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Kara's Spring Break - 4

Kara is attracted to an older man, but still remembers Bill.

Kara was sitting with some stranger in a bar a mile or two up the island from the boat. They were seated at a corner table, Kara with her back to the room. The place was deserted except for the bartender and the two of them. David – as she had learned the stranger's name to be - said there'd be a few people come in a little later. Kara had come to the island for Spring Break, but this bar...Read On


Waiting With Bated Breath

for someone new

With bated breath I wait For you to tell my fate. My voice escapes and I hope For the best. I am like a small diamond That twinkles in your eye. I shine so brightly for you, But you hold in your hands My tender heart and it beats So loudly as I wait to hear from you. For I do not wish for you to turn away. I silently hope you stay.  This is my wish for me....Read On


Repaying a Favor

Jill will never forget repaying this favor.

When you are in the Deep South of the United States, you will find this thing that clings to your skin in the summer. You can never avoid it. It is called humidity, and when combined with almost 100 degrees, misery ensues if you are stuck outside. It was just such a day. I had been working as a camp counselor for the U.S. Space Camp. Counselors wore a flight suit as their uniform; it...Read On

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About someone I deeply care for

Your touch will turn me to stone, even when it's just a whisper through the floors and walls, slipping through the locks and windows to graze with longing fingertips to remind me I've memorized every night this happens and maybe you're too familiar to keep me here any more, maybe you've studied me with the same way I've mapped each intricacy that drew us too close. Like...Read On


Irrestible Co-Worker, Part Two

The next day Kelly was working from home. I hated those days since I never got to see her, we could only chat on our messaging system. I was sitting at my desk just waiting for Kelly to sign on. When she finally did she messaged me "Good morning handsome!" I responded with, "Good morning beautiful." I asked her about softball and how she is doing today. She went on to explain that she was...Read On


Oh How I Love Your Little Dick

Her love for his little cock.

Oh how I love your little dick, And really want to make it stiff.... With my warm, wet tongue I really want to see it cum Oh how I love your little dick Fit you all, in my fist Lick your shaft from north to south Fit your length, in my mouth Oh how I love your little cock Got you hard, as a rock Sucking slurping, you can't hold out Taste your precum in my mouth Oh how I love your little...Read On


My Girl Bonnie

Dedicated to my love...

I have this girl and she really turns me on She's like no other I've laid my eyes upon With a sleek body and a tight rear end I love her like no other, she is my best friend When those jugs start to flow she will blow your mind Always dependable, never quits or leaves me behind My Bonnie and I go out cruising most nights I get excited when she flashes her head lights This baby has was...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor - Part 2

Tina now turns her attention to seduce her neighbors' husband into having sex.

When we finish, I take Alice's hand and lead her up to my bedroom. We make sweet love all afternoon, then shower and dress as mother will be home soon. One last kiss before she leaves, we agree that this was just the beginning. Mother is home twenty minutes later. She asks how my day was, I tell her it was very relaxing. We go to the kitchen to make dinner. Mother asks if I would like to...Read On


A Man's Bi-Curious Dreams

Looking for something a little different

A couple love together, but the man thinks he's bi-curious, Lustful and sexual thoughts for men, would make his wife furious. He can't think of anything else, it's really very serious. Thoughts of cock-sucking another man makes him hot, Feeling a dick in his mouth would just hit the right spot. He fantasizes of scenarios and different plots. He dreams of another man's hot, salty,...Read On


Picture On Wall

In quagmire of yellow pages I prose, Walking silently down hall in tow. Followed by my shadow in quest,  Deep muck I wade, creating a tempest.  Greeting the newborn haze of winter, Mice and mites scatter the cracks of timber.  Like tides caressing my ankles, trekking dust, Up to my waist I go, whispering kisses.  Silently she sleeps in framed wood, Golden hair and shapely hips rising. ...Read On


Jason and Kym ~ Part Two

A story about self-discovery, now turns into a rollercoaster ride!

