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Halloween Hayride MILF - Part One

I chaperone a high school hayride and unknowingly end up fucking my neighbor's son and his friend.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year in Alabama, and I have always been like a kid when it comes to enjoying Halloween. Our family usually likes to wear elaborate costumes for any seasonal parties. I usually take my inspiration from recent movies. My name is Sarah, and my husband Ed and I are forty-one years old and living in a suburb of Mobile. We moved here from Minneapolis right after...Read On


Mrs. Jessup and I Meet Sarah's Friends

This story happens after the night that Mrs. Jessup showed me and my girlfriend what love-making was all about. I had been peeking in on her for months since I became a seventeen year old junior in high school. Finally Carol had had enough and she introduced me to pussy licking, cock sucking, and fucking her pussy. I loved her hairy triangle of pussy with its tangle of brown curls. She was...Read On


Make Me

Anticipation is the strongest aphrodisiac.

“I’m such a whore!” The whispered words floated from my lips without thought, mingled with the light summer breeze that caressed my exposed skin, twirled upwards in the thermal lift still present above the hot cobblestone and slid over my skin into nothingness like a silken scarf before they faded in the night. My fingers trembled when I slipped the key and memory card between the paper...Read On


Apartment Eight Has A Golden Ticket

It's Carie's turn to use her golden ticket.

Sunday morning... There were very few things in life that surprised Vasily anymore, and fewer things that got a rise out of him. Snow in June, zombies on bicycles, flying pigs...none of those would give him pause. If you Googled the words “rock” and “poker-face” you would likely see his stoically monkish --albeit broodingly handsome-- mug pop up on your screen. He once won $1000 answering...Read On


A 45 Year Old Nurse Volunteers For a Special Sex Study:Phase 3

Tina a nurse volunteers for a special sex study, and finds out it isn't what she had thought.

Tina was one of those special people in the world who loves to help others. She had been a nurse for more than twenty years, and at age forty five, still volunteered for a number of health related studies. It had been six months since the last time she had volunteered for one of these studies. It was a sexual health study of middle age women. The idea of the study was to see if women were more...Read On


Unquiet Heart

We live inside the night’s quiet heart Where this river of longing Rides between the beats And the light of a blood moon melts Over the rolling edges of her body She turns to kiss me in her sleep Breathing confessions in my mouth Bright enough to fill me With dreams of being alive I whisper my deepest secret to her hair That I am the one burning building I...Read On

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Distant soul and dented halo

I am rekindled  By the mist As I dance On shadows  Of muddled dreams. In the light of the  Blood-red moon,  I am awoken  By a slow burning need As your fingers Ignite a dormant flame. Your whispered breath Against my fragile skin Calms my  Tempered heart In the break of the  Quiet dawn. You sing to my soul With your patient fingers And heated lips,  As you write poetry  On my skin With...Read On


My Friend

Thinking, dreaming of my friend.

M onths have passed, Y ou are always on my mind. F rom the moment I wake, R unning through my day. I nto the evening, E ven when I am dreaming. N ight falls, I go to bed, D reaming, dreaming only of you. Copyright ©2014 All Rights Reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying,...Read On



Giving in, who is really in control?...

Some would feel the ties too much The slap a form of torture, But with trust, Surrender is nothing like weakness, In fact a gift, The gasp, a form of rapture. She would wind the rope herself, Her wrists at the head of the bed, Her body supine, His palms upon her inner thighs, spreading her. And then his shaft, Thickly erect between the folds of her wetness, not...Read On

Recommended Read

We'll Have Nun Of That

I’d never woken up with another person in the same bed as me. The nuns had strict ideas about things like that. As had my parents. How many days were there in 18 years? That was how many times I’d woken up alone. This time was different. Waking up with a man in my bed, his arm draped casually across my body, with his hand cupping, well almost cupping my breast freaked me out. Just...Read On


A beautiful morning

The early morning sun warms her face, A light glow in her cheeks. A breeze ruffling locks of hair. Birds singing a cheerful melody, Welcoming a new day, Calling out to find a mate. She sips her steaming coffee, Closing her eyes, taking a moment Just to sense the life all around. A cat lazily grooms and stretches, Gazing at her for a moment Before striding off, finding a place to...Read On


The Ideal Practice - Part 2

Three teenage girls set their eyes on a young doctor and use their physical exams to seduce him.

It had been two weeks since Brigitte returned from her honeymoon, and she hadn’t contacted me or made an appointment, so I assumed and hoped that she and Jeff were happy and that their sex life was good.  I enjoyed taking Brigitte’s virginity and teaching her how to give head. I’m only human. But a continued affair with my twenty year-old neighbor was dangerous! So I tried to put her out of...Read On


Debbie's First Threesome Part 1.

My wife and I meet our Lush friend Debbie for a weekend of fun

This story was inspired by my Lush friend, Debbie. It was written especially for her, and is a combination of the kind of sexual fantasies with which we entertain and arouse each other. It is posted here for the delight of my readers with her full approval, so I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. Willyc2licu, April 2014. ***** Debbie and I had been friends on Lush...Read On



…waiting And I wait For the click of heels I judder Caught by surprise I feel the cold, wet Liquid running slowly Between my cheeks And a finger plays with it Caresses it round And around my… Oh god! No it cannot be Yes it is Pushed, no sucked in Then two Opened up Then I squeal  It’s too big Pushing gently in Eased slowly out Then harder And...Read On


My Life as an Escort

I had a very interesting customer

I've been an escort since I was eighteen. My job is very interesting. I meet so many different kinds of people. Sometimes I've even traveled to meet some of my clients. I get paid very well and even get tips most of the time. Most men just want a pretty lady to accompany them. I've dated men that were younger than me, or men that are twice my age. It’s been a very interesting three years.  ...Read On