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Memory Lane

Jane was on her way. She was going to miss John's visit this week, but was anticipating their nightly calls. No one ever made her feel so full, so complete. So loved, so needed. She had made sure to leave him a special something on his pillow before leaving. Waiting for him to get off work, return home to find it, and call her. Looking at the clock, she smiled. "Very soon now", she whispered...Read On


Company Bash

The experiences at our company's latest party

The sunlight started to peek through blinds. I opened my eyes slowly trying to figure out where I was and who was next to me. I moved my head slowly to the left and to the right, in part because I didn’t want to wake up the other two lying next to me and in part because we had drunk way too much last night. Let me start from the beginning. My company had decided to throw a huge summer bash at...Read On


The BDSM Way

It’ll be done my way or…

Your bound hands rise above your head As I push you against the wall “Don’t move an inch,” I say forcefully And insert the gag and ball My right foot steps inside your feet And pushes your legs real wide Your vulnerability is what I seek For from me you’ll never hide The blindfold is lowered over your eyes As your breathing grows deeper still You love the man who’s cutting off...Read On



Even within a broken body a spirit can soar...

The pain is ripping through her As she is curled up in bed, Silent screams on her lips, Cheeks covered in salty tears. Tonight the agony has found her again, Her body feeling like a prison, Holding her captive, in torment, Betraying her, making life so hard. Most days she puts on a smile, Live with the discomfort and aching within. She has found ways to live with it,...Read On


You Wanted It, Didn't You?

She finds what she didn't know she wanted.

You're on your third date with a guy, and while it's been nice, it's been kind of lame too. Oh yeah, he's kissed you, and it felt good, really good. You've pressed your body against his, and the contact felt really good too, but you couldn't entice him into anything more. You've begun to wonder why he hasn't tried to do more, is it you, are you not "hot" enough? You know you're not movie...Read On


You Are

Inspiring… The way you speak about life, I'm forever drawn to what you have to say Exciting... Nothing stops you, you're fearless, You give me strength Thrilling... Just looking at you from across the room, I get butterflies in my stomach Intoxicating... Your lips feel so addictive, I crave for them each day Arousing… Your eyes are like my kryptonite, I get lost in them...Read On


Rebecca and the Gardener - Chapter Two

Rick becomes the lodger and he is only the other side of the door!

Before Rick left after we had sex on the dining room table, he asked me for my cell number. In doing so, I didn’t want to appear too keen or even too desperate, so I didn’t ask him for his. But then, he never actually offered it to me, anyway. One week later and he hasn’t even rung me. Not to tell me how great our sex was, or to tell me it was the best sex he had ever had, although I...Read On


“Imagine,” they said.

“Imagine,” they said. And I listened. “Imagine meeting someone." "The one." "Your other half, your other self, your immortal beloved.” I thought about it long and hard. I ached. One day, something whispered to me, deep inside. One day, she was revealed to me. “It is her,” the whispering voice proclaimed. Fate, destiny, serendipity and all the Gods, smiled upon us. Two,...Read On


Just Good Neighbors 2

late night activities continue

I can't believe that just happened!" Rachel wrote in the chat window. "That can never, ever happen again. You have to swear to secrecy."   "No worries," I responded. "That was pretty intense. But before this goes away forever, you have to admit that you enjoyed it."   I was referring to Rachel's daring, late-night naked walk down her driveway and the masturbation session we had shared in...Read On


Second Chances

Have you ever wondered if you could spend another moment with your first love even if they're dead?

It was mid - January, the air below minus two, when I entered the park around ten to midnight after doing a busy nine hour shift at the convenience store. I pulled up the hood of my green puffa jacket over my head and walked deeper into the fog that miraculously appeared out of nowhere. I saw the outline of the lake in front of me so I thought and walked on. I suddenly felt afraid as the...Read On


A Bunnie To Play With - Chapter 4

What has Anne planned for their evening? We get a taste, and Bunnie gets red cheeks.