 Later that same night, I strolled down to my favorite watering hole to tip a few strong drinks in the hopes of either clearing my head or dulling the noises within. After flirting over those drinks with a short blonde haired gal named Kym, we stepped out onto the dance floor to press our bodies against one another to an old Jonny Cash tune. She’d been waiting for some guy to meet her for...Read On


Nine Sensuous Pulses

Nine special spots to drive her crazy

Nine Sensuous Pulses Dying to find out where these places are Licking here, nibbling there and kissing afar Let’s start at the head and work our way down Kissing her temple softly and will not bring a frown Next try kissing, licking and nibbling her neck It will really help in your favor at stacking the deck How about a long slow trip to her voluptuous breast I know...Read On


The Helpless

It was pure torture having to lay there,not able to move or make a sound while he caressed my pussy

I was so comfortable lying there with the warm mantle of deep sleep covering me like a cosy blanket. In my mind, I had been reliving one of my most pleasant dreams and the whole world seemed so peaceful, so right except for one irritation. After several failed attempts at forcing it out of my mind, I tried to simply ignore it, thinking that if I could do so, it would go away. That didn't...Read On

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Loving Lana- Chapter 5

Can Lana truly forgive Vincent for all that he's done?

LANA “Aunt Lana?” “Yes, Mina?” “Why is the sky blue?” “Molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than they scatter other colors.” “What are molecules?” “Um, well, it’s a group of atoms held together by chemical bonds.” Gosh, I felt so out of my element. Breaking down simple science to a six year old was not my forte. “What are atoms?” Mina asked, as she...Read On


The Heat

Sophia has a reality check that she won't forget...

As she was drying her hair, she sighed. ‘This is crazy,’ she thought. ‘Why do I always feel a need to see him, to… to touch him? You can’t do that to him. You know how much you care about his wife, his family…you are a good person, you’re not a marriage shatterer like the one who ruined yours.’ She shuddered, remembering the feeling of being on the other end of that. It’s hard for her to...Read On



Helping through the night

They come with no reason your legion of demons, they torment you through the night. So I hold you tight until morning's light, and the sun brings a new mornings reason. I try give you reason to smile, give you peace for awhile and have my love engulf you. Of this have no care, I'll always be there,  holding you, loving you true....Read On


Romp with the Principal

A wild romp with the boss in my office at school.

"But, Mr. Deutsch is so hot! I would do anything for him to suspend me..." "Girls, can you get to class and not talk about me that way in school?" Lakewind High School is the epitome of diversity. We have rowdy farmers from Scottoline and even preppy rich kids from Eloquence Township. Out of the seven high schools in our district, I'd say I'm the most proud to work at Lakewind....Read On

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Secret Diary of a Cheerleader (Chapter 3)

Success is through a door marked 'fuck.'

Thursday May 15th    I wouldn’t say Mr LeMay was putty in my hands... but I think I can say ‘mission accomplished.’ I would like to think that I came away with my pride intact. I bumped into a gorgeous Asian girl named Rupi in the dining hall. She’s relocated from New York and she wants to join the Cheerleading team. I expect to see more of her later. It was the day of my appointment...Read On


The Beginning

My new neighbour bringing out my inner slut

I always had a feeling I enjoyed sex more than I probably should, that inside me was this raging slut who loved being dirty and experiencing everything that came her way. Perhaps I didn't really come to admit it until my older next door neighbour started playing with me, like I was his own personal toy. The thought still makes me instantly wet to this day. I have never been a shy girl,...Read On


Starship Starbride (Chapter Two)

Disaster ensues when the ship's computer becomes obsessed with the erotic dreams of the crew.

