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After the Party

After leaving the party, I was not expecting so much pleasure in a public park.

Walking back from the party, I felt so turned on as Baz moved his hand across my back and whispered in my ear that he wanted to have me. I wanted him so badly as well as we passed a park, I grabbed his hand, instructing him to follow me. Nobody was around and I could not wait any longer to be touched by him. The thought of being alone in the park was too exciting as well. As we approached...Read On


Erotic Notion #27: Supersex 3000

Comic look at futuristic sex: In this age of virtual fucking, it's still possible to fall in love.

Comic look at futuristic sex: In this age of virtual fucking, is it  still possible to fall in love? . . . "This dream was not so much the dream of a perfect woman As a spectre, sick of unbeing, That had taken possession of his body To find herself a life." (Tales From Ovid, tr. Ted Hughes). "What would...Read On


s(he) finds her man

story when i replaced my friend at a wedding

My house was not more than 250 meters away from the bus stop where I got down; but the sudden and heavy downpour caught me totally unprepared. Being one those new housing colonies there were no houses or trees where I could take shelter. By the time I reached our new house I was drenched to my skin. My younger sister Putti who opened the door started laughing at my plight. My elder...Read On


Zone Dreams

Cyber sex and fantasy love affair

Zone Dreams My mind was still reeling from your erotic visit of the night before. I showered and climbed into bed snuggling into the soft pillows and pulling my duvet snuggly around me. I couldn’t sleep – I was thinking about what you said. You begged me to trust you, to follow where you led and to obey with out question. My body had still been tingling with the pleasure you had given...Read On


Diaries of Ceres and Taliya: Part Seven

This is a work of Historical fiction names places chronology of these events have been changed.

I was scared to the point of almost freaking out.   She said I had ten minutes, yet here she is at the front door; it’s four minutes until two in the afternoon, and I’m not in my place for my afternoon spanking, my pussy shaved and oiled like it was supposed to be.   If I had three more minutes I could have done it.   If.   ‘If wishes were horses beggars would ride’ was the old saying...Read On


Diaries of Ceres and Taliya: Part Six

This is a work of Historical fiction names places chronology of these events have been changed.

Oh, what a week it had been for me.   After getting a severe spanking for thinking contrary to Master John and Mistress Julia’s wishes [as if this girl knew what went on in the mind of a Dom/Domme!]   Mistress Denise spent a long time talking with my Master John.   They came to an agreement which was not to my liking: I had to spend more time being trained, or retrained, or whatever...Read On


First Time Out

Crossdressing In Public

 This is a true story about my first time I went out dressed at a club I had been in the closet for years and up until this point only a few people had ever seen me dressed my freind Bill and some guys I went to an adult book store.  I had been dressing for Bill alot in mine and his apartment but I had this erge to go out clubbing dressed I had asked Bill several times but it seemed he...Read On


Poems for a Master

A selection of poems with a bdsm theme

CYBER LOVE I found you in the shadows Waiting silently for me you whispered my name And you were there.. Smiling an unseen welcome Beckoning me near There in the warm darkness You embraced me – held me touched me and in my unchartered depths I held you close and hoped you felt my gentle warmth engulfing you… lost in our deep dreams our souls drowning within us we swam unconcerned...Read On


Sensuous Lessons

A story about phone submission

The Dark Teacher I was frolicking in when I fell upon you. Sir had just released me and so I was searching again, never knowing though, or understanding, what it was that I sought. I was in limbo, my thoughts invaded by dark visions, of where I should be and I how I must achieve this. That evening I decided that who ever came to chat to me, I would ask the questions that were...Read On


Diaries of Ceres and Taliya: Part Five

This is a work of Historical fiction names places chronology of these events have been changed.