“Let’s hit the road, Bunnie!” That war cry was so Anne, with her spontaneity and fable for the dramatic. For some unknown reason, I thought back to the moment the name ‘Bunnie’ had come about. It was actually a bit embarrassing. I had been in the process of unpacking my things and stowing them away in the dorm room I had been assigned, when I came about a Mars bar in one of the side...Read On


A Little Adventure (Part1)

Harry meets a new Mistress

Harry woke suddenly. Alone in a large bed, he pondered the day to come. It was to be a little trip into the relatively new, a kinky kind of adventure. He only permitted himself this sort of peccadillo when he was going to be alone for a few days. His longstanding partner and all time best friend was not really into the dark desires that lurked really deep in his subconscious and in his...Read On


A Shocking Reveal

Well this is a surprise

My gorgeous girlfriend just dumped me. She said she was sick and tired of me never wanting to get married. We went out for a year, but I’m in no way ready to commit to one girl for the rest of my life. No fucking way I told her. She told me if there was no ring there would be no relationship. Just like that she looked me straight into my eyes and walked out of my house and out of my life....Read On


You Can't Hurry Love - Chapter 1

Roxanne finds Dan and hopes he will find her

After a long, hard day at work, Roxanna had very little energy left. It was all she could do to drag herself over to the office of the dating service she belonged to, to resume her search for that perfect man. It was a cool, gray March day. It looked like rain was coming soon. So that was all the more reason it was so difficult for Roxanna to feel motivated about driving over to the...Read On


A squirt in the hand is worth two in the bush

Timing is everything when time is of the essence

A squirt in the hand is worth two in the bush Especially if you're in a rush There's nothing more delicious nor disgusting Than a warm and sticky Slick and icky Handful of ejaculate To make you late * Party: There'll be tarty Flirty dirty Girls  A last reminder Know who owns you I do I do In the hallway Unannounced I rub you Deftly undo Whip it out and ...Read On

Recommended Read

Like Mother, Like Daughter (Episode IV)

Phillip pleasures his mother in law once again!

My mother-in-law rose from the settee and crossed the room to fix me a drink. She was still wearing her late-husband’s white dress shirt which had gathered above her hypnotically swaying ass revealing a tiny pair of black lace cami-knickers. She had unpinned her long, dark hair which was now curled around her narrow shoulders. She hadn’t removed her make-up and her eyes were heavily...Read On


My Husband Flies High And I Fly Low

An old flame rekindled and shared.

I am married to a fly guy in the Air Force. I won’t say which one but we move around a lot into different bases and different married quarters. We have lived in about six different bases in the last five or six years. It is a lonely life as you are generally not there long enough to meet and create real  friends that you can confide in and discuss the intimate problems that women have from...Read On


My First Pussy

A true story.

May I tell you about my first experience with pussy? Dumb question. My father told me I needed to start contributing more by working in the summer for spending money. Actually, I had been looking forward to the summer, because I was going to the country club to get a job as a caddy. You must understand that we were really quite poor, so that is the only way that country club was in...Read On


Fucking Your Wife Ch-9

Seeing a shrink, sort of...

Tapping softly on the door with his signature knock, Jeff waited briefly before entering. The room was unoccupied but there was evidence that a great deal had happened there. The room reeked of sex, the bed was nearly torn apart and an upended champagne bottle presided over the dresser. Oddly, the scene prompted no excitement within Jeff; in fact, what he felt was one of isolation. He was...Read On


A Mad Desire to Fuck - Chapter 1

The house was painted in angelic white. I should have laughed at the irony.

If you walk down the street, you will find a house. It isn't your usual kind of house. It would be the mad house of debauchery. It would be the infamous house in the neighborhood that would allow anyone who entered it to become honest. So honest in fact, that if you walked past it, you would be able to hear the cries of pleasure seeping through the closed windows. And if you were lucky...Read On


How to Care for a Rose

In bloom.... for now.