Captain Kirtomy felt the warm, heaving breath of her ship’s counselor on her sweat-drenched neck as they drew closer in bed together. Her breast was enfolded beneath Pen’s copious bosom, and the soft pressure felt comfortingly intimate. The life support system on the officers’ deck had not been turned on long enough for her quarters to have reached normal ambient temperatures, and the...Read On


Sexy Beach Fun

A hot and sexy day at the beach

An afternoon spent at the beach is so much fun,  People wearing suntan lotion, baking in the sun. People running up and down the beach playing with water guns. I put suntan lotion all over myself and relax on my chair, Sometimes I twist my fingers in my curls and play with my hair. My eyes find a gorgeous man sitting over there. We exchange glances and both start to smile at each other,...Read On


Gales Of The Wind Blow

Gales of the wind blow dark eeriness, Upon the bogs, briers of my thatch, Howling caws, omens in my bleariness.  Echoes of insomnia, my eyes blink thirst, Whispers of words scribe lust of my quest. Squalls of the thunder, the jackdaws call. In swagger my cock takes rise, Tempest of my quaking manhood,  Hungering of swooning sighs. Love of sensuality in shadows I hark,  ...Read On


Every Woman Should Have Fuck Buddies On The Side

My husband lets me have fuck buddies on the side.

My name is Liz and I am the luckiest woman alive. My husband, Alex, lets me keep fuck buddies at the ready to keep me satisfied. I am one horny woman. If the truth be known, I'm a nymphomaniac. I've always loved to fuck and I was fortunate to find a loving husband who understands my craving for cock. I've been married for five years. I'm thirty years old with a killer body and wet pussy. I...Read On


Jason and Kym ~ Part One

A story about self-discovery.

I think back to the day I’d met Jason; it was at one of the biker rallies that I attend through the riding season. I say ‘season’ because where I reside it gets bitterly cold and the ground snow covered for slightly less than half the calendar year. That being said, one must make the most of the good weather if motorcycles are a passion to which you subscribe. For example, can you imagine...Read On


My Fun With The Co-Eds

I had sex with two college students at a cookout

I took Andrea out after church one Sunday. She was a rather nice girl, nineteen years of age, not exactly a playboy model though. Nice long, dark blond hair, with a pleasant complexion to her face, blue eyes, and her breasts were well proportioned to her body. At the restaurant, we talked over our hamburgers. I noticed Andrea's blouse was a bit open, revealing her cleavage, and her bra...Read On

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Awaken My Love

A new day has dawned…

I awaken in the darkness Half past midnight until dawn I reach out for my beloved Naked bodies together drawn My goal is not to stir you But to simply hold you close I love our sweet connection And I need another dose But you are just like me And long for just the same Deep sleep is overrated Your passion ignited, as yet untamed You roll over on your back My fingers slip...Read On


Feels So Right, It Can’t Be Wrong: Chapter 2

Now be a good boy while your wicked stepsister puts her personal brand on your manly butt.

After a lot of poking, prodding, and teasing, the stepsiblings managed to disentangle and get off Jason’s bed. Before he could pull Kelly out of the room, however, she noticed the sheets. “Whoa. Halt. Stop. Sorry, but those sheets have got to go.” Jason protested but she remained adamant as only a somewhat fastidious big sister can be and began stripping the bed. Perhaps it was seeing her...Read On


Puerto Rican Romance

A meeting on the beach turns into a night of lovemaking

The states were getting boring. I needed a break. So for the fourth time in my life I would be going to San Juan, Puerto Rico. But what I didn’t know was how true love would find me. My name is Jordan. I’m a nineteen year old college student. I’m Jamaican and Puerto Rican mixed. I have brown skin, dark brown eyes, a curly black afro, and a great smile. I am tall, standing at 5’11. I have...Read On


My First Time With a Man

The story of my first time with a man.

I was 38 years old the first time I experienced another man. I had been toying with the idea for a few years prior to actually acting on my desires. The years prior had been spent surfing gay sex sites and masturbating to my fantasies. I was working away from home and living in my RV when I finally decided to try being with a man. I posted an ad on an adult dating site and was surprised to...Read On


Maria: A Beautiful Whore

A young guy, Matt, meets a hot, mature woman, Maria. Everybody says that Maria is a beautiful whore.

“Where are we going?” eighteen-year-old Matt asked. He was sitting next to his new boss, Robert, in an old van. Robert, Matt and two more people had robbed a store tonight, and now they were running away from the police. “To Maria’s house,” Robert said, speeding up the van. Hearing the name Maria, Matt got excited. Now the fear of getting caught by the police had vanished from his mind,...Read On