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I Love You

When I dream, I dream of you Because you're the one person I adore. Trust me, this is true. You're the only one I can fall for. I'm sure you already knew, Because when I'm around you we can soar. The words 'I love you' are long overdue. I'm not alone anymore. We had problems but we pulled though, Because we both know what our love stands for. We always look at each...Read On


Love me tender

A poem based on discovering acceptance and love from another.

He touched me so tender, so sweetly I began to feel bits of happiness leak from the corners of my eyes, leaving trails of surrender down both of my cheeks. My heart was swollen with an almost painful truth. It's been years, years since another has noticed me, loved me so softly. I didn't want this all encompassing warmth. I just needed a hard body, to remind me every once in awhile that...Read On



Some people are like ghosts

I knew the shape of her face as well as my own,  but true contact marks us deeper than skin,  beyond flesh and vapor,  realizing that we can never go back, to a world's beautiful axis without being suspended inside its crippling inertia. When pulled into eyes like oceans, vast enigmatic depths below such a glittering surface,  a place I could long to be enveloped by, but never know how...Read On


Silver Lining

Out of hardship, they found happiness

We met at a time when we were both facing difficulties, after having being hurt and shedding many tears. One day we started talking, learning, sharing, and growing closer as we gradually become friends. We started sharing more personal details as we grew even closer. Now we comfort and support as we are each other's confidant. Then one day we pulled one another closer, shared a...Read On


Scattered About

Still of silence wafting, Like stale skies potpourri,  Scent of yesterdays kisses  And death of my dahlia,  In a room without straw. Cracked panes, the windows, Soot on the past embers,  Frozen dust in the corners, Memories of our fires And kindling love. Years before aging bones, Dancing in twilight, our desires,  Now the harpsichord has dead keys  And wreath of acorns in...Read On


The Snapper

A bigger girl has a special talent.

By the mid ‘90s, Terri and I had been married for more than twenty years. I had taken a job as a private investigator. It paid very well. However, it kept me away from home for weeks at a time. Though a few trips were by air, most of my travel was in my personal car. I had been on the road nearly two weeks when I met Sue. Shortly after dark on a Saturday evening, I stopped for the night...Read On


Teen Diaries 18 - Trying a BBC

Geena's curiosity leads her to answer an online ad

I'm Geena, a Junior at Westfield High. Last Friday night, my friend Amber and I were joking around and looking at personal ads online. It introduced us to a world of new terms that we found hilarious; things like BBW (Big Beautiful Woman), DL (Down Low) and BHM (Big Handsome Man). But when I went home that night, I couldn't stop thinking about one term, BBC. It stands for Big Black Cock. ...Read On


Wanna Play

It all started with a game of Monopoly.

"Wanna play?" "What's the point? You never win." "I beat you once." "That time I had mono doesn't count." "C'mon, what's the harm?" he said as he laced his hands behind his head. "It’s only one game." "It’s still amazing to me that after all these years, you still can't beat me at Monopoly." "Well, I have taken the years to develop other talents." At his words, Bree took a...Read On


The Process

White sheets, Wide spread legs My finger inside you Wet sheets Exhausted look My finger made you come A knock on the door Our neighbours...Read On


Perfectly Sweet

As I sit in my old chair, your gaze has me transfixed. My heart lays enchained in front of me. Body unable to do the simplest task. Yearning and pleading to you, the kiss. So sweet, so irresistible, flawless. I know it is dangerous, I know it will cost me everything. Like the series of old, she compels me and denies me. Those lips calling to me, kissing a hurricane would be...Read On


Sex Island - Auditions

Having sex on TV so the whole world could see wasn't how I pictured my vacation would be.

The only reason why I auditioned for "Sex Island" was because my friend, Trina, thought it would be a big opportunity. Sure, there were a bunch of challenges and it was really competitive, but you still got money for it, if you win, of course. The island where they would be filming the competition is somewhere in the mid-Pacific. My audition was... strange. They gave me a survey with a...Read On


Her Special Massage

A massage to remember.

You enter the bathroom not wearing a stitch of clothing. The aroma of orange blossom greets you as you go to the bath and slip into the warm bubble bath. Sitting back and placing your head on the rolled up towel, I walk over. Wearing only a pair of white skimpy bikini briefs, I hand you a glass of champagne. You note the bowl of hot water with the orange blossom oil bottle, floating in it...Read On


Chanel and Ethan 6

As I’m driving home, guiltily still buzzing, I’m dreading seeing Ethan right now. I know he’ll be awake, and after eating Taniyah, watching her cum and tasting every bit of it, I’m aching for my own release. And since I’m cross faded, even looking at him right now could be bad. I drive slowly, cruising the wet streets. The clouds finally let out and it’s sprinkling rain. When I pull up to...Read On

Comp Entry

I'm Having a Passion Party

Sandy has a passion party with her friends

My best friend Janet works for Passion Parties. We've know each other since college. She’s a consultant and sells sex toys. She asked me if I’d like to host a party. The cool thing is if lots of people buy the products at my passion party, I will get credits and will be able to buy things for myself. I absolutely love sex toys and if I can get free ones, I will absolutely have a party! ...Read On


Extramarital--Discovery and Acceptance

Robert and Carol learn more about themselves.

