied a holiday a bit different. " Lets go camping " she said " Do we have to " I said " It will be fun " Anyway after some debate my wife gets her own way and we plan to go to Devon. We packed the car with tent etc and head off for the week. After pitching up the tent we go to the local pub for a drink , we have a laugh and a few drinks and after a while...Read On


Alice's Second Childhood. Alice's Second Chance

Alice is 18 but acts like a spoiled brat. Her big sister treats her accordingly

Alice’s Second Chance, Alice’s second childhood.   PART 1   Mom was a good woman. Dad is a good man. Yet my little sister, Alice was, by age 18, a total spoiled brat and a delinquent. She could easily also have ended up being a killer. It is certainly arguable that she deserved to be sent to jail.   Now...Read On


Caught at the Target

I had been dressing in private for years and never have tried to be passable, as I get my thrill out of being all man to the world, yet so girly just underneath what everyone sees.  I decided that I wanted a thrill, so I went to the local Target, with my leopard panties, matching leopard camisole, black garter belt and with stockings on, under my man clothes.  I picked out a pair of Dockers...Read On



As soon as i see him i run into his arms nearly knocking him over and placing kisses all over his face, holding him tightly. We collect his bags and head to the car. I slip behind the wheel and he sits in the passenger seat. I lean over placing my hand on his cheek and kiss him deeply, passionately. I feel so loved, so special. After a few min i break the kiss. He is tired after his long...Read On


The Tutor

Alex didn't really want a tutor, until he saw her.

The Tutor Sixteen year old Alex Parker wasn't quite sure why his parents had insisted upon engaging a tutor for him. For Alex the whole thing was a mystery, considering he was already a straight A student in school. His pleas to his parents that he didn't need a tutor went unheeded and his parents persisted in their strange idea. Alex stopped complaining about getting a tutor as soon as he...Read On


Mythic Mons

Cunnilingual Mythology

                                                Mythic Mons (Revised)                                     With her close cropped sultry delta                                     Dark before my eyes so reverent,                                     I saw within the folds a flash of fate,                                     An infinite, eternal Gate: ...Read On


Home From The Business Trip

Getting together with my girlfriend after a long business trip.

It had been a long business trip. In my job as a sales rep, I often had to make trips out of town to visit our customers. But never this long. Our company had just introduced a brand new product, and they wanted me to make sure I met personally with all of my customers to promote it. But the trip was over now. And I had no plans of going home. I was going to visit my girlfriend,...Read On


Whores and Pimps - Part III

Third installment; our reluctant transvestite heroine gets a gang bang

Whores and Pimps - Part III By Michele Nylons   Michele pulled at her bonds, struggling and wriggling on the bed trying to break free for a few minutes until she realised that she was securely tied and had no way of escaping. Ellie sauntered over to the bed and looked down at Michele, "Well honey, looks like we have you just where we want you; I think we are going...Read On


A tourist in a local bar

The locals don't like tube tops

My wife, Linda, and I were just finishing a one week vacation where she did not wear any underwear.  I plan to write about the start of the trip and how it came about but this happened on our last night and was the best so I thought I would start with it.  My wife had dressed in several strap less blouses and dresses during the week and I had been warned by one of the hotel employees,...Read On



Mrs Jackson, my Landlady Knocked on my door and entered my bedroom......

"Hello John," said my landlady as she sat on the edge of my bed. I was laid on my bed face down and still naked, after all that had happened making an attempt to cover myself seemed a little redundant. "I need to talk to you John, my mother will be coming to stay in the morning and I will be having a couple of guests for drinks and nibbles tomorrow evening. My mother is 'old school'...Read On


school buddy

my buddy was good, but his dad was better.

I always had a better girls figure than a boys, and all through school I got teased, razed, picked on, heard guys say they would like to see me naked.  I can't count the times I got stripped by older boys just to see if I had a pussy, I didn't have very much in the male line, but no pussy, although for as long as I can remember I wished that I did.  Starting my freshman year in high school...Read On


fantasy fulfilled part 2

in the dunes

It's been a year since my last visit to my favorite beach location. The bank holiday weekend with it's fine sunny weather was too much to resist. I'd packed everything in my new back pack, towel, sun lotion, k-gel, condoms, drinks, an ice cooler pack and some sandwiches. There was no one else in sight apart from a couple walking their dog. I pulled my back pack from the car and swung it onto...Read On


Happy New Year

First in a planned series of holiday-related stories.

The Problem My New Year’s Eve plans, set in stone since mid-September, have just shattered into a million pieces. It’s no one’s fault really, no one that I know anyway. The huge house party my buddy Eric had set up at his parents’ place on the lake is off, dashed by his older sister, who is staying at the house after leaving her husband. While I’m sympathetic to her situation, I’m...Read On


The Opportunity

a journey from gentle travestism to anal slut

THE OPPORTUNITY PART ONE     I suppose looking back, that my childhood was to blame, that is if there was any real blame to be attached. It could have just been my inherited genes so I can happily blame my mother and father for being the smallest in the class, but I somehow also got left out when the popularity genes were issued, I became a loner and spent far too much...Read On


Over the Rainbow

a beautiful natural phenomenom

My life was over, dark as the night Lonely, empty, black and cold No light ahead, no joy, no love And then he came into my life - pure gold No boundaries, no limits, no walls No shackles or chains A thousand ruby red roses bloom Over and over again Where the deepest orange sunshine Starts and ends each day A golden warming glow which heats The coldest heart to lay It burns inside, a...Read On