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Pool Party Mystery

I watch as my black friend has his huge cock milked dry by a mystery woman

It seemed like everyone in the neighborhood had shown up this year for our annual pool party. Susan loved entertaining and mingling with all the guests. I loved grilling and looking at all the sexy ladies in the summer dresses and bikinis. I had to admit that we had some of the sweetest looking women around at out parties. Everyone enjoyed coming since we always had plenty to eat and drink. ...Read On


Make Love 2: Good Morning

Sydnee and Jordan orgasm in the morning

“Wake up love,” My eyes open to sunlight and Sydnee. She sits naked on my chest. “Wake up sleepy head,” Her hands begin massaging my cock. Massaging it into arousal. “I’m horny and hungry baby,” “Oh? So am I.” I become fully erect within minutes. Sydnee places her hands on my chest and lifts up to sit on my cock. I place my hands on her sides to balance her. My head pokes at...Read On


I want you to do this my love

Suggesting a sexual encounter that I wasn't sure about

My name is Christine and I’m in love with John, who is thirty years older than me. I’m twenty one and he is fifty one. We recently moved in together and so far it has been great. We're both very sexual and enjoy doing all sorts of sexual things. We actually met at a sex addict meeting. I’m a nymphomaniac. I think he was just there cruising the place, looking for women to shoot porno...Read On


More than a friend

What started as friendship became more, much more

It started with a comment, a simple review, but it led you to me and me to you. We talked, we laughed, we found common ground, and before we knew it, a friendship was found. We explored our likes, our dislikes, our hates and our fears and realized that we weren't afraid to shed tears. You told me about you, how you wanted it all, and you helped me to stand, so proud and so tall. ...Read On


Not traveling for a change

No traveling for a change, I was having a very lazy weekend. I had arrived Friday evening from Barcelona. My trip had been successful business wise as well as sex wise. In a small city near Barcelona called Sitges, I had spent a wonderful night with two girls. My memories still made my dick swell a little. Saturday I spent in making my house my home again. Groceries, washing my...Read On


Karen's first gang bang, a true story

what Karen gave me for my first birthday we were together.

This is a true story. Names of the men that participated were intentionally left out. Shortly after Karen and I started dating, we moved in together. We started frequenting a private club in a nearby town. On Tuesday nights they let in single men and the rules were relaxed. We were the only white couple that were members. Karen was forty nine years old at the time, but looked...Read On


Freezing to Hot - Part 3

Tommy's time at the YMCA gets more intense

I woke up with a super hard boner after a fitful night of dreaming of big cocks and big tits. I was conflicted as ever with my sexuality. As much as I liked cock, I was still mesmerized by the visions of those big tits displayed by the waitress at the diner. Dragging myself out of bed I began to think about whether or not I would be going down the hall to the shower. I knew I needed to...Read On


A Bunnie To Play With - Chapter 8

After an enraged Anne had cut their evening short, will the two of them reconcile?

I was lying on my bed and struggling not to bite my nails. What had been such a wonderful evening, such an exciting journey down the rabbit hole, had suddenly turned sour and into an emotional nightmare. I wanted to sob in desperation, to shout and throw things against the wall, because I was filled with a rage that was targeted at myself. I had let myself get carried away and hurt the one...Read On


When he held her hand

They lived a happy life

When he held her hand, She was a young girl. They walked and talked, And often he'd take her for a twirl. When she became a young woman, He got down on one knee. He asked her to stay and become his wife, She smiled and kissed him, and they started their life. As husband and wife they lived their days, Raising the children, and giving them praise. Still he held her middle aged hand,...Read On


Curious Casey Plays in the Snow

This happening has always been a unique fantasy of mine.

C urious Casey sits at home by herself on a cold, February afternoon, feeling horny and creative. Casey’s laptop was open with big-dick-porn. Watching porn was a new hobby of Casey’s but today she was bored of it and looking to try something new. Casey was a sixteen-year-old girl with blond hair past her shoulders, pale skin and blue eyes. She stood at just five feet tall, with well-formed...Read On


Casting Off Convention (Pt. 1 of 2)

Already flying in the face of a societal norm, Christi discovers another she wants to cast off.