It was early in the morning, about 4 a.m. or so.  I woke up restless, lonely, aching for a woman’s gentle touch.  I wanted to see my Taliya.  Getting up as quietly as I could I snuck over to my Master and Mistress’ room first, to make sure they were sound asleep.  Cautiously cracking open their creaky door I stuck my head in quickly.  They were snoring like little babies, the heady smell...Read On


Roses and Violet

Two roommates make a connection

I lived with Amy for a year before our first roommate moved out. Amy found a new one, her name was Violet. Amy and Violet had a few classes together and sort of knew each other. We decided to go out for drinks to celebrate having a new roommate. Violet was pretty, she had long beautiful black hair. Still, Amy got all the attention at the clubs. Amy was the blond bimbo of the house. We...Read On


A freindly visit

I was in college for about 2 years now doing a computer science degree and I was a little sad that I didn't have a girlfreind yet. I studied, I did homework, I ate, I slept, but I never got to fuck somebody In all the time I was here. the College stereotype is so misleading I remember thinking but oh, man was I ever wrong! I had met a freind in my class and he was holding a party...Read On


Everyone needs a little break now and then

What happens in the O.R. stays in the O.R.

Everyone needs a little break now and then. During my paramedic class, I was required to take a surgery rotation at a Trauma Center.   I had to follow around an anesthesiologist and acquire one more intubation.   I was escorted into the locker room and told to change into scrubs.   As I walked in, I noticed that this was a co-ed locker room.   Apparently the women’s locker room was...Read On


Three is a Good Crowd in the Neighborhood

This was the perfect position for the rest of the lessons to be taught.

Megan sat on a bench at the park reading a book. The sun was shining and a gentle breeze rustled the trees. The birds were chirping.         Megan felt someone staring at her but when she looked up there was no one there. After some time passed Megan collected her belongings and left the park for home.         Home was just a few blocks away. She stopped of at the local bistro for...Read On

Audio version available

Hot and Steamy at the Local Café’

And yet the cravings of the clit beckon as does the fix for a cup of coffee.

         They first met at the small local corner café’. The two of them sat at a table in the back. They looked almost like every other person sitting there. But they weren’t. They were there to talk about sex. And not just sex but “any-and-everything” sex.          Before Ayden had arrived, Tiffany was writing in her journal. Her thoughts - desires and fears and...Read On


Summer Holiday

          "Will it ever stop raining!"  I said.   "Doubt it," Jeff replied.    It'd been one of those days in a complete washout of a summer, and there we were, sat in my bedroom wasting away the school holidays.     We were both  just 16 then.   Jeff and I had known each other since we'd started school and more or less grown up together passing through childhood  and now well into puberty....Read On


The Club

Wife has a surprise for her man

“I won the bet, so I get to do it my way,” my wife explained as we got out of the car.   “I’ll pick whom I choose and you’ve only got a yes or no vote, no negotiations or questions.   All right?”   “Okay by me,” I said.   This was certainly a new turn of events, as she usually was more sedate and reserved and let me always take the lead.   My wife is a petite brunette,...Read On


Mack and Me

Dream Of My friend and I Online

 I am a 36yr old black crossdresser who only came out the closet about four years ago going to cd bars and clubs to dance and so forth but this is about a dream I had reasonly about a guy I've been chatting with online, now we never have met yet but I do know its just a matter of time anyway here is my dream.  I was out for a night of fun in one of my regular clubs dressed for the kill in...Read On


When I Modeled for My Therapist

(But that wasn't all that was ringing as I opened the door to let him in).