Robert couldn't believe his own eyes. Jayne was positioned between the legs of a younger woman, eating her pussy and licking her ass. They were both enjoying themselves, and why not? This woman Jayne was with was hot. But who was she? Jayne never mentioned a female lover in her talks with him, only Zach. Strangely enough, Robert not only found their lovemaking interesting, it was starting...Read On

Comp Entry

Executive Toy

A purchase from the Lush store leads to unexpected fun in the office

I sighed, hit “send” on my email, and wondered if it was time for another trip across the road to Costa. The office was supposed to be air-conditioned, but it didn’t seem to be working today, just when it was most needed. It’s not that I was complaining about the hot weather, it’s just that I’d much rather be out sun-bathing than stuck at my computer all day. Suddenly I heard a voice...Read On


Our Stories: Ocean City Company

My future wife and I take a trip to vacation with friends when a drunken night turns into threesome

I had just graduated from college. Sheri and I were heading to Ocean City for a week with friends of mine from school. Bob was in all of my classes from sophomore to senior year. We became pretty good friends. He was actually kind of an asshole, but his girlfriend, Christina, was ridiculously hot. Frankly, I never understood exactly what she saw in him. Christina flirted with me all the...Read On


Aunt and Uncle Sex Slave

It was the summer of '82 and mom and dad were going through an awful divorce. They decided that it would be best that I stay with some good friends of theirs, Charles and Betty, while they got through this difficult time. They were an older couple, both were around sixty at the time. By this time I was a fully fledged cross dresser and no one knew of my secret except a neighbor. I had all of...Read On


The Saleswoman That Just Had To Pee (Part 1 of 2)

1 - In The Shop "Ta-ra!" Jenny said, waving goodbye to a customer. She glanced around the shop from her place behind the counter. "No more customers to see. I'll take the opportunity to have a pee," she thought. Just then, a bus stopped in front of the store. It appeared to be full of sixteen or seventeen years old boys from a boys' school. "I'll wait to see if they'll buy something,"...Read On


Bonding With Her Step-Brother - Pt. 1

When blackmailed by her step-brother, Miranda finds out just how fun submitting can be.

Miranda and Samantha chat and laugh as they do each other’s nails in what has become a regular weekend ritual for the two girls. Miranda, who usually goes by Mer, and Sam have been inseparable best friends since Sam and her parents moved in just a few houses down from Miranda right before their freshman year of high school. They are now in their senior year and everyone at school knows...Read On


The Touchless Release

To release without touching.

Yes, that is a command; I want you to be able to just do it. Imagine, feel with your mind. Clear your head and feel the liquid pooling around your clit. How your fingers play lightly in the wetness, your mind painting a picture. The tingles, it sends to the pit of your soul. Fingers sliding just on the inside of your lips, the slickness. The electrifying little bits of need build....Read On

Recommended Read

Jessica and James: A Tragic Story of Love

Tragic loss turns to unexpected love

I was sixteen when my father married Jessica's mom. She was only twelve at the time and wasn't much more than an annoying addition to our household as far as I was concerned. She was a shy child, and I was reaching the age where I was out of the house most of the time, so we barely even spoke those first few years. If someone had told me then that she would grow into the woman I loved...Read On


Madi After School (A Madi Story)

After school detention turns into a surprise for the teacher

I was sitting at my desk, grading papers, as the last bell of the day rang. A few moments later, I heard foot steps coming down the hallway and looked up to see Madi standing in the doorway. Madi was one of my students, standing at 5'8", long golden brown hair coming almost half way down her back. She was well known for her after school coaching activities with the younger kids, which...Read On


Moonlight Romance Part 1

A story of romance, cheating and betrayal.

Lucy sat alone by the lake with the moonlight reflecting off of the water. Her arms hugged her smooth tanned legs as a tear slowly fell from her face. She was troubled because she knew something was not right with her girlfriend Sarah. “I don’t know what is going on,” she thought. “I better find out as soon as I can.” Lucy slowly stood up, stared at the moonlight and wiped her teary...Read On


A Special Belly Dance Performance

My first erotic belly dance performance in public

I am a young woman who is married to a very successful young man who wants me to wear very sexy, revealing clothing all the time, no matter where we go, what we're doing and no matter the weather conditions or time of year. My husband loves me to show my bare female body in public. I am so lucky. We just made this decision a few weeks ago, and since then I have had some...Read On

Audio version available

Waking Up With You

For My Captain

Opening my eyes to the sun peeking in through the shades, I watch as the tiny particles of dust dance in the streams of light. The overhead fan is swishing in a lulling motion, almost enough to pull me back into slumber. I can hear the clock in the next room ticking, a reminder of all we need to do today, but right now, I let you sleep. In the far distance the sounds of someone mowing their...Read On


The Storm

The heavy, hot air was almost sufficating as it pressed down on her, beads of sweat shining like little pearls all over her body. Her top and tiny panties clung to her, begging to be removed. It was late, far too late to still be awake, but Alex couldn’t get to sleep. The heat was too much and the air was so thick it was difficult to breathe. She could hear her own loud breathing, gasping...Read On


Essence Of Meditation

In quiet I compose silence and meditation Whispering senses of tranquility about me Coming incense of spirituality Sensually opening ways of my soul On waves of my thirsting surf rising I sigh the fruit of tantric psalms Hands caressing my virility Hence the aura of serenity I feel Like soft flesh of orange essence I thrill new awakening...Read On


Caught Parking IV

A teen abused at home finds love with an older man.

Alex Moves In Later that afternoon, after Alex and I had made tension, tear, and yelling filled phone calls to her father, Alex and I gathered her personal belongings from her parents’ home. I helped her with the larger things, but Alex wanted to load her personal things herself. While Alex loaded her personal belongings into my pick-up truck, Mrs. Boyd and I sat sipping coffee at her...Read On


Tears of Joy

You didn't see or feel my tears flow when you held me last. I was naked, in your arms. They were happy tears, tears of joy. As we held each other tightly, My heart was in a state of bliss. You don't know the effect you have on me. We made that connection that takes us To another level. I know I have an effect on you, More than primal, more than sexual. I am touching your...Read On