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Two friends discover something more.....

This story was written as a tag-team effort, in collaboration with a certain "bitsie", who is the most unusual muse that I could imagine.   Him :   Hal dragged the last suitcase out of the back of the van and over to the curb, where the porter was waiting with the rest of the luggage. "That's the last of them," he grunted as he dropped the...Read On


My Playboy Sister (Part 1)

Like a Playboy bunny......only hotter.

We arrived at the airport at around 10:10. My sister was supposed to be flying in from Lass Vegas at 11:00, so, reluctantly i drove to the airport with my dad to greet her. My sister was only one year older than me, but i was much bigger. As we waited patiently at the terminal i began to think back about my sister. My sister, Bailey, and i have had a good relationship almost all my life....Read On


Sperm Donation 5

Jack continues his work at the clinic

The next day was Saturday and soon after he got up Jack received another call from the clinic. Jack was asked if he would mind coming in to the clinic as soon as was convenient that morning. Since Jack didn't have any plans for the day he quickly agreed. They didn't go into any details about what he would be doing but Jack was sure it would be a very fun and interesting experience for him....Read On


A Night With My Buddy Ryan...

A great time with a friend during a sleepover.

During my freshman year in High School, I had finally reached maturity, and although I didn't have many close friends, my friend Ryan and I were close. On one of our weekly weekend sleep overs, Ryan and I were looking and porn on my lab top. Both of us were getting horny and we were pitching tents. Usually, we would jack-off in front of each other (even on the same bed), but we never...Read On


A Wonderful Summer

      The first time I saw her it was the first day of summer. I was sitting in my living room and she was getting out of her car. She was moving into the house next door. I watched her and her friends as they unloaded all of her stuff from the truck. I thought to myself what a lovely way to spend the summer looking at my sexy new neighbor.   She looked absolutely adorable...Read On


In my wife's panties

Getting behind on laundry can get exciting

It started as out as normal work day except that my wife was away visiting in-laws. I got up, showered, and walked naked to my dresser to get clothes to wear. I got out a pair of jeans but found my underwear drawer was empty. Apparently, I was further behind on laundry than I had thought. I started looking through my other drawers but only found a swimsuit which would be to hot to wear...Read On


Personal Assistant

Fiona hires an Australian male as a PA, he turns out to have other talents however.

The dank, gray gloom was lifting as I pulled into the parking lot outside the mist-shrouded warehouse in Edinburgh. The snow was still falling heavily, swirling snowflakes had reduced visibility to a few feet by the time we reached our destination. Even though we had managed to outrun the blizzard, it would be difficult getting back this afternoon. Beside me, Fiona pulled the black trench...Read On


Corporate Takeover Part 2

This story picks up where we left off.

When we left our hero, he was standing in the middle of the corporate jungle about to fall into the clutches of …just kidding! She smiled and said, what no more protest? All I could do at this point was groan. She now bit lightly on my now raging hard-on, I thought that the fabric would rip. I needed release, in more ways than one.  My cock straining against the fabric was...Read On

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Ventana means Window

Twilight at the Ventana Spa means perfect views from the meadow for Robin

VENTANA MEANS WINDOW   Robin sipped her drink on the patio, and looked out over the steep hills descending to the Pacific Ocean. Big Sur really is magic, she thought. It was the Golden Hour at Ventana. The sun was sinking in the ocean, the lavender blooms were waving in the field, and   her husband was dozing behind her in the deep covers of their hotel bed, after...Read On


Betty Spanked Again

Chloe enforces her disciplinary control over both her Mother in Law and husband

“David, go to the bathroom and get the cream. Change in to your pyjamas as well. I need to talk to your Mother.” David could tell how annoyed I was and walked off. I quickly threw my clothes back on, knocked and immediately opened the bedroom door and switched the light on. There was a gasp and it took a few seconds for the buzzing to stop. “I said straight to sleep Betty didn’t I?”...Read On


Sperm Donation 4

Jack has another adventure at the clinic

The next day Jack received another call from the clinic. Would he be able to come in for another donation? He told them he would stop by the clinic after work. After work he again found the non-descript building in the industrial park. He went in the front door and was again told to wait. He sat down in the waiting area and grabbed a magazine. He spent the next few minutes idly leafing...Read On


My introduction and pathway to group sex. Part 6

This part relates how I started opening myself to other boys and my first condom free fuck

This is Part 6 of a continuing story of how I became a lover of group sex. It has been my life.  Please read parts 1 - 5 in order first.   Going back to school after the holidays was a shock to the system.   I went from having sex every day, to juggling it in whenever I could.   My fingers were getting a workout every night and I was going my hardest to fit four fingers in so that...Read On


Corporate Takeover

It started with our annual holiday party, I had no idea that it would lead to this...

Man I hated coming to these corporate functions. It was our annual holiday party, and most of the people in attendance were already feeling quite good. I was already tired of the let’s be polite and ask how things are going. I have never been into small talk. I wasn’t looking forward to the 90 minute drive home, and was wondering if I had been here long enough so that I could make...Read On


Bella and Uncle Trevor Part 2

Bella tries something new.

This story is completely fictional, any references to persons, or places is accidental, and this story was written by me misstayla. All characters in this story are also 16 years or older. -Comments Welcome- By the way if you haven't already you should read Bella and Uncle Trevor which begins this story between and girl and her uncle.       When Uncle Trevor finally spoke, we were lying on...Read On


The Club

Bob and his wife join a club where the members provide the shows

The Club Bob and his wife Linda joined the club seeking new excitement and entertainment. It was a new and different place with an interesting twist on entertainment. The entertainment was a daily live sex show, but one put on by the club members themselves. This was different and exciting to the couple so they decided to join, despite the fact that sooner or later they would have to put on...Read On