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Elaine's holiday

A good start to the holiday

Elaine sat at the bar nursing a gin and tonic, she had come here after the breakup of her marriage. She looked around the room, there were a few couples scattered around the small bar, not many people this time of year, peak season wouldn't start for another month. Her eyes rested on two men sat in the corner, both were laughing and joking, Elaine envied them; they didn't seem...Read On


A new experience for Julie

Julie's night out

Julie was fed up. It was the same every evening, left on her own while her husband went down the pub. She'd opened the bottle of wine and sat in front of the television, crap on as usual. Eight o'clock already she thought, well sod this, I'm going out. Julie was feeling a bit tipsy after drinking half a bottle, but what the heck. She went upstairs to the bedroom and stripped...Read On


Romeo to the rescue.

Young kinky teenage lovers.

Chapter 1 So, there she was lying on my bed being her cute bubbly eighteen year old self. All I can think about is her amazing body. She has the ass of a goddess and is a total freak in the bedroom. But, alas, our love is forbidden. Something always kept us on the edge of temptation skirting danger. The least of which includes her parents the next door over. Her panties keep playing peek...Read On


Wonderful Honest Mistake

One day I took a trip with my Family, this included my 19 year old Son Ricky and his 20 year old girlfriend Angie. We rented this large house on the beach in Mexico and it was beautiful. The house had two large master bedrooms and two smaller rooms for my younger daughters. We also went to Mexico with several friends that rented homes right next door to ours. One night we all gathered at...Read On


Retribution Part 6

Madge and Zoe are in charge, and Hannah and Susie suffer their wrath

Madge gave the order “right Hannah, you may not enjoy spanking your father but let’s see if you enjoy me spanking you. Susie, I warned you at the airport, you are due a thrashing and Zoe is going to give you one, here and now.” I gasped. Susie is going to be spanked? I knew I would get spanked again but I had to ask. I spun around and asked “how come Susie?” Zoe went to the wall and...Read On


Retribution Part 5

The mother’s return, and things change when it comes to who is disciplined by whom

  Zoe continued to be quite the disciplinarian whilst my wife Susie was away, and I was spanked regularly together with Jeff, and now also 21-year-old Hannah. We would each have to go bare bottomed across my daughter’s lap to be spanked by her very firm hand and then with the strap, and occasionally with the dreaded cane. It was something to hear three adults gasping and crying as...Read On


Home Alone, Horny and Busted Part 2

Maker her sit up and beg, Tom cried out to the others

Their eyes gazed at the bottle, as the shaft separated my quite visible wet sticky inner lips. My body trembling from the pleasure I had experienced, as well as being caught in the self pleasures I had been indulging in as they walked in on me. I was embarrassed on one hand, but the excitement of them catching me added a new twist to the frenzy flowing through my body. I wasn't sure what...Read On


Niece's Lap Dance

An uncle takes loving care of his favorite niece.

Nieces Lap Dance I'm a man of 40 years old and I have this beautiful 16-year-old niece, Leeza, who since the age of 6 has been sitting on Uncle Ron's lap while we watched TV. I never thought of anything sexual and enjoyed the attention as my wife and I do not have any children. She would just sit on my lap and kind of snuggle up to me. This would be an everyday occurrence when she and...Read On


The Only Woman for Me- Part Four

This part is told from Elaine's point of view. I hope you enjoy it.

      We hang up and I can’t believe how bummed I am that Susan had to go. I didn’t realize how strong my feelings still were for her.   I will never know how she dealt with me being married. I haven’t even seen her and already I don’t like it that she is with someone else. I guess this is what I get; I should have left my husband long ago. Even though she is with someone else...Read On


The Adventures of a Long Weekend - Day 1

Part 1 of a long weekend with my wife and her sisters family, her daughter inparticular...

It had been a long and tiring day, we (I and my wife) had to collect her sister, Alice, from the airport at around 7am, and she’d brought her husband and daughter to England for a long weekend. They usually stayed in America as her husband works for the government. He wasn’t too good looking but he was definitely rich, I guess Alice was a money digger and she certainly had the looks to do...Read On


My Hot Step Mother

This is my 2nd story based on true events, some is fantasy, some is total honest truth.

When my Dad first started dating this women (almost 5 years ago now) I never really saw anything amazing about her, yes she was an attractive lady, great tits, pretty face and a lovely figure for a women in her late 30’s, but I suppose being 13 I didn’t think in that way. Carmen was 5ft 7” with brunette hair and large breasts, I don’t quite know what size but they definatly were not as firm...Read On


Sister's Stay

Siblings share a house and discover their taboo sexual desires.

About 8 years ago my sister broke up with her boyfriend and needed a place to stay. I had a 2-bedroom house so I offered a room to her and she accepted. Her name is Amy and she agreed to stay only until she could save up enough money and find her own apartment. Let me tell you about my younger sister, she is about 5 ft. 4, weighs about 115 pounds, curly sandy blonde hair, measures...Read On


Close Teacher part 3

Opportunity knocks for a teacher and his student.

Close Teacher part 3       6:45 AM .   My alarm clock rings.   It takes me a moment to realize that I don’t have to get up for work.   There's a knock on my front door.   “She didn’t.”   I think to myself, half hoping that she did.   She did.   I open my door to find Tiffany standing there in a long trench coat and big sunglasses.   “Good morning, Mr. Reynolds.   Nice Jammies.  May I...Read On


Stepdaughter Shame

Email conversation of admission to my lover of taking my virgin stepdaughter

There had been sexual tension between myself and my partners 16 year old daughter for some time. This particular morning I had taken her "wake up" cup of tea in to her bedroom to find her laid on top of bed, quilt pushed off dozing with her pussy exposed. It was the 1st time I had seen it fully, it was very hairy but her lips protruded through. She had a short cotton nightdress pulled up...Read On



Barry's humiliation goes to knew depths.

A few days after the extreme humiliation revenge that we put on Barry, both Jenna and I were still thinking about it.  The story was spreading wildly and tons of people were asking us all about it.  Jenna and I would be riding in her car and one of us would just start giggling and the other would join in.  We both knew that we had pulled off the biggest revenge scene in the history of...Read On