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Woo Of My Darkening

In woo of my darkening demeanor, Trending the side of eeriness scribing. Scratching out kernels on paper I writ, Enunciating in script forthwith. Seething erotic storms, brewing musk, Thunderous inclinations lusting within, In giving of my scribbling pen. Composing copulation of my stipends.  Compilations of nocturnal feasts, The erotic soul my quest, In unforgiving thirst,  My...Read On


Searching for Fulfillment ch.3

The fulfillment of Kelly's fantasies begins...she meets her first young lover.

As he'd promised, Justin began combing the internet, looking for sites that would lead him to men interested in sharing another man's wife and possibly, later, group sex. A gangbang. The thought made Justin instantly hard; he still couldn't believe his shy, sweet wife had been entertaining the same kinds of fantasies he had. They'd agreed to take things slowly. While Kelly's excitement...Read On


The Landscape of Lust

I gaze with hunger at your hills and dells Your body is a landscape for my lust  And as you're lying there I savor smells  Just like an elephant in rutting must. My eyes will travel over paths of flesh To map into my mind your beauty pure And soon I hope to feel our bodies mesh And you will be enraptured, to be sure. Your nakedness is like unto a world That I may move about in eager...Read On


Ode to my master

My undying obedience to my master

As I kneel at Your feet  Your rough touch I yearn  The ache is so sweet  It makes my heart burn The look in Your eyes  Brings me such joy  And makes me realize  That I am Your toy You reach out Your hand  Slapping against my cheek  That’s when I notice the band  That makes me go weak “This gift of love  makes you forever mine  before the heaven above  and...Read On


Where Is My Love

Where is my love, My one and only. I do not think I have met him yet. A man to tame My deepest desires, To cool my hot fires. To be there so I Will not be lonely. To stand up for me To love and protect me. Who will he be? What is his name? When will I meet him, The man of my destiny....Read On


The Mile High Club - Flying Solo

She didn't care if her seatmate saw her.

She boarded the plane slowly - searching the aisle for her seat. She was rewarded with a window and a wide, comfortable area. She stored her carry-on and climbed into the seat, making herself comfortable. She'd worn a long, flowing black skirt, a black tank top with no bra and a jeans jacket - completing the look with her silver jewelry and simple black flip flops. Settling in, she sipped...Read On


Making Love and Hardcore Fucking

An owned whore is finally claimed by Daddy

“Get on the bed.” “Yes sir,” I replied, my voice as confident and controlled as I could muster, but to be completely honest, my insides were quivering with excitement and nerves. I felt a whip strike across my ass and his voice followed. “Say it louder, whore!” “Yes sir!” I yelled this time, as I got on all fours at the foot of the bed. “Good whore.” “Thank you,” I mumbled out,...Read On


Caught 3

Let me know if you want me to continue this story line.

I place my phone back into my purse and saunter down the street to Mr. H’s house. I barely make it to my to the front door when it swings open. The six foot Mr. H stands in the doorway. He growls, “Do I need to call you parents, young lady?”  I roll my eyes. ”No, not that they would be mad at me after I tell them about you.” I cross the threshold and he pushes me against the wall. “Listen...Read On


The ancient dance of lovers

He comes to her when darkness falls, When moonlight shines upon her skin, Making it glow in beautiful paleness, Like fragile, exquisite porcelain. The cool night time air Causes her pink nipples to firm, Little rosebuds on creamy breasts, His mouth watering at the sight. She sighs and stretches, Unaware of his presence, his eyes on her. The seductive curve of her hip Calls to...Read On


The Birthday Treat Chapter 1

Sylvie's vodka and orange in school has an unfortunate result for four girls.

The Birthday Treat by Sylvie Johnson as told to John Larame I It’s half past eight on a chilly Friday morning in February 1979. I’ve just finished my breakfast and am about to leave for school. My name’s Sylvie Johnson and I live with my parents in a rather nice house outside Gloucester. Daddy runs a small but profitable publishing company so we’re really rather well off. Mummy...Read On


Fucking Your Wife Ch-13

The story concludes, at leaast for now.

