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Night Robery

Sex following robbery

One night when i was working as a salesman, i was in Nashville. I was 52 years old. I got lost and wound up in a sort of rough part of town. All of a sudden, it started raining. I drove and drove and drove. All of  a sudden, my car swerved and i realized i had a flat tire. I pulled over and got out. It was raining harder. Suddenly, I see four men approaching me. I was thinking that maybe...Read On


High School Bully

The football jock gets the goods on the wimpy scholar...

I had always been a little afraid of Tony Fox. He was a mountain of a kid -- as big and as quiet but not nearly as dumb. Though he was in my Advanced Algebra class, he didn't look the type. A football player of some sort, Tony had a look about him that said, "My mom let me dress myself today." He would have been an easy target to pick on if he didn't stand well over six feet tall and have...Read On


It’s a dirty job… The End..!

“Yeah, just let me take a quick shower. I feel dirty”

-Fuckkk, mmmm I’m going to cummm fuck, fuck, fuck… My voice shaking, I felt a strong orgasm come, Ramses reached down and pinched my nipples. Fuck! That’s all it took. Like a fountain I unloaded on Ricardo’s face, not once, not twice, but three times in a row; my vaginal walls were contracting and begging to be stuffed. - Shit, I need to feel a dick inside me NOW fuckers! I...Read On


The Stacks

John? I'm not wearing a bra. See?" "Pull your sweater back down. This is the library, for Pete's sake, not your bedroom. Besides, you never wear a bra." "I'm not wearing panties either." "Debbie, please. I've got a heat transfer final tomorrow." "Heat transfer? I've got some heat for you. I'm really hot. Feel." "Debbie, please." "Well?" "You're warm." "And wet. Wouldn't you like to...Read On


The Meeting

Some first meetings turn out better than others

I initially met Richard through a TG Community site and we seemed to hit it off from the very start.   He was very open about his likes and dislikes, about him being a TG admirer, about having had a fair number of encounters and dates, but he never pressured to know anything about me.   Drawn by his gentleness and gentleman ways though I found myself sharing my deepest dreams and...Read On


Betty Takes On Chloe

Betty insists on spanking her daughter in law but Chloe resists

I stared at my Mother in Law as she turned to me and snapped “well Chloe, I will now teach you not to be rude about my friends. Over my knee and be quick about it girl and then it will be the slipper and cane as well my girl.” I’m 23 years old and didn’t expect to ever be spanked again. Certainly not by my overbearing 48 year old Mother in Law, yet here she was, sitting...Read On


Beltane Rites

  He walked into the grove not knowing what to expect.  His arms Burned yet fro the adornments the priests had placed upon him when he was chosen.  They had explained that he would know what to do when the time came but the young hunter was still nervous.  The fog of uncertainty was lifting as he walked further into the circle and closer to the bonfire that raged in its' center. Sweat gathered...Read On


What Katie Did Next

After her short fantasy about Brad is interrupted, he calls unexpectantly, what did she do next?

She stood in front of the bathroom mirror and flicked the brush through her hair. Katie had always been proud of her hair. It had been cut short when she was a teenager and she had cried for weeks, swearing to never again cut it so short. It now fell to the middle of her back although she had had it thinned out a month ago. She stared at the white, satin blouse....Read On



Giving in to an overwhelming case of sexual attraction

I’m passing by your office I see you’re working late I call to say hi from the street below   you ask me if I’ll wait   in a moment you are at the door you smile and say hello a fleeting thought hints I should leave   but your eyes won't let me go   I'm looking at forbidden...Read On


My beginning and pathway to group sex. Part 3

The opportunity for my second boy

Chapter 3.   Read parts 1 & 2 first to understand my development.   The days rolled by that summer, mainly occupied by sexual exploration with my boyfriend and his brother, interspersed with visits to the pool and my period.   After the second oral session involving both the boys, I was determined to fuck them both.   I had done my boyfriend.   Now I wanted another.   I soon used...Read On


The Woman Across the Street

"And I want every speck of dirt off that window. Do you hear me, Isidor? Every speck." "Yes dear." Isidor Rosenberg stood at his 17th floor kitchen window. It was 90° with no breeze, and the apartment was as hot inside as it was outside. Isidor breathed heavily as he smeared Windex ® around the windowpane. His wife, Dara, had been harping at him to clean the windows all day. 90° or not....Read On


Ms Eriksson's Cock

A boy gets his woman, sort of.

  Late for school again. I threw the door to my classroom open. "Sorry I'm late mis Erikson." I said to my teacher. "Sit down." she said sternly. I didn't care much for school, my teacher mis Erikson was the only good thing about it. She was in her mid thirties and she inspired awe in all the boys at school. Her rather big but oh so perfect ass looked very beautiful in those tight skirts...Read On


Mutual Attraction Part 2

Wayne helps Louise out with a favour

This story continues on directly after my first story, Mutual Attraction   I woke up the next morning, and Louise was still lying beside me. It had all been true. I could see that she had already been awake for a while, and she had been watching me as I slept. When she saw I was awake, she rolled her eyes, as if to say, “ Well, here we are, it really did happen”, and said “So,...Read On


The Infamous Pool Incident

The expanded version of my most embarassing moment

                One summer, I took a trip with my friend and his family to Myrtle Beach, S.C. I had been there before as a child, but I was 18 now and free to explore all aspects of the beach at my leisure. I squeezed every drop of enjoyment out of my time there. I savored the bright sun, the warm sand at night, and the wild, untamed waves of the ocean.                 But...Read On


The Dance Floor Encounter

An older man seduces a young club patron for a dance floor quickie.

The first sound I hear is muffled music and I think, “Why did I pick this club to go for a drink?” I open the door and lose myself in the crowd as I make my way to the bar. As I sit there nursing a scotch and water, I realize that I am more than a bit out of place since there is nothing but young people there. But I turn on my stool to watch the dance floor. It is then I see you on the...Read On