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Samantha's vistor

A roommate showing some unexpected love.

Samantha awoke to a soft kiss and the feel of a hand moving across her breast. She opened her eyes to look into the eyes of her long time roommate. She started say something but her roommate just lightly placed her finger to her lips to silence her.  Her roommate leaned back down and resumed to kiss her softly and she couldn’t help but to respond even though she had never kissed another...Read On



I have more to give

The darkness that surrounds me The way I cry out your name I want to tell you everything that scares me I want your sweet caress I want to give myself to you and let down all of my walls Let you save my soul It's burning and ripping and tearing me apart I'll never be what you deserve Kiss me now and make me forget Fill me with your want Touch me all over and I'll shove it...Read On


Scent Bringing Musk

On nightly occasions I ramble Within nearby areas of green. The meadows of scent bringing musk, And the aura of sensuality. At the owl's incantation of speak, As if soft whispers at my illusions, The boughs within the trees, Sway cellos and violins in concerto. The mist of midnight dew on clover, Like lace draped over your shoulders, Beneath the pantone moon. I sing love...Read On


Her Pleasure

She wonders if this is real or not.

She awaits her lover bound by her chains,  In the dark and silent room,  For hours and hours. In anticipation for what she desires, His tongue on her clit. She lets out a moan,  As she pulls at her chains. She imagines his tongue, Licking her slit. She lets out a groan, As her head tilts back. Feeling his tongue,  Lick each swollen lip. Moaning and groaning, She pulls on her chains. ...Read On


In the Basement of the Russian Baths

My girlfriend gives a guy a show in a steam room.

My girlfriend and I have been talking more and more about our fantasies recently. It began when I bought her some kinky lingerie. At first, she didn’t like it - she thought it was too slutty. But after she tried a couple pieces on, she started to get into it. She has a perfect body - tall, slim, surprisingly large breasts. She's probably the hottest girl I’ve ever dated. Last week she came...Read On


Daddy's Dirty Daughter Part 2

Daddy needed to relieve himself from what his daughter was doing to him.

“See you later. I will be back by 11,” I heard my wife Laura call out as she left the apartment. It seemed like a formality recently whenever she said that, especially because I was across the apartment and she had not kissed me goodbye. As it was, she left out the door and I sat in my armchair in the living room, flipping to the basketball game. I expected a quiet evening, but then...Read On


Ups and Downs

Love takes time

The rain beats hard against the windowpane Bringing back memories of what we hoped to obtain. The glass is cold and smooth beneath my cheek As I gaze into the darkness so black and so bleak. Our romance has been rocky and filled with doubt There were times we were unsure and almost backed out. Now we are together and never plan to part Our love is cemented and we give it our heart. ...Read On


Amy's Betrayal

Amy catches husband with best friend.

It had been a hectic day, and everything that could go wrong for Amy did. Just when things couldn’t feel any worse, the phone rang and startled her out of her deep thoughts of Brad. The man she always felt was the one. Until she came home early and found him in bed with her best friend. She suddenly felt sick in the pit of her stomach, as her thoughts went back to that dreaded day and...Read On


The incest video interviews chapter 15A

Rita goes out with a bang

I did my last interview, and those three became a little clingy. They began texting me, and calling nonstop. They didn't mean to make me uncomfortable, but they did a little bit. At the same time, I was about three months pregnant with the baby. Ted, and I needed to be ready to bring a baby into the world, and that didn't include interviewing incestuous couples. I couldn't have been happier...Read On


Family Whores (Never ending affair): chapter-1

My brother confessed it few days before my marriage and a never ending affair started between us.

“Oh yes, fuck me like a whore,” I screamed when my perverted, dirty, little brother, Mike, pushed his cock deep in my pussy and pulled my hair. We had just arrived to our beach house this afternoon, and he was fucking me second time in a row. It had been two years of my marriage but it could never end between me and my brother. Sorry, let me start telling from where it began. It was...Read On


Carnie Tales In Technicolor

In the dark of night, magic happens at the carnival.

I never imagined working at a carnie, joining the ranks of society’s oddballs: the clowns, the “mystics”, the giants and dwarfs, and the creepy redheaded puppeteer twins. But here I am, looking ridiculous in a straw fedora, a big red bow tie, and old-timey suspenders; a vision cut from the 50s, celebrating the end of summer, fireworks painting the midnight sky with thunderous bursts of...Read On


Lynn gets a massage and more

This is a true real life experience!

I have had a personal ad to provide free massages, not truly intending anything sexual, to ladies for quite some time. I was and am not opposed to sensual or sexual, I simply love to please a Lady. The ad has not been too fruitful. Lynn responded to my ad and sounded genuine, her photo was absolutely precious, and her photo did not begin to do her justice in any way. She was...Read On


Up On A Pedestal

Every week daddy inspects me

My name is Mindy. I've always felt my name was very... I dunno... girly, I guess. It may not be what led me directly to the lifestyle I have, but it did fit right in. I live with my Daddy. His name is Mark. Don't misunderstand - he's not my father. To everyone else, he's my fiancé, but to me, he's my Daddy, and I'm his little girl. I try to be his good little girl as much as I can,...Read On


Party Girl, Chapter 2

An afterparty leads Bailee to her first group encounter!

Bailee and Tom were heavy into making out, when suddenly Bailee got up. "I'll be right back," she said, and headed off to the bathroom. While she was gone, Tom got his cell phone out of his pocket and texted one of his buddies downstairs: "I'm upstairs with this really hot drunk chick. Find another ride home! Score!" Tom had just sent the text out when Bailee came back. They...Read On

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Totally unexpected, that’s the only way to describe it. I hadn’t been prepared for him taking part of my heart. I hadn’t even realised there was a part of my heart left to take. I know him from work. He’s my boss of sorts, his position in management. I see him in meetings and read his memos; they always make me smile, he has such a way with words. I say work, but my time’s given on a...Read On