After the pool, Katrina and Jeff dressed and rented a motor scooter and were off to St. George for some sightseeing. A popular tourist spot is the Unfinished St. Peter’s Church. A plaque in front of the roofless stone structure read that construction on the church had begun in 1870 but faction infighting within the congregation led to a withdrawal of funding pledges and then a storm damaged...Read On


Friday Night

This is a fantasy mixed with reality. Enjoy.

It's a typical, shitty, rainy Friday. I'm with my friend Nat and we're outside a club, waiting to get in. I'm already drunk, and I see this man. He's in his mid-twenties, tall, brunette. There's something different about him. He's beautiful, yet he seems distant. I stare at him for a while then he turns his head towards my direction. His eyes meet mine. I instantly turn away, flash my ID to...Read On


Mari's Confession (Part 3)

Mari spends time with Thomas on his day off

This story takes place straight after "Mari's Confession (Part 2)" I didn’t realise how tired I was until I started to drive home. My legs and arms ached, and I hadn’t really been able to clean myself up properly. I felt stiff as I climbed out of the car at the beach house and went straight to the shower. Standing under the blisteringly hot water, my eyes closed, I started to come down from...Read On


Krystenah's Surprise Date with Daddy

Daddy makes Krystenah wear a steel butt plug in public

I rolled over and opened my eyes, expecting to see Daddy's handsome, restful face, but I snapped awake when I saw that resting on his pillow instead was the thick, wooden frat paddle. I blinked awake and ran my hand over its smooth surface. Daddy rarely used it on me and I did a quick memory scan to try to find some infraction that would warrant punishment with it. I felt I had been good...Read On


My Freaky Girlfriend

My girlfriend loves anal sex.

Recently, I met the freakiest chick I've ever met. This chick has the greatest body and what an ass. It's perfectly round and she wears those short shorts and you can see her pussy right through them. The girl is freaky and she loves to have anal sex. In fact, we had anal sex long before I ever fucked her pussy. She loves to get all nasty and even enjoys when I dominate her. I must be...Read On


Kara's Spring Break - 3

Kara tiptoes around the edge of one taboo and dives into another.

Kara pushed open the door to the shower and took a couple of steps inside. Stopping abruptly at what she saw, she quietly stepped back out and carefully closed the door. She looked at it. Stenciled lettering clearly said 'Women'; it even had the correct international symbol below it. Looking about she reaffirmed what she had seen on her walk from the boat; the marina was deserted. It was...Read On


Mari and the Masseur Part 2

After a great massage, a shower...

Mari stirred from her nap, full of the beautiful afterglow of her intense multiple release by John’s hands. Having fallen asleep on the firm massage table, she awoke feeling a bit stiff and oily, but otherwise she was feeling great. Before she could look around, John spoke to her quietly from the couch, where he had been silently admiring her in her sleep. “You would probably like a...Read On


Rock and Water - Chapter 6

Corrine submits further; Patrick lands on the moon

Patrick stays over the next evening too. It feels like we’re falling into an easy rhythm. So far we’ve always stayed at my house, but he asks that I come to his place for the first time this Friday. We’re both pretty wiped out when he arrives after work, so we just eat a simple dinner and watch a movie curled up on the couch together. Both too groggy to do much more than stumble to the...Read On


White Lactating Wife is a Black Stag Party Slut

My wife unwittingly ends up entertaining and fucking my black coworkers at a stag party.

It is a little unusual to find a couple who was born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota living in North Carolina. That was the case for my wife Cindy and me when we moved to Raleigh. My father retired from the Army and he and Mom were living near Raleigh when his health declined. Mom needed help taking care of things around the house from time to time, so I agreed to move near them and help. ...Read On


A Soul On Fire

The waves of lust sweeping away his dreams The wind of memories blowing him away The flames of her memories burning him down The land of unending sorrows pushes him to the never ending land, The never-land! -- The one he cared for left his life The men he trusted smacked him on the back The friends he adored left him stranded  The life he's living tickles him The hope he...Read On


Fistfuls of Hay

A farmer's wife allows an unusual relationship - and enjoys it, too!