Christi flipped her dark ponytail back over her shoulder with a sigh, and leaned up against the side of the building, where she had been for quite some time. Wrinkling her nose and shaking her head a bit did nothing to chase away the smell of sweat and animals that hung over the wagon yard. She was drenched in sweat – her clothing starting to cling to her – and she was ready to give up...Read On


Secret Affairs: With My Friend's Son - Part 21

Adam and I go out and spend the night in a hotel room.

Adam and I reached the market. The weather was wonderful and we were enjoying the beautiful views of hills, small shops, beautiful hotels, and the other couples who were there to spend some quality time with their loved ones. I guessed my dress was sexier than I thought while buying it. I noticed many men checking me out, some were noticing my deep cleavage and some couldn’t take their...Read On


A Little Afternoon Fun

My lover comes over for a little afternoon tryst...

Drying the last droplets of water from my skin, I discarded the towel and donned a simple cotton robe. I switched off the light and made my way to the small living room and sat down on the couch, basking in the light of the early afternoon sun. Reaching across the coffee table for my cigarettes, I lit one as I crossed my legs. The warmth of the shower began to seep from my body and my...Read On


Kari Watches

The roommate left the door open...

Kari looked down at the open book, finding the passage that she wanted. Just before entering it into her paper, she scanned the words that she had just written. Her face furrowed in a frown, as she suddenly concentrated on her just-completed writing. “Awww, hell,” she muttered softly since she was in the library and screaming “fuck!” at the top of her lungs would probably be frowned upon....Read On


The Collide

For someone who is always on my mind.

Everything dims around me, a bulb's filament fading fast, the light along warm bodies cautiously receding when we reach for one another, our naked shapes like two darkened continents afloat, struggling to collide in our new forms. Consuming me now as much as the first time I tried to unravel your mysterious layers, the clues and fissures bringing us closer to entwining, closer...Read On



It always comes down to rooms like this Dirty with moonlight and music too sad For the occasion of her thigh Pouring out of slow breathing sheets Only her scent touches me now In the wake of moments already lived Yet hovering in dark time Like places we could go back to River of sinew, flesh and bone Flowing through a rapture of touching Soft animals nourished...Read On


DarkFyre Chapter Twenty One

Rael and Silmaria take some much needed rest, then become restless.

DarkFyre Chapter Twenty-One Rael sank back into the large brass tub sitting in the middle of their room. The room’s furnishings were modest, but the bed was large enough for them both to settle into comfortably as long as Silmaria curled in tightly to him, and the room was clean and tidy. The bedding was simple cotton spun, with a thick wool cover and soft, fresh straw stuffed into...Read On


The Favor

Anna agrees to do a very special favor for her boyfriend's best friend.

With a choked groan, Rob pushed deep into Anna's ass and came, feeling her squeeze his cock as she cried out with her own orgasm. He stay buried in her velvety warmth until his breathing slowed, then rolled onto his back and pushed his hair off his forehead. "Fuck. God, that was good, baby." He leaned over Anna, trailing his fingers lightly up and down her body. He bent his head so his...Read On


Lost Keys Part III

Lara helps me take her best friends virginity

Lara had just finished sucking the last drop of cum out of my cock and I had collapsed onto the chair besides her absolutely contented when I heard the front door slam. A moment later a girl’s voice called out. “Lara, are you home?” Lara looked at me, and a big smile crossed her face as she called out. “Hi Jackie, we’re out by the pool!” Lara, laughing in delight, scrambled over to...Read On


The Sexy Tentacled Alien Man

I gasped out loud as the sexy alien man used one of his red slimy tenticles to tease my clitoris

From the moment that the tall, distinguished handsome young man walked into the bar I knew he was different. He had that look of coolness but with danger running through him. He had short brown hair, chiseled cheekbones, with a strong body. I wanted him. I stood next to the bar observing him. I held my breath as the man caught sight of me staring at him. I turned away but couldn't help but...Read On


Hollyhock Maiden

Wasn't but a darkness a gloom,  Beneath shoal shadows,  Embers of my soul ago,  Splattering spatting ink,  From the deepening well. Crucible, the cold-fire lust, My jollies about me I trust.  In sobriquet of my alias, Rolin chapters, I script. Intrepid prose, ark of cock swell, Quill dipping into dark shallows, The hollows of my noggin.  Posing erotic dissertations ...Read On


Fireworks of our own

A man and woman create some fireworks of their own on the 4th of July.

