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For weeks we saw each other dance, I watched her go on point each day. Since we were both part of the play, I waited for the perfect chance. Rehearsals filled our hours full,  I never could find time alone, But still I'd watch, let out a moan. As she would dance I'd feel the pull. A prima ballerina knows That all the eyes will follow her, Her presence will create a stir, And for some...Read On


Early Days - Chapter 6

What would you do in a quiet furniture department?

The boys both had a definite lustful look on their faces. The slutty sexy look of Julie’s new outfit as well as the concept of an imminent fuck was getting to them. Julie seemed perfectly fine. In fact she was looking pretty eager. Jenn and I walked on either side of Julie and the boys followed. Considering none of the three of us had on a skirt that would qualify as decent, I know they had...Read On


Her Pleasure - Part 2

Her lover experiences being bound.

He is bound to the bed by her chains, She tells him it is his turn, And there will be no pain. He is blindfolded and left, In the dark and silent room, For what seems like hours. She sits silently,  Waiting and watching, Her lover's reaction. He waits in anticipation, For what he desires, His tongue on her clit, Moving down her slit. He moans out, At the thought of licking, ...Read On


A Yummy Pussy For You

Loving Oral Pleasure

I get comfortable on the bed, You give me a fluffy pillow, for my head. I open my long legs and spread my thighs, You're going to lick me into whimpering sighs. My pussy is bald and looks so pretty, You're going to lick my beautiful kitty. Your tongue wanders and finds my clit, You're licking and loving my tight wet slit. Your tongue goes deeper into my pussy, I feel all tingly and...Read On


Power Chapter Twenty-Five: Whatever Could Go Wrong With That?

Get your black ass over here

Late in the summer I was sitting in a lounge talking with one of The Twins. She had a great story to tell. Walden, the donkey-schlong guy from my swimming class, had visited the campus to audition for nude modeling and acting. He was asked to sign up for every available slot. He thought he could work fourteen hours a week and still take a full class load. An art student named Sonja posted...Read On


Right Here Waiting

Laying here, listening to my favourite song realizing that for me at least, the lyrics are so true. Cause since you came into my life, you have made it so much better. Although we live thousands of miles apart separated by deserts and oceans. We have slowly grown closer and closer  until becoming friends then lovers. Each and every moment I spend with you is precious, And although...Read On


Fucking My Husband's Two Best Friends

I fuck my husband's two best friends while he watches.

My name is Sue, and I'm a thirty-five year old slut wife. I really like to fuck other guys. My husband, Mike, likes to watch. He is a little mortified, and embarrassed by my sexual antics, but he plays along. He is a true cuckold. My sexual exploits continue to grow. I fucked Mr. Wang at a karaoke party in Beijing, China while Mike watched. I fucked his two coworkers, Tom and Jim, during...Read On


Climb Of Love

a journey to the blue mountains of love climb with the passion of desire so beautiful amazing a little ray of cloud in the sky just me and you will climb together in this cherished love of ours in the pure air the climb of love will be our journey we truly take in peace of nature future so bright we see those stars at night in a loving sight when we gaze ...Read On


My Desires Fulfilled, For Now

I often have days like this when my desires for him boil over. Is it the same with you?

The sunlight shining through the window and the soft chirp of birds stir me in my sleep and interrupt my dream. With my eyes closed and mind still only half awake, I roll over to wrap my arm around your sleeping form, only to find nothing there but empty space on the bed. I open my eyes and the visual confirmation of your absence reminds me - it's Monday. I twist my body under the sheets...Read On


Going Down on Him was Quite Shocking

What was supposed to be an ordinary day would turn out to be quite shocking for Kaylee.

Kaylee and Andrew were a young college couple who had been dating for a little over six months. They were both semi-athletic but were gamers at heart. They spent most of their time together watching instant streaming movies and playing online, multiplayer, console video games. Kaylee, age twenty, had silky, chestnut hair extending just past her shoulders which contrasted nicely with...Read On


Giving Her What She Needs

Master always knows just what she wants and needs…

I can tell as soon as you walk in the room, Though silent, I can see your true need. Your eyes are gazing fawn-like in a stare, As you almost look right through me. I've seen it before, my desperate one, Without a word you cry out in longing. You need to be held, you need to be told, To be controlled, to know you belong to me. Yes I see it all, for such is the man, Who's been...Read On


The Nosey Neighbor

Jason had no idea his sexy, married neighbor was watching.

I'm Jason Parker, forty-nine, married. I love my wife, but from time to time I will find my thoughts wandering over various fantasies. As a manager of a local coffee shop, my position tends to lead to very unusual schedules and I often find myself with a weekday off, alone at home. Invariably, I spend this time doing shopping, fix-it jobs around the house. Basically, I work my way down a...Read On


I Fellatio

All that withers in my nightly scribbles,  May endure rigor mortise of my prose, For the withering of the mind is to blame, As I prose darkness behind green gables. In particular shadow that follows me, I banter with my legitimate ego, Poetically displaying stanzas queuing,  My cock epitomizing erotic quest.  As my muse enters on wafting vapors,  An aura of scent disguised as spirit....Read On

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Cyber Junkie - Tea 3

Natalie could feel her honey oozing down her hole...

Tea : A juicy bit of gossip; it is a colloquialism. “Open your legs vide for me please.” “Okay,” Natalie lifted her legs and she inhaled the frazzled anticipation of what was coming next. “Varm vax now, dear.” Natalie felt a sensation about two degrees above warm on the left side of her vulva. This wasn’t bad at all. Nothing like Lauren told her a couple months ago. The...Read On


The Stranger You Know

For more years than I want to count, I’ve wanted to pick up a stranger in a bar and have fun with him in the parking lot. No-strings-attached, nameless fun. It should be pretty easy, after all people do it all the time, but not me. It was time to try it. I’m very conservative, if you knew me you would never picture me doing such a thing. My family would refuse to believe it if someone...Read On