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Ella and Eric | Part 2

I felt as if I was launched into the deepest of euphoria, never to return.

I started to moan to turn him on even more and he took the bait easily. Every time he moaned I would moan as well. It’s not that I wasn’t enjoying this, because “fuck am I ever enjoying this” I thought. The way his muscles rippled as he moved my hips with a firm grip. He was using me to pleasure himself, and only himself. I knew that soon I would get my revenge. I felt that thought...Read On


That was a couple's massage like I have never had before

That was a couples massage like I have never had before.

Ginger was on her wayout the door, on her way to work. On her way out, she handed Jako a piece of paper with an address, a name and 12:30 pm written on it. She said, “Someone named Malana called and wanted to see about you doing some work for her firm. You were in the shower, so I checked your calendar and made the appointment for you. I hope that was okay.” He smiled, gave her a kiss and...Read On


Chilling Of The Bones

With serpent's eyes, I hear clearly,  Discernibly of the naïve, Chilling of the bones,  Tweeting in cold nest.  Darkness, I sway my bleariness, With my pen I jingle obsidian, On pages of everlasting words,  Copulations and connotations.  On rising of my cock's mast, Praising the cunt is my forte. In the north forty of half awake, Streaming ink in my insomnia.  Raw senses of...Read On


Melody, Memory

You are the music that plays in my heart...

Whenever a song plays on the radio, I don't know why... A tear falls down from my eyes, It hurts so much to continue listening, You're the first person that comes to my mind. And if I sing along with it, I don't know why... The memories of our happy days flash back, Wishing it would not be so painful to see you change, Wishing you were still the man you introduced me to. And when the...Read On


I Seduced My Neighbor Over The Phone

Trish helps her neighbor who is in need of a good fuck.

Do you have a neighbor who you wanted to fuck the first time you saw them? Well that is how I felt when The Humphreys move in. Stan who is an absolute hunk, is 6'4" tall with short black hair and hazel eyes. Stan works from home as a freelance graphic designer. Melissa is 5’11” tall with long blond hair reaching the middle of her back. She has aquamarine eyes. Melissa is a former model...Read On


Tenth Year Anniversary Fantasy Present

Celebrating our Tenth Anniversary Fantasy

This is the story about when my husband and I decided to have a foursome for our tenth wedding anniversary. We have a fabulous sex life. However, we’re always looking for interesting ideas to keep our sex life interesting. Joe, my husband, decided he wanted to have a threesome with a lady of his choice and me. I decided I wanted to sleep with an African American man. We decided we would...Read On


Swimming with Lindsey

A quick swim turns into a sensual storm.

Swimming was my new pass-time. With the proceeds from my third book sale, my wife and I had installed an in-ground pool in our back yard. The book was doing fairly well in some circles. Not well enough to buy a new house, but well enough. Of course, after the pool was installed and the landscaping done, my wife wanted to have a party. She invited a lot of our friends, and also some of...Read On


What's Wrong and What's Write

Dedicated to daddysweetheart

I write what I write, I write just to spite, 'Cus it's my release, And sometimes I'm a fright. I write things for him. I write about sin. Some sex and some lust, And the shit between. I write about love, And I write about me, Exposing myself, For the critics to teehee. I don't care what you think. Maybe you think that I stink. I probably do.. Sometimes I write when I drink. ...Read On


Adventures in Florida

Being a good boy for twenty years had become rather boring. I had never cheated on my wife. And I think she never even considered cheating on me. I considered it all the time. I was one horny bugger. Always had been. But I had never taken the chance to cross the line. I'm not sure I ever had prospects. Some ladies would flirt with me, but I always assumed it was just that, a bit of...Read On


My Aunt. Chapter2

Victoria settles into her new home

The maid led me up the broad staircase and along an ornate, timber panelled landing until we reached a large oak door with a very heavy looking black iron handle. She opened the door and stood back to allow me inside. "This is your room, Miss Victoria," she said. I stepped inside and stopped dead in my tracks. The room was huge. There were two large windows in the opposite wall, the...Read On


Veterinary Vulva

Lucky Pete finds the dream job, but ends up in a barn with the farm vet!