A rose should not be awake to hear crickets and the rustle of Midnight's breeze as rain drops dance on leaves and eaves In the quiet moments you can hear a whisper But then it's gone but not forgotten A rose she needs things she's really just a shrub lucky enough to have beautiful moments between dying and death She needs room to breathe yet such tender care Leave her too long ...Read On


The Cuckold's Reward - Alistair's Story - Part XV

Julie and Jeff continue to draw Alistair deeper into their cuckolding relationship

Alistair cleaned as Jeff and Julie lay kissing and cuddling. From time to time he would look up at them. It was difficult watching her responding to his kisses and stroking Jeff’s cock at the same time. She was preparing Jeff for another bout of sex while he cleared away the remnants of two earlier fucks. He was also preparing her for sex again. Julie soon got to the point of orgasm, and...Read On


The Bringer

A young woman has to deal with a promise her father made.

December roared like a lion, and I would be glad to see the back of this year, 1782. The death of my father had hit the family hard, our livelihood threatened by squabbling over his will. My mother had taken to her bed, and I had been recalled from tuition at my aunt’s house upon the East Coast to reunite with my mother and my six sisters for the festive season. The carriage seemed to...Read On



It is you I long for, It is you whom I want to be with always. You are my beautiful universe, My shining star. The brightest in the galaxy, Or all of them. You are my beautiful world, Unseen by anyone but me. I'm your flora To your fauna. You are the moon to my stars. You are my love, My heart, My infinite universe....Read On


The Hotel Room

A maid watches a couple have sex

Sylvia had been working as a maid at the Swallow hotel for six months now, and was beginning to get into the routine. She had even gotten to like the maid's uniform she had to wear. Not because it looked good, but because there was something inexplicably kinky about it. At 3 pm, Sylvia was working her way through the fifth floor. Most of the guests were away at this hour, and she liked...Read On



He took her hand and led her, Out of the mist, thick and heavy.  She was lost, no path in sight, Fumbling, she could not find her way. The cold, damp air clinging to her skin, Blinding her, taking her voice.  The chill penetrated deep inside,  A frozen soul, about to give up. He became a glow, A guide out of despair. The fog started to lift, The icy cold loosing some of its grip. ***...Read On

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Recommended Read

Consuming You

A steamy peek at one couple's desperate expression of love.

I've been screaming your name in my head all day. You've just finished giving me an earth-shattering orgasm with your very talented mouth, and now I'm straddling you. My hands are in your hair, my tongue is in your mouth, and my hot, wet pussy is grinding against your cock. You feel so damned good , so hard and slick with my juices. I could take you inside me in half a second, fill myself...Read On


Finding our Love Again

I would like to dedicate this story to my girls! You know who you are and why!!

I woke up crying again this morning. I had another dream about Ben. The man I was with for almost two years. The man I planned on spending my life with. It wasn't an ordinary relationship. I met him online and we became fast friends. Talking day after day about anything and everything. The main problem with this relationship was that I am married. Ben lived in a different country so there...Read On


The Mystery of The Abandoned Manor

Tormented by bizarre dreams about an ancient manor, a young woman decides to investigate

Alisha listened intently as her grandmother related the old legend that linked her family and Pierre de la Rochelle. No matter how many times this story had been told to her, she never got tired of it. Each time she would visit the elderly woman, the latter would talk about her ancestors and the once prestigious lord of French origin, Pierre de la Rochelle. “He was successful, envied by...Read On


Traces of My Lips

It will stay there

Traces of my lips, Of my kiss on your skin Of my breath, Left behind, let us begin  Our heated night out and flirting together My hand on your body light as a feather  You took me dancing and romancing While the onlookers were glancing As your hand slid down my back  You gave my ass a gentle whack Wickedly I smiled up at you  Knowing what soon you would do My body molds into yours...Read On