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A Romance By Chance

Loving You

Loving you is all I want to do,  I love to tell you "I Love You." We connect in such a good way, I love to talk to you every day. The connection is so hot, We talk to each other a lot. Lustful thoughts and cyber games, Calling each other little pet names. Sexy games to turn each other on, Ready to play c'mon. Teasing and pleasing each other, We're each other's cyber lover. Words...Read On


Lust Relief Dorm - Chapter 8

And the air of debauchery spreads to Dorm B

Opening the door, Noah was greeted with the sight of an uncontrolled orgy. There was a small lobby with a staircase at the end that led to the upper floor. But just like Noah's dorm, after dinner, every space in the dorm was open for students to take off their clothes and engage in their carnal desires. After a long day of attending lectures and studying in the library, letting go of all...Read On


Burning Love

To quench my baby's burning desire I open her legs to fill her body my balls are loaded with raging fire Our bodies like two burning flames as we make love with no shame I grab her flowing main of silken hair and fuck her with no fear or care For this woman there is no other as we fuck for pure love and dare She pumps her man like a glove sucking me in as her body spasms clamping down...Read On


Mari's Confession (Part 2)

Irene reads more, and makes some new friends at the beach

The beach was deserted--it is a little cove really, with a rocky path down to the shore, and cliffs either side. It only catches the sun later in the afternoon, so it tends to be deserted until then. I would have a couple of hours to myself. I laid out my towel and slipped my sundress from my shoulders. Sitting on my towel I smoothed sun cream into my skin, taking care as I applied it around...Read On


Morning would

I am your goddess

Morning would you tempt me so with your cool touch damp beneath my naked feet My toes pressing into you as you caress my soul I am your goddess call me Poaceae as I cover you while you stretch beyond the pasture Harder than concrete able to break through walls My mouth the sun towards which you reach longing for the touch that leads to your demise I exhale a pleasant...Read On


Just Good Neighbors

He discovers his neighbor online

It was hot. Hotter than hell in the summer. I’d just finished mowing my little postage-stamp front yard with the push mower. My shirt was drenched. I was wearing my black athletic shorts and one of my hundred Army shirts. Okay, maybe I have about thirty, but my point is that I have a lot of them. I was in Army ROTC all through college and now I’m an officer in the Texas Army National...Read On


The Way to Start a Vacation

Rubie and Violet find trouble in a new city.

It all started a few hours ago. Violet and I had just got off the plane and had walked into the terminal when the realization that we were on vacation sunk in. After reaching baggage claim and waiting what seemed like an hour or two for both of our bags, we walked out onto the sidewalk. Then another hour or two seemed to pass as we flagged down a cabbie and made it up to our rented flat for...Read On


The Falls

Two solitary women seek solace in nature's beauty but find communion instead

You come for solitude, and solace. This place is your special paradise, upstream above the torrent of the lower falls which gather into an awesome cascade, attracting so many to its beauty. But these falls are smaller, more personal in scale, and a harder climb to reach for the throngs of tourists who crowd the base of the falls far below, so you know you are alone, feeling the special beauty...Read On



Sometimes just saying sorry isn't enough

My name is Kate; I am twenty-four years old and work in a local bank. After completing my studies, I moved to the city and for the first few months, I lived here alone. Jason is my neighbor's son. His mother owns a company and spends a lot of time away from home conducting business tours. Whenever she is out of town, Jason, who is younger than I am, moves in with me and I take care of him. To...Read On


My Secret From My Brother (Part 1)

There's just somethings that big brothers aren't supposed to know about.

Ever since our mom and dad died, Tod believes that he has the right to boss me around. I love him to death since he is my brother, but he needs to let me live my life. Tod is twenty-seven while I'm almost eighteen. I'm simply five three and a hundred and ninety pounds. My breasts being double D's, I swear that they weigh ten pounds together. Tod and I both have dark brown hair, while he got...Read On


Arrest me, Officer!

She gets arrested by a man in a uniform.