Pete's mum had been nagging him to get a job for ages now he had just turned 16. He reluctantly applied for many different jobs; paperboy, shop assistant, dog groomer, and even a cleaner. However there was one job that caught his eye. Treacle Forest Farm were looking for a new part time farm worker to help out in the lambing season. This seemed like the perfect job for Pete and so he...Read On


My Reward

Anne thanks me in a very unconventional way for being open-minded in Vegas.

It was hard to erase the memory of my wife getting fucked by another man. In fact, I wasn’t sure I wanted to forget. My cock started to swell each time the X-rated images appeared in my mind. Three days had elapsed since Anne and I had returned home from our weekend Vegas rendezvous with our friends, Darrell and Linda. I should probably refer to them as our lovers, actually. “Friends”...Read On


Becoming a Slut

I just had another fight with my dad, after another Friday night when I came home drunk. I decided I couldn’t stand it anymore. My dad called me a slut and a whore. It wasn’t as if I was sleeping with anyone, while I got drunk. I had to escape. I ran from the house, tears poured down my face. I thought over and over, if my dad thought I was a whore, maybe I should act like one. I walked...Read On


Chat window

You are but a dream to me. A small piece of brightness that I close my eyes to see. A voice in the night, that I will never hear. Just a screen name to cling to. Sign on for that thrill, the kind word, the gentle hello.  (The fantasy I reach for,) A diversion from a lonely life a few stray exchanges to keep me sane. I imagine your voice, your face, your hands all of which, I've never...Read On


Monica's Birthday Turns Into An Unexpected Orgy

How hot and dirty can a birthday become...

Oh my, what a day! I'm still recovering from the ravishing that my fuck buddy, Paul, gave me at my birthday party yesterday. That naughty bastard fucked me so damned hard! I guess he must have been hungry, because he’d missed me so much. He had used me right in front of all my friends, too. It was nasty, really nasty, but I have to admit that as dirty as it made me feel, I really enjoyed...Read On


Jennifer - Chapter Two

Jennifer's challenge is picked up

Less than twenty four hours later, Jennifer Salvatore checked her mail on the computer in her bedroom at home. She maintained a couple of hotmail accounts, but the one that was of most interest to her just now was the account which she used primarily for her growing relationship with Rotter, or Jeff as she increasingly thought of him. It was also the address she had written on the mirror in...Read On


Subservient Slut

I'm only too willing to please him.

I knew my Master was on his way. We'd agreed earlier this week to meet at this motel. I look around the room to make sure that everything is in place. The room in which I await his arrival isn't lavish, but it's clean and affordable. Besides, at least here we wouldn't draw any unwanted attention from anybody snooping around. Since he was scheduled to arrive at any moment, I situate myself...Read On


Natural Beauty Part 3 - A Night At The Circus

After her date went awfully wrong, Ellen continued her evening alone and got a wonderful surprise...

As the driver navigated the short distance to the circus ground, Ellen took the opportunity to re-touch her make up. She tilted her compact mirror this way and that as she reapplied her lipstick, powdered her face and aimed eye drops into her slightly reddened orbs until she was satisfied with her appearance. She remembered with a grimace how Bob’s heel had pressed against her leg but when...Read On


An Artist's Model

An artist's model succumbs to the brushstrokes of a master

My job is to be as still as I can while holding a pose, immovable as a statue made from marble. He is silent as usual, studying my curves while I gaze back at his eyes. He is expert at observing every line of my body and every part of my being is laid bare to his knowing look. Once again this has become a test of my stamina and strength as the outward appearance of stillness belies the tension...Read On


Sex Slave - The Gangbang - Part Three

Charlie Is Shared By Six

Now that I have been a member of the Grant team for a few months, I have learned a lot about the other members and clients. It truly does feel like a second home. There is so much to be offered when you’re at getaway, as they like to call it. I found out my third time there, that they have a gym, a spa, a large indoor pool, and a cafeteria. Grayson truly thought of everything. Last...Read On