        My therapist had left his canvas out on the easel. I asked him about it. He was looking for a female to paint - nude. Did I know anyone?         I thought to myself "hmm, I wouldn't mind, but would he agree?" I spoke my mind and a time was set. What was I thinking to agree to this? Was I being spontaneous or just plain stupid?         It was decided that...Read On


My White boy/visit to the South

erotic, sexy

I was your average city girl. Never been to the south a day of my life nevertheless did I want to go. But I promised my Great aunt I’d come to visit her since I hadn’t seen her in more than 10 years since I was 9. I was the typical 19 year old. In college, studying, lots of tests and more studying. Definitely no time for niggaz. Hadn’t had a date since I was 17 as a matter of fact. I guess...Read On


Poker Night

What made this poker night different

The guys were over for the monthly poker game and this month was my turn to host.   De and Karen were in back bedroom watching some movie while I lost nickels and dimes in the kitchen.   Sometimes I think we traded the same change around every month, but this way no one really minded loosing, as even the “big” winner was likely to only get 7 or 8 dollars.   We did it for the chance...Read On


Three Wishes

Catch a Leprechaun and get 3 wishes!

I was on holiday in Ireland , the land of my birth or it was if you counted several generations back.   Throw some Native American in there with some Scott and there with the Irish and you have my ancestry as far as I was ever told.   I had turned 48 last summer and I realized that this past year had been the exact same as the one before.   Which was the same as the one before...Read On


Old Friend

What happens when an old Army buddy stops by.

Greg was an old army buddy of mine and he was in town for only a few days.   He’d moved to Arizona right after retirement while I’d went home to Ohio .   We were catching up and telling war stories and drinking and smoking a little herb and generally just acting silly.   He’d never met my new wife and they were telling each other stories and telling stories on me as...Read On

Editor's Pick

Personal Experience

Professor Lucas Wainwright explains the subtleties of love poetry to an eager student.

The late-autumn light was fading quickly as Professor Lucas Wainwright slipped a thick sheaf of papers into his briefcase and snapped the locks closed. The beginning of a new academic year was always a difficult time, and he was in no mood for staying late. Satisfied that nothing remained that could not wait until the next day, Lucas tucked his spectacles into the breast pocket of his...Read On


Runner's high

You never know who you will meet on a morning's run in the park

The running trail where I do my daily jog is a gently winding track along the riverside that skirts the public golf course, detours through a couple of lightly wooded areas and otherwise keeps close to the river's edge. It's a scenic route that brings relief from the stress, noise and pollution of the nearby city. Pushing myself around the 3km circuit keeps my ageing body fit and trim beyond...Read On


Pussy Tales

What happens when you meet someone, who changes your life as you know it?

That was a very difficult decision, but at that moment, common sense failed me and I became lost as I thought about Lorenzo’s offer           “You don’t have to have sex unless you want to.” Explained Lorenzo smiling and caressing my hands softly.             I was still speechless, and thought that possibility this was something that I could do. Finally, I decided that I would open...Read On



Old friends and new fun

                 Sasha ran into Angela (an old friend from high school) during her spring break. They decided to have to have lunch and catch-up on old times. Especially all the trouble they used to get into with Lisa and Symone. Angela decided that they should have a reunion at her parents lake house on the weekend. Sasha hesitated a minute before going along with it. As she went to...Read On



It's all about sensuality!

             Your silky chocolate frame is  glazed by the sensuous kiss of the moonlight Illuminating the contours of your body while embracing all of it's curves.... Beads of sweat sparkle like diamonds and dance with delight Soft whispers and sweet songs tantilize and tickle our nerves... Two voices become one in an unwritten melody. ...Read On


Florida 520

She dumped him, but He picked up the pieces.

It was cold and dark that January night, but not as cold and dark as my mood had been since I had walked in on my girlfriend and her new lover, locked in what I thought I’d never see - not from her, anyway - a blow job. I had been dating her for nearly a year, and she had granted my every wish but had vowed she would never take a cock into her mouth, not for love or money. But there she was,...Read On


Full Body Massage...

Receive a full body massage after a hard day's work.

Full Body Massage… You come home and you’re beat.   I can feel the waves of exhaustion coming off of you as you smile weakly at me.   Taking your hand and leading you to the bedroom, whispering to you that I want you to just relax and let me take your aches and cares away. You stand there with your arms hanging down your sides and look around the transformed room, enjoying...Read On