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Scott - Michelle and Amber

I knelt down next to Mama in the bath and ran a scrunchie across her shoulders. Her head was back against the little purple pillow, one of those that suctions onto the side of the tub. I bought it for her from Wal-Mart. She had a scented towel across her eyes and her breaths came in slow and rhythmic succession so I knew she was asleep. I moved the scrunchie across the front of her chest...Read On


A death in the family

It's very hard to come to terms with the death of a lover...

Allan’s been gone two months now. A drunk driver. Fat feckless and over fifty. A life needlessly snuffed out. It happens, far too often. We’re killing each other in droves far more efficiently than some vague shadowy organisation that our government scares us with. The car is a most lethal weapon of mass destruction and nothing is being done about this carnage. Sorry, I’m just so angry....Read On


Lunch with Sue

A woman's account of how her sexual frustration was relieved by family and friends

My thirty-ninth birthday was approaching, I was taking stock of my sexual situation and I wasn't impressed. A cv including two ex-husbands and several former lovers was nothing to boast about. Nor was my current solitary state. No doubt I was responsible for some of the difficulties but that didn't make me feel any better when I looked back. Although not all the problems and shortcomings...Read On


Stuck Again

Brian's story continues with Amy's mom.

  Hi this is Brian again. If you remember me from my previous adventure I have it pretty good. I live across the street from a gymnast, Amy, and regularly fuck her. She loves my big fat 10 inch cock, especially the 4 inch wide head. We usually do it in the afternoon after school before her Mom gets home. We are both 18 and seniors. We have come close to getting caught especially the first...Read On


Me and the taxi driver part 2

It was 4 am and I was walking back home from a drunken night out. I was pretty tipsy and horny. I haven't been fucked or sucked a cock for 4 months. I needed it badly, I kept teasing the guys in the clubs, dancing with them and feeling their hard cocks through their pants and rubbing my arse onto it. But my brother came with me, this meant that I couldn't have sex with any guy. I was wearing...Read On


Helping Hands - Billy's Story

A frustrated but loving wife finds a solution.

Teresa and I first got to know each other at college. We'd both had unhappy encounters with young men - overgrown boys, really - who were eager for sex but lacked experience, patience, technique, everything you look for in a compatible lover. Not that we were experts ourselves but there was an inescapable mood of hedonism at the time that led us to discuss what we might be missing. Perhaps it...Read On


Dirty Fantasy-One Fun Night

Every Friday night for the last two years we had all gotten together for a few drinks and some laughs. You know, friend stuff; cards or darts or dominoes. Cindy and Billy had been married for five years. Kerri and I for seven. I don’t remember exactly how it got started, but one night the girls challenged Billy and I to a game of strip poker. I still remember how my cock was throbbing as...Read On


The nurse

The first time with a Caucasian woman.

I am Asian in origin and had just come to Europe to study,and my studies involved working with nurses and this is the first time I have been in close contact with Caucasian woman, white creamy woman,whom before I have only seen as tourists or in porn magazine. I always admired the European woman for they were bold and independent, and well build, tall, and heavy bones, whom I could hold and...Read On


Almost Gone Forever

A son saves his mother from sexual slavery

It's been three years since my mother disappeared from our lives. I was the last person who spoke to her before she left the house for her appointment at the nail salon. She was getting a manicure and pedicure in preparation for the annual Christmas party thrown by the company where my dad worked. My mom, as always, wanted to look her best. After she got her nails done, she was supposed to...Read On


It touches

I was drunken with sorrowful music when I wrote this

the TOUCH It touches; With malign intentions. I can't see them but I know It has your hands. My latest white hair sings Your name And it touches Where it hurts. Taints your smell Where I kept. I call time for help And the pain turns into something Resembling you Without hands And it gives me White hairs. Without hands Absence of you Touches me Through you And leaves sing With...Read On


David's landlady. Part 3.

David's journey with a dominant landlady continues.

This story is the 3rd in a sequence. Mrs. Robinson delayed a few days before questioning David about his previous spanking experiences with his Mother and sister. They were both sitting down watching TV after dinner when she turned the set off and turned to David."So tell me David all about how your Mother and sister used to spank you. Start with your mother". "Mummy has always spanked...Read On


My daddy poking me from behind

This is the story that my friend told me about her and her father,

It was a Thursday night, I did my usual thing, sit at the computer, which is in the living room, my mum and dad always wanted to keep an eye on me even though I was 16 at this point, they did not trust the internet. My mum was at tonight at bingo with her friends, but my dad was at home sitting watching the football on TV, so instead of going upstairs I sat downstairs as I liked being round...Read On


The Reunion

I keep reminding myself that we're just friends now as you walk ahead of me along the little path. I know that's how it should be but I'm still very attracted to you.  I love the way you walk, all relaxed and confident. At the end of the path, there's a small hedge that overlooks the beach and you stop. I put my arms around you from behind and kiss the back of your neck. You take my hands...Read On



When a guy finds the girl he takes to the cinema isn't quite as innocent as he had expected...

  Sat in the darkness, the warm weather temporarily cooled from the blistering heat outdoors and the smell of sweet popcorn wafts up from the bulging paper bag sat in my lap. My arm barely touches the arm of the shadow next to me. A smile creeps across my face, as I take a peek at him at my side. He catches me looking and grins, pinching a few clusters of the honey flavoured...Read On


Stacey's Mom

Hearing the song provokes a strong memory of Brad's youth...

Brad Halstead had never heard of the band Fountains of Wayne, but when he heard their song “Stacey’s Mom” playing in his teenage daughter’s bedroom memories of a wonderful time in his life flooded back. About fifteen years ago Stacey Keen was his best friend. There weren’t many kids their age that lived close by, so they gravitated together much of the time. She was something of...Read On