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A Moment Past

I close my eyes as I lean back Feeling the bumps in the road My mind drifts away I am unable to reach the right side of my mind  Those far away places and days when life was so much more Blinking, I take a deep breath  A moment past, a vision of your beautiful face I feel tears in my eyes as at last it appears I see your face smiling back at me The bright golden sun...Read On



Ashes, ashes, flames glowing bright; Pillars once leaned on creak under pressure, Strength once fresh becomes a lost treasure; Gone in the lights of a burning night. Ashes, ashes, wind dancing in flight; Love once shared to hold all the world balanced, Passion once perfect finds only void in absence; What happens beyond may cause fright. Ashes, ashes, scattered far and wide; Void...Read On


Exploring with my Fiancee

My bride to be helps me broaden my sexual horizons

Fantasy and kinky exploration of our sex life quickly escalated from light anal play to Megan having me suck her strap on before she bent me over and would fuck me. During one of our heated and lustful fuck sessions Megan coaxed me into admitting I wanted to try sucking and fucking a real cock. She was behind me as my body was bent over the bed and her strap on dildo was fully buried inside...Read On


Ladies of the Night

Ladies of the night looking for you

Ladies of the night are often bought for sex,  They only take cash; they never want checks. There is a whole array of services to pick, All that is required is a nice erect dick. Hand jobs and blow jobs are nice, Once you both figure out the price. Rough sex or anal play, Is something you like and will make your day. Maybe golden showers is what you like best, It's a little different,...Read On


Silk Sheets

One turned to two - before she knew it, kinky wasn't even the question - it was the answer.

She found herself kneeling on a mattress covered in some sort of silk - bound to each corner of the bed. He allowed her to be on her knees for better access it seemed. His thick fingers played with her clit from behind as his tongue plunged deep into her pussy. She cried out in need as he continued on. Sounds of her moans and pants soon became louder than the sound of his mouth on her...Read On


Three Times

A submissive obeys her Master.

I groaned with frustration as his image faded from the screen, his parting words still ringing in my ears. "Do it. No excuses. Tell me each time." Damn my sassy mouth. I knew it was going to get me in trouble eventually, and it had. Now I had to finger my pussy three times during the workday without cumming and email him each time.  I powered off my laptop and headed to the shower. I...Read On


Beaver Hunt

A huntung trip for my Husbands birthday, one to remember.

Thinking of the perfect gift is always hard when you want it to be just the right one, for that special someone in your life. My husband's birthday is next week, and I still haven't found the perfect gift for him yet. His favorite past time, second to sex, is hunting. I decided to pick up one of his hunting magazines, and see if it would give me some kind of idea. I started to read an...Read On

Recommended Read

The Night Ms. Tina Stayed Over

Young Jason lusts for his mom's white friend from work.

When I was about sixteen, my dick was just hard all the time. No matter how much I masturbated, it never seemed to want to get soft. It's pretty normal for a kid at that age to be full of raging hormones, but it's safe to say that I was obsessed with pussy. I thought about it all day, but it wasn't girls of my age that I lusted after. I wanted older women and the ones that got my dick...Read On


Telephone Tease, Chapter 2

The games continued once I got home...!

When I entered our home, she was in the kitchen busily preparing dinner. The scent of a delicious dinner wafted through the air as I dropped my briefcase by the door and hung up My overcoat in the entry closet. I walked to the kitchen unannounced, and saw her standing in front of the stove cooking. Dressed in her strapless stretch-knit pink mini-dress and silver heels, she looked even...Read On


Hot Jungle Nights

My wife and I were headed for a two week vacation in the Costa Rican jungle. On the third night of our vacation, we were booked in at a tree house nestled away in the jungle. It was in a secluded area with only ten tree houses, with the dense jungle you could not see any of the other tree houses. During the day we went for a two mile hike down to a river. When we arrived at the river...Read On


Deep breaths

She takes a deep breath, Then another, Finally a step. One tiny baby step, But still a step in the right direction. Every day since her world fell apart A fight, just to stay breathing, To eat, to get out of bed, to keep existing, Tying to remember she has some worth Even though he didn’t find her worth keeping. She takes a deep breath, Then another, No steps that day. Some days...Read On


Whispered To Blue Butterflies

In my poetic escapades of erotic pleasures, I have kissed the stones of lustful vagabonds. Caressed the marble of maidens breasts. Whispered to blue butterflies, And masturbated on cobwebs.  I have fornicated with dryads of the mighty oak. Splurged my cum upon weeping willows. Entwined my limbs on shapely boughs. Scribed on bark my dark eeriness, And performed fellatio...Read On


Becoming Corrupt

Submitting to a master, origionally innocent.

It was the death of an angel When you became my slut So guiltless and pure But now you’re spreading your butt. Becoming corrupt With each passing day My dick is your medicine I will constantly say. You eat up my words As your eyes open wide Moaning with pleasure As my cock slides inside Now you’re screaming so hard And I’m pumping so fast From your ass, I pull out To let...Read On


Long Twisty Woman

Hit it. In the key of F. F for Fuck. Baby make it hurt!

She was a long twisty woman in a tiny skirt, Oh My God! She was a mean bitchin’ flirt. She dug a deep trench down my back, Rocked me all night, left me blue and black. My Lord, she’s a demon from heaven above, Oh hell, fucked me silly, I think I’m in love. She wrapped me in her legs and shook me about, All I could do was sweat, moan, scream, and shout. Her tits and ass took my snake...Read On


She Got a Red-Hot In-Room Massage

Being stripped naked on the bed was just for openers

It was nearly eleven when Em finally decided to get an out call service. She’d been lying in bed, hot between her legs and with aroused nipples, for an hour. She had tried to satisfy herself, since she was on a plane early the next morning, but it just hadn't worked. Em’s troubles were two-fold. First, she’d had a pussy flutter and flashed eyes with a lovely hot man earlier in the...Read On