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Prisoners of Love

Dorothy works in a POW camp and Carl is her new secretary but he has other talents too,

PRISONERS OF LOVE Dorothy looked up as the door creaked open, her fingers hovering above the heavy, black typewriter, a look of mild irritation on her face. Colonel John McGinty registered the look and his mouth twitched in the typical military smile she had grown to despise. Why did soldiers act as if emotions were an enemy to be killed, rather than something to embrace?...Read On


A MILF Story ch.2

The story continues wil a trip and a decision.

  My name is Meg Williams and I am a MILF. At 43 I could easily pass for 30 or even younger. I am 5' 8” and I have the time and resources to take good care of myself along with good genes. I have long legs and a tight ass from working out and playing sports like golf and tennis. I have long brunette hair and an all over tan. My tits are my best asset. They are 36 DD and are heavy but...Read On


Niece's Sexy Surprise Chapter II

Chapter II / Story of my niece's sweet 16th birthday party.

Chapter 2 - The Party We had to walk about 40 yards to the pavilion across the yard. There were some friends, family and school friends of Lauren's all around with people still arriving. We reached the pavilion and greeted our guests.   Suddenly Lauren saw me through the crowd and shouted, "Uncle Ron!" and she came running over to greet me.   As she approached, I couldn't...Read On


Bob and Koen (Part 2)

Bob Fucks Koen's Boy Ass For The First Time

After a few minutes Bob gently turned Koen on his belly. He straddled Koen's upper thighs, leaned forward dragging his engorged eight inch cock between the soft boy ass cheeks. Bob began to softly massage Koen's shoulders and then slowly moved his hands down the smooth skin of Koen's back. He slid his hands under his rib cage until he found the small nipples. Gently, he pinched the...Read On


The Beast Within You

An intense story

Look into my eyes. Does what you see there scare you? It should, because I’m going to turn you into something you never dared to dream about, I’m going to make you say things you’ve never heard yourself or anyone say aloud and I’m going to make an animal of you. You’re going to be scared for me because I’m allowing you to lose control, all the things that you know to be right and wrong,...Read On


Bob and Koen (Part 1)

Bob Sees A Hot Boy on the Beach and Takes Him Back To His Room For Sex

Bob was cruising the beach looking at all the beautiful boys when his eye caught this one good looking kid who was about 16 yo. Bob took a picture of the boy when he noticed that the boy was smiling at him. The boy wiggled his hand into his shorts and manipulated his package. This was a hint that the boy was interested in Bob. As Bob sauntered toward the boy, a sexy smile crossed...Read On


My Sexy Aunt Part.3

I had just finished licking her to an orgasm, now she will return the favor!!!

We changed positions so that I would be sitting on the edge of the Hot tub, and she could have easy access to my cock. She got down on her knees so that most of her body was under water, and started using her hands to massage my steel shaft. Then she began to lightly lick the tip of my cock, progressively taking more of it in her sexy little mouth. She was sucking me like a pro, but...Read On


African sunset

Jenny needed to come before she could change

The Lear jet touched down softly and the blur of African bush slowed down to recognisable shapes. Majestic Camel-thorn trees mixed with Mopani and Baobab stretched towards the Mountains in the distance. The heat was visible from the air-conditioned coolness of the plane.   It was Jenny and Paul’s first visit to Africa but the trip was clouded from the word go. Paul was here...Read On


One Answer

It was a question of taste

My friend and I grew up together in the city. His family moved to an acreage south of the city when we were in grade nine. We would get together for weekends often. Our families (parents, brothers & sisters) were clueless as to how our relationship was changing from pals to intimate friends. In-deed we were pretty clueless too, but we were keen to explore and learn, especially me. One...Read On


Big Blue Toy

I have been thinking about you all day.  Working myself up, with thoughts of you inside me. Behind me.  Touching me.  With your hands on my body, in my ass and my pussy.  I have sat at this desk and worked myself into a frenzy with these thoughts.  My panites are soaked, and I cannot wait until five oclock, when I can leave this place and come home to you.  The conversations that we have...Read On


Another Night with My Beer Buddy

Marsha finds out Tony's secret sex slave

I could feel the drops of sweat landing on my back as Tony plowed his cock deep inside of me. I had sucked him off earlier and knew that this would be a nice, long fuck. Despite the coolness of the basement, Tony was hot from the effort of pumping his cock in and out of me. The drops of sweat reminded me of the burn of candle wax that he loved to drip on me occasionally, especially down ...Read On


Amanda in Taiwan - Chap 3

Her Master finds some interested parties in the hotel bar

Amanda in Taiwan – Chap 3         As soon as I left, you turned to your new friend and started asking questions that he never would have expected from another Asian. But he appreciated the honesty of your forward behavior, and as a normal thirty-something male, he found you irresistibly sexy and appealing.   First, you asked him if he thought you were hot.  ...Read On


Niece's Sexy Surprise Chapter I

Sweet niece's 16th birthday party. Part 1 of 4

Chapter 1 - The Arrival It was a typical late summer Saturday afternoon, hot, humid and hazy. My sexy 36 year old sister Amy, invited me, her 42 year old bachelor brother, over to join in celebration of her beautiful daughter, Lauren's 16th birthday party. Amy and her late husband have an in-ground pool and a pavilion about 20 yards away from the pool, which is where the party was...Read On


Finding my orgasmic focus

It isn't enought just to cum inside her

Denise's small breasts bounced up and down as I energetically slammed my erect penis in and out of her vagina. We were both nude. I was standing and she was laying on our kitchen table with her arms over her head gripping the far side. Her legs were draped over my shoulders so that she could comfortably hold up her legs with me moving inside her. As I listened to the slap of my groin into...Read On


The virtual love -Frustration-

Virtual lips against my skin trying to press the right keys to not get turned off as I deliver my reaction to your action Nails feeling the friction of your virtual skin body reacting, responding to every virtual  movement inside my emptiness Pulsating, trembling, shuddering, panting -vibrating- "I'm sorry mum, can I call you later?" Pulsating, tremb...GAH!!! /!"#¤!%/#! &/&%¤#)=#....Read On