I waited for a passing car to move past me and then ran across the street. The sky that had been bright blue just a few seconds ago had opened up and begun to pour, the water seeped through my thin top and soaked my high-waist shorts. The massive mall was filled with people that had, just like me, attempted to seek some sort of shelter from the spiking drops of rain and I watched the hoard...Read On


Kara's Spring Break (2)

Kara delivers much needed relief.

Kara's reaction was urgent. She hastily undid Tommy's shorts, yanking the snap apart and jerking the zipper down. Her hand shot under the elastic of his briefs and gripped his cock. Tommy's head flew up, breaking the kiss. “My god girl, what has gotten into you? Slow down, I'll do it. I'll get 'em off.” Using both hands he pushed his shorts and briefs down, then kicked them off his feet....Read On

Recommended Read

Vegas Reunion, Part Three

Darrell, Linda and Anne conspire to test my boundaries.

“We should talk,” Linda said urgently. I stood aside the doorway and invited her in to my and Anne’s hotel suite. Anne sat up in bed and stretched. It was close to 9:00 am. Linda’s quiet but frantic knocking on the door had awoken Anne from a deep vacation sleep. I, on the other hand, had already finished the newspaper and two cups of coffee by that time. It was the curse of my...Read On


Model Behavior

Model Lauren shows newbie Joanna the ropes

Joanna sat in her car, rigorously reading through the piece of paper in her hands. 'Subject: LADS MAG SHOOT' it read at the top. Nervously, she ran through the checklist to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything. "Well conditioned hair, check. No excessive fake nails or makeup, check. Body piercings removed, check. Identification, check Waxed pubic hair, check.... if shaving counts,"...Read On


Questions From The Soul

“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.” ― Khalil Gibran

pondering and wondering where you’ve gone what I did wrong does she really know how you love that lick and what makes you tick pondering and wondering if I was too passionate for your unsure soul does she really know how you need a cumslut and not some bland angel pondering and wondering if you’ve struggled and closed your eyes too does she really know your need for a...Read On


I Spoon Freely

In vistas, I hide not crones, Hags of Savannah Town, I compose.  Witches brew on tome pages, Vixens of erotic dominions And their pedigree. Stirring up clouds of November,  In darkening awakening  Of my arising shadow.  In covens, I sip soup, Intoxication of my soul, I spoon freely. In shrill, louder then the quill,  From depths of their cauldrons. My penis seeping.  ...Read On


A Chance Encounter

Who knew the casual flirting would lead to this?

I was a little confused when I heard the knock at my door at 2:37 am. I had just slipped into bed and was about to doze off when I heard the knock. I had a feeling it may have been my neighbor from the building across the way returning after she had tried to enter my apartment - by mistake, of course, since they look pretty similar. Especially when you’re drunk. “Can I help you?” I...Read On



Decaying soil  Fertilizes the flesh at my knees The grave beneath me unmarked Ground unmolested But memories rave of what was here. Heart. Respect. Joy. Bleached by insidious surrender To a reticent poison. Fear won here. But I rise, Eyes of tears And spine popping erect Your dark eyes beckon My honey combed hope. Your arm rises To offer a mirage Fear...Read On

Recommended Read

A Night Call

Because it is in the quiet The darkest hour The night When sleep holds no lure My body calls for you Even the moon gives no comfort The stars no hope This ache stretches From arm to arm Top to bottom I toss and turn And touch Restless Too hot for comfort In need of your cover To make myself come Is a heartless tease Leaving me wanting you Harder Self love fails As...Read On


Summer Loving

Naked exhibitionism in my garden leads to first-time sex

During the summer when I was sixteen, when the long school holidays were even longer because I had sat public exams well before the end of the semester, I spent a lot of time being naked, almost every opportunity - at home, when no one else was around, and out in the woods and downland half a mile or so from the house. I'm not sure what brought it on, I guess it was just a part of my...Read On


The Cheerleader

A night of passion with a cheerleader.