Looking for love again

Everyone has love to give and everyone wants to be loved

Love was once in his life But sadly it did not last Its water under the bridge And very much in the past Too long now without The loneliness and sorrow Time to move on Find Cupid’s golden arrow Love will not knock on your door Make an effort and seek it you must Find that someone special Above all a person you can trust For sure it will not be easy You need to...Read On


Glamour Shots, Chapter 3

A husband explores his wife's sensual secrets

I took my car, an Infiniti G37, the previous year's model. Sometimes we traded vehicles for various reasons, but today I took my own. I loved driving it, and for me it was the perfect combination of power, sportiness, and luxury, and yet not so ostentatious that I felt like it stood out in a crowd; it fit my personality very well in that regard. I turned to a classic rock station on the...Read On


Starship Starbride (Chapter Three)

Bethany must perform an intimate sexual act to placate the ship's computer's insatiable curiosity.

The Captain slowly regained consciousness and realized she couldn’t breathe. Her body was pinned beneath something which was covering her face, suffocating her. She shifted position to free her arms, and instinctively struggled to get out from under whatever was crushing down on her. With a desperate shove, she extricated herself from beneath something warm, and gasped for a deep breath,...Read On


Moving Day V: A Visit with the Naiads

An orgy in the showers...

Tall, dark and bronze, she stood in the doorway. Dressed and still carrying her purse and things from coming in the house, she surveyed us all, then looked to me. She said, “Hey sweetie. I'm glad to see you got moved in alright.” “Thanks Electra,” I said. Nikhil, who was toweling off in a dry corner said “Hey.” From behind the counter on the floor of the shower where Rian had left...Read On


An Unusual Reunion

Reunion with school friend has some unexpected extras.

The heat was intense. The gym in the hotel was down in the basement, and the air conditioning had failed. This was the warmest summer for a number of years, and everyone was wet with the sweat of their exertions. Tee shirts, vests and shorts were all sticking to damp skin. As usual I was in the free weights area, 45 minutes in, and the sight of the fit women on the various cardio machines...Read On


Feels So Right It Can’t Be Wrong: chapter 3

Now come over here and let your horny stepsister show you how to make her very happy.

Kelly woke in her stepbrother’s bed cuddled next to his nude body. The sheet barely covered his morning erection. She thought about teasing him awake, it struck her as the big-sisterly thing to do, but then rolled onto her back, stretched, and immediately dozed off and slipped into yet another rerun of her dreams. Like most of those she’d had recently, they involved sex. Unlike the...Read On


Extramarital--Pleasure at the Spa

Our visit to the spa works out the kinks

Jayne and I continued our affair every morning after her husband, Robert, left for work. We also explored our shared interests, tried some new techniques and grew closer as the week progressed. I was becoming more fond of her, and not just sexually. She is a kind, loving woman who truly enjoys life and has a positive personality. She is the kind of woman that could attract any man, and...Read On


Just You and Me

We're alone yet together…

We lie herein Such sweet estate iPad in hand It's hours past late Just you and me This season's long But it's going to be alright We endure the day And live for the night Just you and me We talk about Whatever comes to mind The subject's unimportant When the love's so blind Just you and me We laugh and smile And hang on every word Sometimes tears will flow With what...Read On


The things you do

The things you do

You are one beautiful young woman.  You are sexy.  You are hot. You are my baby girl, but so quickly you change.  When I tell you what I want, then you are my slut. You are my little angel, but you hide a bitch, all spikes and fire when you need it. You are in my arms one second  and on your knees the next. You are lying your head on my chest, snuggling in...Read On


The Trap - Part 2

Heather gets a little help from her two lovers.

Reaching down, I pushed two fingers into Sue’s wet pussy then pulled them out. I licked one finger then kissed Sue, letting her taste her sweetness. I then walked back to Abby and let her lick Sue’s sweetness from my other finger. Afterwards we dressed, I dared not ask about my being sexually satisfied. I would attend to that later at home with my vibrator. My husband was out of town for...Read On