Nelle balanced the heavy basket of wet clothes on the ample curve of her hip and shielded her eyes against the late day sun. Grasshoppers flicked through the grass around her, a humming buzz of life in the emerald green. She’d heard the deep rumble of the tractor returning from the field a few minutes ago. By now her men would be in back of the barn, knocking off the dirt, making use of the...Read On


Extra Credit (Part 1)

Aubrey needs some extra credit in gym and she knows exactly how to get it without lifting a pencil.

Every single day seemed to be one more day of torture. I mean, how could someone so perfect, someone so handsome, someone so…sexy, be my teacher? “People, this is gym class, the easiest class to pass! Why are some of you nearly failing?” Mr. Parker’s deep voice rang throughout the gymnasium, though no one responded. “Alright,” the man sighed, “if you know that you have a bad grade, come up...Read On


What's gotten into Carry?

I had no idea how to react to my girlfriend's sudden sexual transformation.

"Shit, Carry!" I shouted. I must admit, when things get good, I have this habit of cussing. Like when Carry sucked on my dick harder than ever before. Carry's always been great at giving head, but holy shit! Something else had gotten into her. Something wild. Carry was my girlfriend of two years. We met our sophomore year in college and immediately hit it off. Things had been great, in fact...Read On



A selfie in the mirror takes an unexpected twist.

I am in the tastefully lit bathroom of a downtown nightclub, taking a picture of myself reflected in the wall of mirror in front of me. The sweater I am wearing is suggestively low-cut, but I center on my face. My sea blue eyes sparkle in the unnatural light. I had stepped out into the alley with some random guy to smoke a joint about an hour ago, so I am a little light-headed. I made out...Read On


All is Fair in Love and Art Chapter 3

One night can change everything

After everyone had finally cleared out of the apartment, Ellie took a long shower to reflect on the night before… and then this morning too. She was feeling beyond elated at her decision to finally move things to the next level with Caleb. She kept going back to the night before in her mind and thinking about the real work out that he had given her. It was by far the best sex she had ever...Read On


I am his

Sensuality, erotic

Listening to your voice, My eyes watch your mouth, While my fingers touch your face, And I plan my next kiss. My lips brush your skin, A moan trembles me throughout, As your voice caresses my heart, Softly, a whimper escapes my mouth. Soft hairs scratch my tongue, Tracing hearts upon your neck, I linger on your pulse, dreamy, Intoxicated on your scent Follow my whisper in your ear,...Read On


Sylph Esteem

Matt's been having a rough time of it, but good deeds pay sweet dividends.

People had finally gotten the hint. Matthew finished his walk alongside the gravel road, having not found so much as a cigarette butt or gum wrapper. It was a far cry from two years ago when the roadside and the valley below had been littered with trash bags and discarded appliances. His cameras providing evidence of the people littering on the property had allowed the police to track down...Read On


They Must be Angels

They know who they are, and they've changed my life.

I've been down the road of deception, where lies are a way of life. The darkness seduces and entices but always cuts like a knife. *** That road is crooked and leads nowhere and most always results in pain. The lies pile up, the stories get twisted to the point where you cannot explain. *** For to go there is only to fool yourself again and again and again. Eventually...Read On


Panty Pervert - Part 1

Two girls discover their flatmate's secret

"Where the hell are they?" I said aloud in my empty apartment. I was searching for my black see-through panties, Nadine's favourites. I'm a bisexual girl in my mid twenties, five foot eight inches tall with long toned legs. I’m a hundred and ten pounds with firm 34D breasts, a flat stomach and have both nipples and my navel pierced. I’d met Nadine at The Yard when I’d moved up to Newcastle...Read On

Audio version available

Thinking of You

Listen as I think of you

I’m alone, but in my mind you’re with me. My fingers are lightly grazing across my naked skin, and I sigh with wistful thoughts of you. (Sighs) I want you. You know I want you. (Giggle) Is it because I know I can’t have you that my mind torments me? Soft moans reveal my arousal at the mere prospect of getting hold of you. (Moans) My hand is trailing south; the slight caress...Read On