My second year of university started with moving into Hallsalong with a couple of friends from first year. The three of us ended up in the corner of a block with three other people. There was Geoff, the final year student, and two fresher’s, Jennie and Shannon. Jennie was the shorter of the two, with brown hair and eyes with a tight little body that she loved to show off. She was always...Read On


How Another Man Ended Up Taking My Wife Sexually

Not Sure How It Ended In My Wife Taking Another Man

I'm still not sure how this happened. I had never dreamed I would ever let another man fuck my lovely, shy wife. It all started with the computer. My wife liked to talk to people all over the world on her computer at home. It didn't take long for the guys to find her. It started off polite and simple talk. In time the talk turned more sexual. My wife is a very shy in person, but on the...Read On

Editor's Pick

The Curious Tale of Kitty Meowenstein

What would happen if you woke up as a witch?

No world existed beyond the spill of cold light from the car headlamps. A midnight shroud had settled, smothering the land in a gloom where only dim glimmers and deep dark shadows existed. Storm clouds loomed menacingly in the nighttime sky, threatening a downpour that no living soul would wish to be caught in. The streetlights of civilisation seemed to provide people with a false sense...Read On


Fucking Your Wife Ch-5

A stateroom called desire.

Curiosity was killing Jeff. He wanted desperately to know what was on Audrey’s mind and yet a large part of him was afraid to know. They walked to the stateroom and Audrey opened the door. Upon entering, Jeff saw that the room was made up pristine. On the bed were two towels folded and rolled into a pair of gulls in flight. “Let’s go out on the veranda,” Audrey suggested. Jeff...Read On


I wonder

Unanswered questions.. A sigh before taking another step forward.

I wonder if you have any idea how much you hurt me, how sensitive I really am, how my heart bleeds. I wonder if you know how hard it is to try to stay strong when you feel so weak, like you are breaking into a thousand pieces. I wonder how you could be so loving one day then all but disappear the next, how you said we were special, amazing, yet you totally let go. I wonder ...Read On

Audio version available

Ava's Revenge- Chapter 5

Everyone's got skeletons in the closet...

Have you ever had a moment in life where you look at a complete stranger, and your entire environment just evaporates? You can’t help but stare at the attractive individual that has unknowingly captivated you. It’s like you’re totally blind to everyone and everything else, because in that frozen moment in time, if only for a minute, they become the center of your universe. They become the...Read On


Staying After Class

Watching and waiting, he was extremely nervous. He could not concentrate on the lesson, but rather what his plans were after the class had ended. Once the bell had rang and the other boys had gone, he was going to have to act! Ding. Ding. Ding. Everyone else quickly packed up and left, as this was the last class of the week, however he remained in his seat; watching her. She noticed,...Read On


Becoming Marie part 6 - At Master's

Going back to masters the first time

After leaving the toilets, we drove straight on to the Transporter bridge. We pulled onto the bridge and after stopping, he immediately got out of the car. I got out of the passenger side, while the rest of the cars loaded onto the bridge. He had already lit a cigarette, and he offered me one as well. I took it, thanking him. “So, what’s your name?” he asked. “Marcus,” I replied. ...Read On


Love among the Flowers

I find love in Nature's sweet garden

Sweet summer bouquet drifting o'er warm breeze, Pastel colours of every hue, my senses they do tease Angels dancing on unseen clouds, the fluffy seeds disperse Wafting to some distant meadow, among the Shepherd's purse The blossom bursts forth, born of the blazing sun, Each tender petal like one word - a story that summer's spun Therein, my love I do spy, among the buttercups, reposed,...Read On


Just a fuck

Nothing but a fuck

She sucks his cock, starting slowly, then becoming more savage until he can no longer take it. He grabs her hair and fucks her face, gagging her. The rest happens in flashes. Pushing her down onto the couch, he stands up and pulls off his shirt and steps out of his pants. She looks up at him, runs her finger across her lower lip - "I want you to fuck me." He grabs her upper arm then spins...Read On