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Met my wife at nude beach

I know it sounds a little strange, but I met my wife Jill at a nude beach. I was a scholarship jock at a Southern California college and being from the mid-west I wasn’t used to the uninhibited California life style, but I quickly overcame that. My buddies and I would go to a clothing optional beach just north of Malibu just to see some tits and ass. After a while we got bored and decided...Read On


My Tattoo

Every couple of months a group of us at work go out for a few drinks to unwind. There are three women and four guys that kind of hang around together. Sometimes our spouses join us, but last week we were all solo. Let me start off by telling you that I am an uncontrollable flirt, and I sometimes enjoy flashing a little skin in the process. So, were sitting at a large booth at this bar...Read On


The late flight into Heathrow

Your boss, back of a limo.......

The late flight into Heathrow   There is something very depressing about airports when you arrive after a long flight into an unknown city and especially late at night. The fact that I was going to have the best experience in my life was unknown to me at this stage.   As I was walking towards the luggage collection area my mind was so occupied with a...Read On


Stockholm Story

I was 20, he was 35, we met on the internet. Things could only go wrong. Preface for a longer story.

Arlanda Airport, Stockholm. You must walk for miles to reach any destination. It gets especially inconvenient when you finally find your bag among hundreds of similar ones. I've heard airports in London or NYC were even worse, but they are yet for me to discover. I've been to Arlanda for a few times already and always had problems. I wish my boyfriend was with me to help me out. Oh, well,...Read On


Turning Fantasy to a Reality III

Can't stop now...

"Shit, you make me so wet" whimpering through my words.  Silence remained, which added to the lure of it all.  Back and forth his tongue flickered out to tap at my pussy, my hands twisted and pulled at the bed frame, the friction of the lace against my soft skin almost burning.  "Sit still kitten, your going to hurt yourself" he mumbled with his lips pressed against my sex.  Instinctively my...Read On


Claire's Awakening 7: Field Trip - Part 1

After a week of burning anticipation, it's finally time for the field trip..

The bell rang. Quickly I jumped to my feet and hurried towards the door. It was finally time for lesson 3! The week had been long and hard, I’d been aroused for days. As an attempt to enhance my anticipation, I’d banned myself from masturbating since Sunday afternoon. Now I was on fire, my clit practically begging to be touched. Scott was waiting outside the classroom with a devilish grin...Read On


First encounter

This is about my first sexual experience with a male while en femme.

  I had been cross dressing for years but only in private.   I had also had a thing for bondage for a long time.    A couple of years ago, I met two other cross dressers who were into bondage.   We had been getting together every couple of months and   playing bondage games with each other.   We would take turns tying each other up and taking photos and videos.   But, it was always clear...Read On


The Yes man part 5

Dave get end away again and again

If you want to, you can read my previous stories from which this follows on from which this story follows on, but it is still a stand alone story if you do not want to read the previous ones. Well here we go, perhaps I need to change my outlook on life, perhaps I should explain, I had just read the Yes Man by Danny Wallace, and it made me think did I said Yes very often, the...Read On


Beautiful Submission

A submissive woman does anything to please her master.

Beautiful Submission By Murry Davis You wonder what plans your Master made for you tonight. You know that you will do whatever he commands you to do. Since becoming his willing slave, you have never disobeyed him. Tonight would be no different. You walk into the bathroom to prepare. You know your Master will want you clean and fresh. You slip out of your silk gown and let it...Read On


Model Mishap

My name is Laura. I’m a housewife but I do a little part time modeling, mostly fashion modeling for several local stores. Jim Clark is the fashion photographer under contract to do the photo spreads for the Ad agency responsible for the sales fliers. Jim and I have worked together for a number of years and our families get together mostly during the summer for pool parties and cookouts....Read On


A Genny Story... My Little Lamb

Mary was the sweetest, softest little thing I had ever seen, and I wanted her.

  This is my first attempt at fiction. I have a very special friend. She is a second year UNI student in London. We first met on line a week before her 18th birthday. She was a scared little girl that was not sure if she was gay or not. Now she is a proud woman living with her lover and enjoying her life. This is a fantasy we have created and shared. I hope you enjoy it. I am Genny. When...Read On



A Vampyre story where a kind stranger gets more than he bargained for.

He swung the car around violently on the deserted road and drove back to check what his headlights had lit up. It was late, very late, and he’d been drinking – but nevertheless he was certain his eyes had not deceived him. He pulled up by the kerb where the bundle of rags had suddenly moved as he drove past. It was raining heavily now and as he searched for some sign, he was getting...Read On


Anything You Want

As Mr. Greg was handing back the recent and not to mention, disappointing tests, he walked to a student's desk. An absent student’s desk. Checking over her mark, he got a little frustrated. Mr. Jason Greg was an incredibly attractive man that slightly resembled Justin Timberlake, although he was slightly, just slightly, bigger in build. He was about 30 years of age. He was athletic,...Read On


Summer Holiday Eductation pt6

The next lesson

Please read no further if you are offended by incest,Bi anal stories, if however you are turned on by these topics read on.   We had all been resting for about 45 minutes now watching grandpa’s porn film with all the hot Bi action, many bottles of wine had been drunk.   On screen at this point was two men fucking in the doggy position, this seemed to...Read On


I Love My Elder Sister

I am 24 i am 5'9 tall, fair complexion & have an average physique. My family includes my mom, dad & my elder sis about whom my story evolves. her name is sonu, she is 26, wheatish in complexion, 5'3 tall & her figure is slightly plump(38/32/40), but the most attractive part of her body is her huge round fleshy butts & her perfectly shaped boobs which fascinated me very much. Now the...Read On