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a night of incredibly intimacy between two lovers

The steam from the bodies rose. It began to singe the skin,  the charring scent of passion - the searing heat of hedonism. The sweat dripped from her back, or was it dripping from his – or both? The night fused into the early am hour, and the early am hour became the morn. Nights of passion like this don’t emerge. They are skillfully and sensually manufactured  via days of open...Read On


First Date

Kiara takes Faith on their first date

"So," Faith said quizzically, "where is it you're taking me?" Kiara had a plan, but not one she was ready to share with her new friend. "Oh, you'll love it," was all she was willing to say. They arrived after around fifteen minutes of walking next to a beach, but more importantly at an ice-cream van, though it was a lot larger than a regular one. Fully decked out with a kitchen in the...Read On


Morning Delight

It's a typical Saturday morning. I am going through the house singing to my music as I clean. It seems like there’s always stuff to be done. My music is turned up. Everything from old country to hard rock is ringing through our home. My husband is home today and helping put the house in order. It's an unusual treat for both of us as he usually has to work Saturday mornings. Watching him help...Read On


Mother-Daughter Double Team II

Mom Daughter Crank It Up Again!

Linda and Mandy recovered from their initial foray in the hot tub with Mark and Derek and began planning another date with them. Mandy learned that Derek had a younger brother Paul about to turn eighteen. Since Derek's birthday was the same month, the family celebrated the birthdays together during the same party. Mandy decided she and her mom needed to get Derek and Paul a very special...Read On


mountain get away

I take you up to the cabin up in the mountains to get away We get there the sound of the river The smell of the mountain air That night by the sound of a roaring fire Laying there next to one another Softly kissing your lips, holding you close to me I slowly start undressing you First sliding your shirt off, you throwing it to the floor I slowly start kissing down...Read On


Power Chapter 23: Summer

Summertime, and the livin' is easy.

The day after finals everyone but me left for home. I had taken a job at the college running the extensive sprinkler system. Each sprinkler had to be turned on and off at designated times, and the whole operation took eight hours every day. My mother was angry. She had arranged for a seven day cruise for Bethany and Ben and me and Kathleen. She told me I didn’t need to work, because she...Read On


Back Alley Debauchery

The best of New Orleans during Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras in New Orleans, it is everything wonderful about living life to the fullest. My wife and I arrived in New Orleans the Friday before Fat Tuesday; we spent four days enjoying the food, drinks, and parades building up to Fat Tuesday’s celebration. On Tuesday, we awoke early, had breakfast, showered, and went into the French Quarter. It was late morning but we started...Read On


The Weekend

I had been talking to a friend on a website that we had met on. We did not know each other's names, but we always had very hot and sexy chatting. We had known each other for about six months. We used to have cyber-sex months back. But we're now just friends and don't do that anymore. My friend lives in California and is married. He told me that he was taking his wife away for a weekend at...Read On


He Never Shut Up

He sat there talking as I fucked his wife within earshot

Elaine and Rob have been neighbours of mine since, let’s see, it must be at least eight years now. When they moved in we had the usual new-neighbour get-together for a barbeque and a few drinks but since then there hasn’t been a lot of social contact, other than the across-the-fence chat about gardens, home maintenance, and the like. We have had a few dinners together which were enjoyable...Read On


Ron's Surprise Touch

Syl Invites Ron's Surprise Public Touch

I live in west Michigan near the Lake Michigan shore. My husband Ron, like all of his family, is a recreational sailor. In the summers, he participates in the weekly Wednesday evening sailboat races on Lake Michigan. I had invited my special girlfriend Erin to have a mid-evening dinner with me, one of those evenings, at the restaurant which overlooks the marina. There we would wait to meet...Read On


Smoke gets in his eyes

A beautiful woman smoking always gets him off

He sat at the edge of the bed, naked and full of anticipation. She was topless, her full breasts swinging as she moved. She was beautiful, with short, dark hair done in a pixie cut. She bent down to take his penis in her hands, but he stopped her. "You know what I like", he said, pointing at the pack of cigarettes on the nightstand. The woman took a cigarette from the pack and put it...Read On


Samantha's vistor

A roommate showing some unexpected love.

Samantha awoke to a soft kiss and the feel of a hand moving across her breast. She opened her eyes to look into the eyes of her long time roommate. She started say something but her roommate just lightly placed her finger to her lips to silence her.  Her roommate leaned back down and resumed to kiss her softly and she couldn’t help but to respond even though she had never kissed another...Read On



I have more to give

The darkness that surrounds me The way I cry out your name I want to tell you everything that scares me I want your sweet caress I want to give myself to you and let down all of my walls Let you save my soul It's burning and ripping and tearing me apart I'll never be what you deserve Kiss me now and make me forget Fill me with your want Touch me all over and I'll shove it...Read On


Scent Bringing Musk

On nightly occasions I ramble Within nearby areas of green. The meadows of scent bringing musk, And the aura of sensuality. At the owl's incantation of speak, As if soft whispers at my illusions, The boughs within the trees, Sway cellos and violins in concerto. The mist of midnight dew on clover, Like lace draped over your shoulders, Beneath the pantone moon. I sing love...Read On


Her Pleasure

She wonders if this is real or not.

She awaits her lover bound by her chains,  In the dark and silent room,  For hours and hours. In anticipation for what she desires, His tongue on her clit. She lets out a moan,  As she pulls at her chains. She imagines his tongue, Licking her slit. She lets out a groan, As her head tilts back. Feeling his tongue,  Lick each swollen lip. Moaning and groaning, She pulls on her chains. ...Read On