Lying in bed beside her, listening to the sounds of the fireworks outside as celebrations continued near and far. Feeling her hands, and fingers, as she fondled my dick and balls though my underwear; on top of them, inside of them. A good half hour of feeling her caressing me, then finally she pushes my underwear down and off, her finger teasing and rubbing the inner edges of my cheeks...Read On


Teach Me, Please

You want this don't you, what I do? You want what I can offer, true? You know what I can give to you. The time has come to follow through. Get down upon your fucking knees, And learn how you must always please. You're Daddy's darling, precious tease, But praising me is not a breeze. With gripping hands I grab your hair And force your tongue to lick me there Where I have laid my...Read On


Horny Lady Trucker

A lady truck driver is thrilled to meet her favorite porn writer.

I was working as a Security Officer at a large warehouse complex. It was late one summer night when my routine was disrupted. It had been an unusually slow night. Normally, we had several trucks come and go during the night. They would drop an empty trailer in the lot and pick up a trailer that had been loaded the previous day by the warehouse personnel. Or, they would simply stay in the lot...Read On


Lust Relief Dorm - Chapter 11

Now fuck my hole, she growled.

Noah turned around and could see Hannah standing at the edge of the doorway. Her eyes were wide open as she saw Tracy sticking out her tongue, letting Noah's swollen mushroom head rest on it.  Noah simply stood there, his arms frozen. Just a moment ago he wanted to take Tracy's head and shove his cock down her throat, fucking it as if it was her cunt. But the moment he heard Hannah's voice,...Read On

Recommended Read

The essence of desire

Wondering what you mean to your lover...

So who craved who the most? To her it certainly felt that her desire was all consuming, And could burst at any moment, Into a mass of tiny rainbow coloured beads, Which flopped through the air, And crashed onto the hard wood floor, Spreading desire As love spreads into every available space. She bit into her crisp white toast, And sipped juice, And hoped that he ...Read On


Coach is Coming: Birthday Sex

Myth Number One: Those who can't do, coach.

“Mmmh! Valley High School,” I mumble. I stop and motion. “He is really hot.” “He’s a coach, and he’s probably like twenty four,” Ryan says, punching a number into the keyboard in front of us. “Please,” I say. “You honestly don’t think he’s hot?” “I do,” Ryan says. “ But , as your best friend, I’ll let you call dibs. Plus, he probably doesn’t swing my way.” Ryan forms his best pouty...Read On

Recommended Read

Crimson Skies

Will a couple’s retreat strengthen their relationship; what of the handsome stranger at the bar?

“I’m sorry,” My voice broke, “I love you,” I called out to the retreating back of my boyfriend of four years. “I love you too, but I’m not very happy with you right now,” His voice sulky, “I think it’s time you went home.” I silently and slowly gathered my things, remains of the dinner we had just shared. Dirty plates with their sad remains of lasagna sauce, the crusty ends of garlic...Read On

Recommended Read

What a Slut Needs - Ch. 2

Her first day in the office...with Him.

"Good morning, Ms. Miller," he smiles. It's her first time in his office. Tui, his secretary, had summoned her. "Good morning, Mr. Carrasco," she beams, determined not to let what happened to her yesterday ever happen again. If Tui can work with him without swooning, then so can she. "Have a seat," he says, motioning to the chair in front of his desk. "How are you this morning?" ...Read On


My Sugar Daddy Loves Me

A sugar daddy and his princess

A young woman dates an older man,  Hoping to marry him if she can. This of course is her game plan. He buys her sexy lingerie and other things, She loves when he buys her jewels and diamond rings. At one time, this was a very hot and sexy fling. He loves her and treats her very well, She's so gorgeous and makes his cock swell. He's captivated by her beauty; feels like he's under a spell. ...Read On