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Totally unexpected, that’s the only way to describe it. I hadn’t been prepared for him taking part of my heart. I hadn’t even realised there was a part of my heart left to take. I know him from work. He’s my boss of sorts, his position in management. I see him in meetings and read his memos; they always make me smile, he has such a way with words. I say work, but my time’s given on a...Read On


Games, Part 2

Diane and her son, Ashley and her parents conclude Truth or Dare

You probably read in Part 1 that after a great meal of bakedsalmon, my son, Chad and I had begun a game of Truth or Dare/Double-dare in Ashley’s living room, along with her parents, Susan and Dominic. My husband, Jason, was out of town and I’m not sure they would have invited him, anyway. The game was X rated and Dominic used an iPad app for each theoretically random turn (I learned later...Read On


Chasing Lacy Final Chapter

Lacy fears she has lost her Mistress

When the harsh morning light woke Lacy was surprised to see the chain holding her to the headboard was gone and her hands had been released from her cuffs. Clearly someone had been there during the night, but a quick glance around the bedroom and bath rendered no Freja, nor was there any indication her Mistress had slept beside her. Immediately Lacy felt an urgent desire to find her Mistress,...Read On


My English Teacher and I Part 3

My sister wants a lesson

I was dozing in and out. It was relaxing listening to the waves and sitting in the sun. The beach was quiet and our family was enjoying some time by the shore. We’d been gone three days and pretty much every day had started with me thinking about Rebecca until I had to escape to the bathroom to relieve myself. My sister Rachel and I were sharing a room as our summer house was getting...Read On


Stuffing my hard cock into skimpy panties and going to the gloryhole

Wearing slutty panties and sucking dick!

I had just gotten home from Victoria's Secret and was about to start trying on all of my new panties. I was putting on my first new sexy thong (it was a hot cotton pink one) and just as soon as the string slid up my ass, my cock got rock hard, making for a very formidable tent. I knew then and there that I would have to suck a dick and swallow some cum. I had always had a fantasy about...Read On


Early Days - Chapter 4

Julie is great to play with

Now, let me recommend that if you ever want your brother to lose his hard-on, walk into the room where he is fucking your Aunt and make a loud noise. Jenn and I screamed Aunt Julie’s name, but I imagine pretty much anything would do. Jenn kept recording as the moment unfolded. It was really fun. Terry stared at us with his cock deep into Aunt Julie’s cunt. Aunt Julie’s legs slowly lowered...Read On


her surprise

I come up to you looking into your loving eyes I give you a deep passionate kiss and I taste your sweet lips on mine I break from our kiss looking back into your eyes, "I have a surprise for you my love" I pick you up in my arms Taking you to my bed laying You on a silk sheet on the bed and looking at you I softly kiss your lips again I whisper in your ear with a...Read On


An Ordinary Movie Date Pt. 2

Kristina finally pushes Lucas to the edge, and she pays for it

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Lucas grabbed her arm, spinning her to face him. “I have no idea what you are talking about hun.” Kristina gave a devilish grin licking her lips a bit. “You know exactly what I'm talking about.” Despite the fact that they just had the most amazing sex that Lucas had ever had, Kristina made everyone in the theater aware of it. “I’m pretty sure I saw my...Read On


Footsie Part 3

Playboy tries to bed co-worker, but she gets the upper hand.... or foot

Paul was clearly beginning to win Sharon’s approval as he became more and more submissive to her demands. In return, he was increasingly given special treats. She now allowed him to see her totally nude on a regular basis. As he pleasured her feet and legs, she allowed him to watch her pleasure herself with her hands and vibrators almost every time he came over. After the humiliation of...Read On


Power Chapter Twenty-Two: Birthdays

It's wonderful when you can get a woman exactly what she asks for

Two days before finals was Charlene’s birthday. We asked her what she wanted; she said “All of you and everything.” It’s wonderful when you can get a woman exactly what she asks for. The five of us took turns giving her oral sex. Valerie retrieved Charlene’s vibrator from her purse and got to work on Charlene’s quim. Seth and I each took a nipple and made love to it. Charlene guided Jay’s...Read On


Let's Eat Some Pussy

It's Pussy Time Spead Your Legs

I lay back and open my thighs, I'm so excited and close my eyes. Your head is between my thighs in position, Licking my cunt and making me cum is the mission. You suck and nibble on my pussy lips, My pussy is so wet and juicy it's starting to drip. I grind my cunt into your face, Your tongue has now quickened the pace. Your tongue licks all around my clit, Your fingers are finger...Read On


Don't Use Mom's Panties 14

Brother and sister see each other differently

My brother was only wearing a pair of pajama pants. His hard, muscled chest and ripped abs drew my attention. He was holding a sandwich in one hand and a dr pepper can in the other. He looked up the stairs to where I was standing in shock outside of his room. He smiled and took a bite of his sandwich. Damn. I felt myself getting wet. “We probably have a few hours until Mom and Dad...Read On


Bank Holiday Camp Part 5

first time for everything

Mandy and I watched Jess having her ass and pussy filled, and we continued our getting to know each other chat. Dan was sucking on a rather large cock no more than two feet in front of us. “I think he is doing that for your benefit,” I laughed to Mandy. “Probably, and knowing Dan he is building up to something,” she replied. “Like what?” “Just watch, and if I am correct you...Read On


And our girlfriend makes three--the Garden of Eden

Our threesome experiment takes off, and soars.

We left the bistro and the ride home was something to behold. I was trying to keep the car under control, while Steph and Janine were in the backseat getting comfortable with each other. They were only hugging and kissing, but the sounds they were making were driving me wild. I adjusted the rearview mirror to get a better look and I spent more time watching them than I was on the...Read On



She didn't need to want him. She didn't want to need him. Still, she found herself doing both.

Chapter 1 Keagan pulled up to the bar and parked her older Toyota, glancing around the street as she shoved everything that she needed into the bag she had next to her. It was light out, too early to open up quite yet. She got out of the car and opened up the door, turning to lock it before she headed down the small hallway into the main room. She heard music but Keagan was really...Read On